12 Positions To Try In The New Year

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With the new year right around the corner we are all making plans to better our lives in the coming year. For some people that includes revamping their sex lives. What better way to get off to a great sexual start and keep it that way other than trying 12 new positions – one per month – all year long! Some of these positions may not work for everyone, so if you are finding it difficult try to alter it so you can achieve it. Go in order or pick and choose, you are sure to find new favorites.

This position can work for all shapes and sizes of partners. The woman sits astride the man and then leans back flat and the man lies back too. Both partners bring their knees up and gratification is achieved by wiggling and bumping against each other. This is a lazier position that builds the passion slowly. Great for those lazy Sunday mornings.

A great position for fast and orgasmic sex. The woman lays on her belly with a pillow or two under her pelvis to lift her ass up a bit for a better penetrative angle. She spreads her legs and he enters her, laying on her while he pumps into her from behind. Interlock fingers to make the position more romantic.

This position requires a bit of maneuvering and a fair amount of balancing, but the reward can be great. The man sits on the edge of the bed, couch or chair and the woman sits atop him with her legs stretched out straight. The man holds her steady by holding her hands or waist and pulls her onto him. This can be a great position for female orgasm and it doesn’t feel bad for the man either!

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If you happen to be a bit flexible and can achieve a wide spread with your legs then this would be a fun position to try. The man lays flat on his back on the bed or floor and the woman straddles above him and slowly spreads her legs apart as if doing the splits until she mounts him. Once firmly down completely she can rock back and forth on him with her hands firmly on his chest.

A twist on a doggy-style position, the man kneels first and the woman, on her hands and knees, back up to him with her legs outside of his. He pulls her down onto him, entering her, and she leans forward onto her arms sort of sitting on his lap. Then he thrust into her and she can bounce back onto him, making sure to keep rhythm.

This is a fantastic G-Spot position and it doesn’t feel bad for him either. The man lays face down but twists her hips, extending the lower leg straight and bending the top leg. Then he gets between her legs, enters her and she wraps her top leg around his hips. Now he finds a comfortable positions to buck into her, creating a deep and G-Spot hitting position that also offers quite a bit of clitoral stimulation.

Reverse cowgirl is a great position for both of you as it feels fantastic and offers her a chance to be in control. Sometimes it is harder to achieve (especially if you have legs that don’t bend as well as you’d like) so this alteration often helps. The man lays on his back but places his knees off the bed and his feet on the floor. The woman then faces his feet, straddles and sinks onto him grabbing onto his knees for stability. She can then rock back and forth at a pace that is pleasing for both.

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Move the sex out of the bedroom and get the benefit of a new angle. Find a higher “perch” for the woman such as a sink, countertop or a bar stool. She sits down and the man stands and enters her while she wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He controls the depth and pace and the angle should be very satisfying for both.

Like missionary but better. In this position the woman lays on her back and spreads her legs wide and the knees go back toward your head. The man gets in between and enters her, then leans forward pushing her legs back with his arms, keeping her legs in front of his arms. He then can thrust and move at a pace that is pleasing. This is a deep position with great G-Spot rubbing potential.

A very intimate position that offers deep penetration as well. The man sits down (preferably on the floor) with his back leaning against something (like a headboard, wall or couch) and the woman climbs atop him, wrapping her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck. She can then rock slowly against him at a pace that is pleasing for both.

This position is great for both oral (dinner) and sex (a fuck) and is easy for men who may be slightly out of shape. The woman sits on the couch or a chair and scoots all the way to the end. The man can eat her out pre-sex to give her some nice orgasms and then he can get up on his knees and enter her. If he is strong enough to buck into her then that is great, if not the woman can slide down onto him, stabilizing herself by leaning back on the couch and she can thrust onto him by using her feet to lift and lower onto him.

Excellent position for all couples even couples who are not physically fit. The man sits on a chair or a couch and the woman sits atop him, facing outward, her legs on either side of his. She can then bounce, grind, lift and lower or even make circular motions while she enjoys her taking control. Great position for him to offer her some clitoral stimulation or nipple play too.

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