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Shop Clit CreamsOral Sex. Something that every couple needs to have a lot of in their relationship. Oral sex is a very intimate part of a sexual relationship. Some say more intimate than sex! As you may expect there is not just one way to perform oral sex, and in fact there are many oral tricks that can be used to heighten the experience. So if you want to know what she'd like you to try the next time you are down between her legs, here are some ideas.

In Washington DC there is a road called DuPont Circle which basically goes around in a circle and many people get stuck there and can't figure out how to merge into the lane that gets them off of the circle. So, around and around they go. The idea behind DuPont Circle is that you go around and around the clit, without actually touching the clit with your tongue. Many men want to dive right in to the clit - and it is good to know where it is and there is a time for that. However, going around the sensitive spot, teasingly, slowly then faster, will truly make the experience better. Then, when you are off DuPont circle the reward will be worth it!

You know what fellas? There is more to a woman's vagina than just her clitoris. She also has inner and outer vaginal lips. Both of these sets of lips are very sensitive and when played with can deliver extreme pleasure. Made slippery with spit and then sucked in lightly or pulled with fingers can bring more blood to the vaginal area and make things very, very sensitive. So when you are down there don't just spread her lips to get to her clitoris, you should also pay some attention to them and be creative!
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The clit is such a wonderful and magical part of her body and believe me, she wants you to suck on her clit. She wants you to suck it gently, a little harder, then faster. Every woman is different when it comes to the amount of pressure she likes on this sensitive spot. Pay attention to how she reacts and try different techniques. Getting the blood engorged down there is going to make everything more sensitive, so using some sucking on that tender clit will aid in this as well. While you are at it, also suck in her lips as well! All is fair down there.

Find Out How Oral Sex Helps Her Orgasm!

Obviously you can't have oral sex without your mouth and tongue. The tongue is the most important appendage you will utilize in oral sex as it will provide not only the majority of clitoral stimulation but also will make things slippery with saliva. However, while there are really no "bad" ways to lick your lover's vagina, there are some important things to remember.

*Variety! You can't just lick up and down like you are licking a stamp. This repeated motion gets very boring and may not get her where she needs to go.
*Speed! You have to vary the speed a bit too. Sometimes slow and seductive, sometimes fast and furious. Especially if she is about to climax - then fast is better!
*Area! Yes, the clitoris is your target zone BUT so are the labial lips and all the areas around her vagina. Use your tongue to explore them all.

Oral sex is not done ONLY with the mouth and tongue, but should incorporate use of your fingers as well. I am not talking about only fingering (inserting the fingers into the vagina will be talked about later). I am talking about using the fingers to play with the labial lips and to pinch the clit a bit. Take the clit between two fingers (between the thumb and middle or thumb and index) and gently roll it between them while you are also licking and sucking. The little "pinch" every so often brings more blood to the clitoris and makes everything more sensitive.

A technique you should definitely try on your lover is the clit nibble. Do not confuse this with a bite. A nibble is when you suck the clit into your mouth, and gently let your teeth grab hold of it and you sort of gently pull back. You need to be gentle and not press too hard. The nibble should provide about the same pressure as a pinch, just with your teeth not your fingers. When combined with other techniques (like the licking and sucking) it can be quite a new sensation!

Yes, oral sex does involve some level of finger play. This is not a necessity, but trust me, your woman will love it if you throw in some fingering too. The important thing to remember here is that soft fingering is preferred to rough fingering at first. While I know many women who love a hard finger bang (me, me me!) I also know that if you go for the gusto right out of the gate before she is ready that it is going to HURT - A LOT - and that is not going to be good for anyone! Fingering is an art and requires you to pay attention to your lover's needs. Some women like just one finger, gently probing the inside while you tease the outside with your tongue. Others like to be fuller, so 2 or even 3 fingers may fit the bill! There is no set rule here, but experimentation is key. Ask your lover what she likes, then put all of those magic techniques to good use and make her climax!
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