How To Feel Sexy After A Break-Up

Ending a relationship (or being dumped) can be a real ego killer for anyone – male or female. Oftentimes we are left with a lot of questions about “why” or “what did I do” or “am I still attractive / sexy?” Especially if we did not initiate the end of the relationship. Women, especially, can take all the responsibility onto themselves and we often compartmentalize the relationship into the things we did, could have done, did do or we just jump to the conclusion that we aren’t sexy any longer. Or, it can be a little simpler and we are just realizing that while we were comfortable with our ex, we now have to eventually explore sex with a NEW person – a person who has not seen us naked or without our make-up. This can make us feel totally Unsexy and, quite frankly, a bit apprehensive about having an intimate relationship again. So, how can you do it? How do you feel sexy again after a break up?

Relationships take a little time to get over, even if you were the one who called it quits. Bonding and being intimate with another person is emotional and as such when it ends we need to take the time to grieve that loss. You may feel “fine” and like it is no biggie, but oftentimes we only feel this way until we are about to be intimate with a new person, and then we may have conflicting feelings. Guilt – almost like we are cheating on our ex, is very common. We may miss the way he/ she kissed, touched or made us feel. We may think we will never feel connected to another person like that again. When you are in the grieving state, not much is going to make you feel sexy, so take the time, process, cry, scream – and then move on.

It may seem hard, but you have to process the relationship without lumping your sexiness into the end of it. Relationships end for a myriad of reasons, and not usually because one person doesn’t find the other one attractive any longer. Relationships end, people move on, and we tend to self-blame and self-analyze. While it may be very hard to do, you have to force yourself to separate YOUR sex appeal from the relationship. Even if you find out that your ex has a hot new girlfriend / boyfriend, you have to try and realize that this is not why you broke up, and try and feel confident again.

How To Enjoy Sex After A Serious Break-Up

No, I am not crazy, I mean it. The more orgasms we have, the more we want. The more we want, the sexier we feel. Sometimes when we are in a relationship we forget about the simple pleasure of masturbation. Masturbation is extremely good for us both physically and emotionally. Take time to seduce yourself. Feel your body, make yourself feel good. Have as many orgasms as you can. The hormones emitted during orgasm work wonders for our mental health. Yes, really. So, get it on with your bad self!

No matter why you are feeling unsexy, this one step will not change. TO feel sexy you have to do things that are good for you and that will MAKE you feel sexy. There is a lot you can do to help yourself along. Such as:

• Go to the gym: exercise is a natural anti-depressant and taking care of yourself is essential for good health as well as positive self-esteem. Plus, you can meet people at the gym! Exercise is also a natural libido booster! That is right! Statistically, the more a person works out, the hornier they get!
• Change your “do”: break-ups are a great time for transformation. Create a new you. Get a new hairstyle, let your beard grow out a bit, try different make-up. Yep, if you are going to be with someone new, then be someone new!
• Buy sexy somethings: both men and women can find value in a good ole fashioned shopping spree! Go and find clothes that make you feel sexy! Then find stuff to wear UNDER the clothes that make you feel sexier!

You have processed your break-up, you have grieved, and now you are going to get back out there. What is the best way to feel sexy again? To have someone TELL you that you are sexy! Yep, that means dating. Yep, that means putting on your very best – make-up, hair, sexy shoes, hair cut (for the dudes), jeans that make your ass look great or a shirt that shows your muscles. Do all of the above and then go strut your stuff! Guess what? Other people WILL find you sexy! Other people WILL want to have sex with you! Other people will eagerly want to take what your ex was so quick to dismiss. Oh yeah baby, you are sexy and you are going to show it and know it!

How Do You Get Back In The Game After A Break-Up?
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