How To Have Safe Sex In Water

Summer time is just around the corner, and that means beaches and pools and, hopefully, vacations! The summer is a warm and sunny time of year which means we spend a lot more time outside, our moods increase, and our sex drives also increase. What are the rules to having sexy fun in pools, lakes, rivers or hot tubs? Can you – or SHOULD you – have full on sex in these places? What do you need to know to enjoy your summer sexy fun without the risks? Read on, I am gonna fill you in!

Let’s begin with the most common scenario where you may find yourself debating under water activities – a private pool. Whether it is yours or a friends, private pools are often the safest bets for sex because they tend to be the cleanest. However, this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily safe for all sexual activity. The best thing about private pools is, well, they tend to be more private. There may be limited opportunities to “be caught” in the action so they tend to be popular choices for exploring this activity. Here are just a few things to be careful of:

*Lack Of Lubrication. It seems funny that in a place where you are, well, wet that your vagina will not be. The fact is the pool water will wash away any lubrication she is producing, especially once fingers or a penis start working their way up there. It is impossible to have sex underwater and not have some of that water thrust up inside of her during the act. So, this definitely can wash away the lubricant and set her up for little cuts or soreness after the fact. It also may not feel so great for him either, as a non-lubricated vagina doesn’t create a smooth-sliding environment.

*Use Artificial Lube! Well, if you are actually planning this submerged sex-a-thon you CAN bring some lube to the party. It must be silicone lube so that it doesn’t dissolve in the water and you will have to use a lot of it. I am not sure whether this seems like a fun night when you have to get out of the pool to squirt in some lube, but hey, if you want to give it a shot, this is the way to go.

*What About A Condom? So, you need to use a condom because you don’t want to get pregnant or pass on / obtain an STD, can you use them in pools? Well, yes and no. Yes, they usually will be OK in a pool as long as the chlorine and Ph balances are right. However, if the balance is off, or if there is a lack of lubrication because of the aforementioned, then the condom risks breaking. So, is your pool sex worth the risk?

*Speaking of STDs . . .and Pregnancy. Yes, you can get an STD during sex in a pool. Yes, you can get pregnant if you are having sex under water (that old wives tale is so not true), and YES, you can pass on an STD you have if you have sex under water. The chlorine will kill a lot of things, but it will not kill Herpes, or Chlamydia, or Syphilis. Plus, you can most definitely get pregnant underwater so don’t even believe that old rumor. Plenty women have gotten pregnant this way.

*Infection Alert. You may think to yourself that the fact there is chlorine in the pool means there is no bacteria in the pool. Well, this is true, yet not true. If you have a pool you know how important it is to monitor the Ph balance in the pool, the chemical content, the bacterial count, etc. These numbers can change instantly and even a slight change in the bacterial count or Ph can mean a possible infection for her. The change in Ph combined with a lack of lubrication and tiny tears from intercourse set up the perfect environment for a yeast infection or urinary tract infection.

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So, if you do not have access to your own private pool you may utilize the pool in your subdivision, apartment complex, or the local YMCA offerings. My first concern with public pool sex is “why?” I am an adventurous girl, but I am not sure I would want to get down in a pool with little kids swimming next to me. Probably not a wise (nor legal) choice there. However, what if you happen to find yourself alone in this pool, then can you have sex in it? Well, the truth is, along with all of the above risks that go along with a private pool, you have a greater issue to think about. Public pools carry much, much more bacteria simply because of the shear number of swimmers who pass through them. There are also the risks associated with possible bodily fluids from children (poop, pee, vomit) that sometimes make their way into public pools. While you would like to assume that those responsible for maintaining the pool are on top of the chlorine and Ph levels, the truth is they often are not even close to as chlorinated as they should be. So, having sex in a public pool is a thousand percent riskier just for this reason alone. In short – ewww – and NO.

Who doesn’t love a soak in a hot tub? That warm water floating around you, the bubbles and jets making you oh, so relaxed. Perhaps having a few drinks while you sit around flirting with your lover. Oh yes, it is so tempting to go from talking to kissing to, well, other things while sitting in a hot tub. However, is it a good idea? Does the warm water make it safer? Sadly, no. I am sorry to burst your hot tub bubbles, but having sex in a hot tub isn't as glamorous as it looks in movies. Here is why.

*Infection Risks Are Higher. This includes men too! I know, you thought hotter water, less bacteria, less chance for infection. Wrong. Unfortunately, women are more likely to get infections in hot tubs than in pools or even lakes. The chlorinated water tends to be a higher Ph level, which can be irritating for sure, but here is what is worse. The hot water is basically, well, a breeding ground for MORE bacteria. When the water is not running it is sitting there, warm and moist and creating more bacteria. Then you get in and soak for a while and if you are not careful that bacteria gets into you! So, when you have sex you basically help it along up there. Guess what guys, you too can get an infection on your penis – a yeast infection. According to a prominent gynecologist, yeast infections in both men and women are more frequent when you have a hot tub at home. Now there is something to consider.

*Condoms Can Float Off. So, you are in your hot tub having sex and at some point, you notice, um, where did my condom go? Yep, no lie. The bubbling and swirling waters can grab that thing right off your penis and you may not even know it. So this could potentially lead to something you weren't expecting, a jacuzzi baby.

Women on top of man laying in the sand at the beach

Who doesn’t love going to the beach during the warm, summer months? Laying out under the sun, taking quick dips into the lake, floating on a raft or on a boat. Beaches are relaxing places to be, and fun places to have a little sexy time. However, beach sex – whether in the water or on the sand – poses its own set of issues and risks. I know, I am ruining your summer fun, but hear me out.

*Sand, Sand, Everywhere. It stands to reason if you are having sex on a beach that the sand may be an issue. You may think that it seems sexy to go to where the waves are just reaching the two of you and have a movie-scene type sexual experience but let me tell you, it doesn't look like that in real life. The sand has no business being anywhere near her vagina! Sand up inside of her is going to hurt, cause infections and really ruin the sex for both of you while she heals. Sand plus vagina = ouchie. So, if you are going to have sex on the beach you NEED to bring not one, but 2 blankets or large towels in which to place her bottom so that there is NO chance of sand getting up there. Make sure that where she lays is clean, that there is no sand on your fingers or penis, and make even more sure that it isn’t windy and there is no sand blowing around. I am not kidding folks, this is a sure-fire way to ruin a vacation. Oh, and guys, sand up in your penis won’t feel so good either, just saying.

*Be Discreet. Of course, most beaches are not exactly private and may have children running around, so what do you do? You can find a secluded location off the beaten path, like on beach dunes, to do your sexy fun. You can get one of those nifty beach tents and huddle underneath blankets. You can cover yourselves in blankets but let’s be honest, everyone knows what you are doing there. The best bet is to wait until it is dark outside, and most people have gone home, and then find a discreet manner to do it. It’s more romantic at night anyway, right?

Maybe your summer or vacation plans have found you in an area with a lake, or river or even the ocean! How romantic is it to be jumping around in a body of water that is natural and outside? How many movies show couples getting busy under waterfalls or in clear, blue water somewhere in the world? So, can you get your water romance on too? Sadly, it's just not realistic. There really is no body of water anywhere that you should be having sex in. Why?

*Bacteria & Microorganisms. Natural bodies of water are exposed to the elements 24/7 and are obviously not chlorinated. There are millions and millions of bacteria in natural bodies of water, not to mention the tiniest of little creatures. In fact, there is actually a fish that has been found up inside a man’s urethra, called the Candiru. Luckily, this fish only lives in the Amazon, but hey, the visual alone should stop you in your tracks. Having sex in a natural body of water is just asking for all of these little critters to crawl up inside of you and give you a nasty infection – yeast or bladder – so just avoid sex in these types of water.

I know it seems like I have totally bummed you out with all of these risks and cautionary tales. Many of you may say, “Hey, I have sex in my pool all the time and I have been fine.” I am happy that you have been, but most people are not that lucky. It is better to be careful than to get an infection or an STD or to get pregnant. So, what CAN you do in a pool, hot tub or lake?

*Kissing & Groping. Obviously, kissing and groping are completely fine. There is much fun to be had floating around in each other’s arms and getting a grab of her butt, a pull on his penis or a quick suck on her nipples. This type of flirty fun can be a great foreplay session for later.

*Sitting On Top Of Him. In hot tubs or jacuzzis there are often seats and it is very fun to tease your partner by sitting atop him and gyrating a bit or even full on rubbing him with your body. If it is appropriate based on your hot-tub mates, this can be super fun.

*Oral Sex For Him. Yep, I know it seems unfair, but you can go down on him under POOL water and give him a little tight-lipped blowie. He, unfortunately, cannot return the favor for the same reasons as intercourse is a no-no.

*Fingering. External only fingering is ok, but going up inside of her will have the same repercussions as intercourse. However, you can definitely give her a nice clitoral orgasm and save the rest for later. Or, grab a waterproof clit stimulator to give her an orgasm quickly, just make sure not to put it inside of her until after you're out of the water. This could be very sexy for you both. Not being able to have you inside of her will drive her wild! By the time you get out she will be craving you and this will lead to some intense, amazing sex.

*Take It To The Shower! If you don't feel comfortable trying out sex in a pool due to the reasons I listed, the shower or bath is always a good alternative! If you already do this, check out our article 6 Positions For Shower Lovin', maybe you'll find a new position you can try out!

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