5 Facts About Oral Sex

Oral sex - the act of stimulating your partner's genitals with your mouth and tongue (and usually, hands too). Oral sex is used during foreplay but also, sometimes, as the main event.

For many people, performing or receiving oral sex can be more intimate than actual intercourse. While it is not as intimate as to being able to gaze into your lover's eyes during the act, it definitely IS more intimate in that you are up close and personal with their most sacred sexual body parts - penis and vagina. I once heard it described as genital kissing - and this is very accurate. Kissing is an extremely intimate part of a sexual relationship. It separates friends from "more than" friends. Similarly, oral sex infers that you are really interested in having an intimate sexual relationship with your partner.

Sex is wonderful and feels AMAZING! However, if you ask a man or a woman which feels more intense, a great majority will say oral sex. Men absolutely love their blowjobs. They combine a mixture of tightness, warmth, hand stroking with the reality that their lover has their cock in their mouth. For a woman, oral sex means direct clitoral stimulation and this is very important to her because it may be her only chance at orgasm. While many women do very much enjoy sex, oral sex is often a much more arousing experience. For men, blowjobs don't happen as often as most men would like (yes, it is true ladies) so when they do get oral sex, it feels amazingly intense.

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Upwards of 80% of all women NEED clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. This is not usually provided by a man during intercourse as his penis is, well, INTERNAL. The best chance to get this clitoral stimulation is during oral sex where her partner can tease and stimulate her clitoris with his tongue. It is also a time where she can lean back and simply enjoy everything he is doing to her. She can wiggle and move, make suggestions on how to pleasure her. For many women, this is their one and only chance to have an orgasm during a sexual session (and, if she is lucky, many a few orgasms!) So, as for women, oral sex is something they need for climax.

I need to dispel a popular myth about oral sex being "dirty." I have heard grown ass women (and men) saying, "Ewe, I am not putting my mouth THERE!" Is this an excuse? Is this a way to deflect? Or, do these uninformed individuals actually think that oral sex is dirty? Is it more "dirty" than kissing? Some would argue yes. Some would point out that we "pee" from our penises and adjacent to our vaginas. Really? OK, so, let's get this straight, oral sex is not dirty, and if you feel like you need to clean up or have your partner clean up before oral, then please do! However, the natural smell of a woman or man's genitals is designed to be arousing! Embrace it!

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It stands to reason that sex is an important part of a relationship, so oral sex should be as well. Unfortunately, there are many people (male and female alike) that do not feel that oral sex is important, necessary or *SHOCK* fun! The truth is, oral sex is extremely intimate (see above) and intense (see above) and important for foreplay for both men and women (see above once more) - so, it is a normal and important addition to a sexual relationship. While you do not have to add oral sex to each and every sexual adventure (yet I say, WHY NOT!), it is definitely a healthy way to stay truly connected to your sexual partner. Men, in particular, miss the frequent blowjobs they often get in the beginning of a relationship. So, here is the one huge fact with regards to oral sex - it is important and healthy to have it in a relationship.

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