5 New Foreplay Moves

Are you having foreplay? You better be! Foreplay is such an important part of the intimate connection between a couple. It gets the female all ready for intercourse and it builds the sexual arousal and tension. Foreplay can take many different forms – kissing, touching, grinding, oral sex – and any combination of those things. Oftentimes, however, our foreplay becomes sort of routine: kiss her neck, touch her breasts, grab his penis, give him a blowjob, a little oral for her – then sex. Yeah, it all works and it is all fun, but what about something a little different? You know, new? Here are 5 new foreplay moves to try!

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Do you remember in the beginning of your relationship where you would literally rip each other’s clothes off? There is something intensely hot about having your lover undress you – especially in a heated and hurried manner! So, ask yourself, when was the last time you undressed your partner? Probably been a while, right? So, bring it back to foreplay. The next time you enter the bedroom and your man starts to undress walk up to him and start unbuttoning for him. Or, do the same for your woman. The reaction will be immediate and hot – I guarantee!


Yeah, I said it. Blindfolding. This is most definitely a part of foreplay because it puts both of you in a certain risqué mood! You do not need to invest in on, a handkerchief or scarf will do just fine. Imagine walking up behind your lover, kissing him on the back of the neck and sliding a scarf around his eyes! Then being able to walk him to the bed (or wherever) and do some fun and naughty things to him all while he is blindfolded. Then, your turn! Oh yeah, blindfolding is a definitely foreplay must do.
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Sometimes in our relationship we get…comfortable. This comfort throws us into a nice, safe place to be intimate together, but sometimes it also serves to take some of the heat out of lovemaking. As far as foreplay goes, taking a more direct route can be super stimulating! This means pretty much taking charge of the sexual situation. Jump right onto him as he lays reading in bed, throw the book to the floor, take his hands and place them above his head and kiss him with passion! Oh yeah, you see the light now, don’t you. It’s hot. It is very, very hot.


It may seem obvious, but if you have not brought sex toys into the bedroom this is a fantastic way to up the foreplay activities! Whether you invest in couple’s toys or simply use something she may have on hand, using sex toys together is a new activity that often renders some pretty amazing results. The new sensations that are offered by a vibrator can be super stimulating to him as well. Just the idea of playing together brings foreplay to expert level, but using the toys on him too – well, that is just a brilliant idea! 
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So maybe you like you foreplay the way it is. You enjoy that session of oral sex before intercourse. You know what, I am good with that. However, let’s find some ways to make that – new! Have you ever tried ice during oral sex? Oh yes, you totally must! I am taking for him OR her. Using just a few ice cubes strategically placed during foreplay can render a one-two punch of arousal. Swirl it around her nipples, down her belly, to her thighs and finally melt it on her hot mound! Take the same route with him, paying attention to his nipples and balls, and then crushing some inside your mouth before you take him in. This is a way to take “ordinary” oral to extra-ordinary heights!

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