Why Should Men Do Kegel Exercises?

Lots of fellas still believe that Kegel exercises are only for women to do. Sure, Kegels are great for women but few know that they can be just as beneficial for MEN! If you’re wondering what the Kegel muscle is, how the exercises can help you guys, and how to do male Kegels, this is just what you need to read! It’s time to be enlightened and learn, why men should do Kegel exercises!

What is the Kegel Muscle?

The Kegel muscle (pubococcygeus) rests at the base of the pelvis, connecting from the pubic bone to the tailbone. It kind of acts like a hammock and holds everything together. The Kegel muscles tighten and release during orgasm and can really make a more mind-blowing O! By strengthening them through exercises commonly called “Kegels,” you can create a whole new sexual experience! To locate your Kegel muscle, try to stop urinating mid-flow, or pull up your anus like you’re closing your anal passage. That upwards-tightening is your Kegel muscle at work! 

Why Should Men Should Do Kegel Exercises?

Bladder Support: Because of the location of this “hammock” of muscle, Kegel strengthening can increase your ability to hold your urine. For those suffering with urinary incontinence - the inability to keep urine from leaking from the penis - Kegels can increase your ability to hold it in, and decrease frequent urges to pee, too!

Longer Lasting Erections: The dream of coming in sync with your lady lover can come true with Kegel strengthening! Kegels can allow you to have longer-lasting erections. Perfect for training your cock to keep going, Kegels increase stamina by allowing you more control over the clenching and releasing of the pelvic floor muscles - the muscles that help you orgasm!

Decrease E.D. Symptoms: For those experiencing varied symptoms of ED like trouble maintaining an erection, or difficulty getting erect from time to time, Kegel exercises can provide some much-needed support! A common cause of ED is decreased blood flow to the penis, and like all muscle exercise elsewhere in your body, Kegel exercises can increase blood flow to create (and maintain) stronger erections!

Reduce Premature Ejaculation: With a stronger Kegel muscle comes more control. With more control comes the ability to slow the orgasm process. So exercise that Kegel and gain some more predictability! Know when you’re going to orgasm, and use those muscles to give you a little more time!

Intensify Orgasms: BOOM! If you desire more earth-shattering and body-quaking orgasms then it’s time to jump on the Kegel exercise bandwagon. Really! These muscles tighten and release just like your girl’s when you’re ready to orgasm, and with the right combo of controlled-clenching, you can experience a whole new level of orgasmic pleasure.

After Prostate Surgery: Urinary incontinence and trouble maintaining an erection are very real symptoms after undergoing prostate surgery. Increasing the strength of the Kegel muscle can help with both. Decreasing these post-op symptoms is key to maintaining a more regular and enjoyable sexual lifestyle, and Kegels can help you to achieve this.
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Top 3 Kegel Exercises

1. Tighten Your Tush: Now, for this exercise you’re not actually using your bum, but rather your anus. Since the Kegel muscle sits just above your anus and connects to your tailbone, the tightening of this area means strength-training for your pelvic floor. Just act like you’re holding in gas and you’ll feel the raising, clenching of your Kegel muscle.

2. Elevate Your Penis: Like we said above, this Kegel muscle supports it all, and just like a bicep tenses and releases to move the arm, the Kegel muscle can move your penis. Best performed when standing, tighten those muscles as you would if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. Tight, tight, tighten it up, and you’ll see your penis pull upwards towards your belly button. Want a challenge? Drape a small towel or washcloth over your cock and lift weights! Just remember to breathe!

3. Pre-Ejaculation:
Commonly called “edging,” the act of stopping your orgasm just before coming is very pleasurable. You’re heightening sensation and anticipation! Combine that feeling with exercises that can make your orgasm even MORE intense and you’re well on your way to the best sex of your life. Just squeeze that Kegel muscle - the one that stops your urine - and hold it for 5 seconds before releasing. This squeezing puts pressure on your prostate, pulls on your member and slows the inevitable giving you both strength AND more time to play.
TooTimid recommends that you do these exercises in 3 sets of 15 reps on an empty bladder. So, spend 5 seconds tensing and 5 seconds releasing and do that 15 times in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The best part of Kegels is that they are completely discreet! Nobody knows what you’re doing while driving, in a meeting, or out to dinner. But in time, you’ll have added strength in your pelvic floor that will keep you harder longer, assist in keeping you in control of your body, and will pack a powerful punch during orgasms!

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