5 Sexy Games To Play At A Swingers Party

Believe it or not, the swinging mentality is making a huge comeback in our dating society nowadays. Swingers are traditionally couples who sleep with other people, usually at the same time their partner is doing it. Meaning, swingers go out and look for a couple to swap partners with. There are variations of swinging, and sometimes it may involve random people being chosen at a swingers party, where everyone involved finds a new partner to have sex with during the party. So, if you are interested in hosting a swingers party, or have been invited to one, what are some games you could expect to play? Here are just 5 of the most popular.

This is a blast from the past, like the early 70's past. The key swap involves putting your keychain into a bowl, ideally one set per couple. Then, you go through and pick out a new set of keys. This is the couple you try to hook up with. This makes it a totally random event and can increase the excitement for some people. It also can take out the "I want her, but you want him" type of scenario. People who engage in a key swap are willing to take a chance on random hook ups.

While playing strip poker doesn't guarantee a sexual hook up, it surely does get everyone in the mood. Setting up as many tables as you need and having an all-in mentality can make this game a sexy way to start to get to know each other in an intimate way. Variations of this can include betting oneself, but that is totally up to the party goers and hosts.

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I read about this one somewhere and thought it sounded cool! You go to the hardware store and get an assortment of bolts with nuts that screw ONLY on that particular bolt. You get enough for all the people who will be at the party. Toward the end of the evening, when things start to get heated up, you have the men pick out the bolt, and the women will pick out a nut, and then you find out who is matched up with whom.

Not sure who you want to hook up with? Open to all possibilities? Behind closed doors lets you explore some sexy activities out of the watchful eyes of other party goers. All the participants pick a number out of a bowl (one bowl for women, one for men), the matching numbers are the match. Then, each couple picks an activity out of a different bowl. Ideas such as: kiss, above clothes fondling, sexy caresses, under clothes fondling. Then, the couple has 5 minutes to go behind closed doors and try out the activity. Then they emerge and a new couple goes in.

When you want things to get very tactile you can play this fun game. Each person puts tiny stickers (like garage sale stickers, small, colored adhesive stickers) all over their bodies in suggestive spots. Then a couple goes into a darkened room and finds them. Where would you put a spot?

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