5 Sex Positions Men Love

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Men like sex. Men love sex. Men like to change sexual positions. Men like women who are willing to change sexual positions. Of course, men do have their favorite positions. They have their “go-to” positions which are meant to wow their partner; their “I want to cum” positions: and, of course, their “this is super-hot” positions which offer them a desirable view of their partner or are just “naughty” or erotic in some way. Yep. Men have their faves. Wanna know what they are? Here are just 5.

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This can’t be a huge surprise for anyone to hear that men like the doggy style position. In a survey of 800 men done by Men’s Health Magazine, 97% said this was their top favorite. The reasons why are varied, but consistent. Firstly, it is a very “take charge and take what you want” position. The woman is taking all he has to give, and he has a lot to give. Secondly, he gets a fantastic view of her ass, her hips, and the delicate contour of her back. While you may not think this is a great view, for him it is! Thirdly, this is a position that allows him to go very deep. Very, very deep and at whatever speed of thrusting that he prefers. Since it also feels quite intense for her, she is likely to orgasm which is also a huge win for him. Yep, you gotta love the doggy.

Woman on top positions, such as the cowgirl, puts the woman in control of the pace, depth and angle of the action and allows him to sit and enjoy the ride. He gets to watch her in all her naked glory, her breasts bouncing, her stomach contracting, her face contorting with her pleasure. He can caress her body, massage her clitoris, and just overall allow her to use him for her pleasure. The penetration tends to be fairly deep and her gyration feels amazing to him. If he needs her to go a bit faster he can grab her hips and help to direct the action. Oh yeah, men love when a woman takes control of their pleasure.

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The flipside of the standard cowgirl is the reverse cowgirl. This position has all the same benefits of the standard cowgirl with a few extra bonuses. Firstly, the view of her changes so that he can see her beautiful ass as she lowers herself up and down onto his penis. He also can see, most times, his penis sliding into her vagina! Now that is hot! The angle changes to provide her more G-Spot stimulation, and the shift can be tighter for him. If she leans forward, the angle provides even more pressure for him. Surely there will be some ass slapping with this position, wouldn’t you think?

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Do you see the trend here when it comes to what men like to SEE while they are having sex? Since men are so visual, these positions add the extra erotic element to things. The bedside position – where the woman lays on her back and the man enters her while standing – has so many benefits it is clear to see just why it is so popular. He has full view of her entire, naked body. He can touch and caress her, fondle her breasts, and stimulate her clitoris. Or, she can do these things while he watches! Talk about HOT! The speed and depth is controlled by him, and just a switch of position can change the entire experience. Finally, watching her face as he makes her orgasm adds the boost to the whole scenario.

There is a misconception that men dislike the missionary position, when in all truth they actually love it enough to make it into the top 5. What appeals to a man about the missionary (specifically, man on top version)? Firstly, it is an intimate position where he can kiss his lover and look at her face while they make love. From a stimulation standpoint, this tends to be a position that can make her orgasm, which of course always adds a bonus to the situation. While it may not be the deepest position, the fact that she can wrap her arms around his hips and pull him into her may just make up for that. Plus, there are variations to the missionary position that make it definitely a multi-purpose position.

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  • Dylia

    I’d enjoy and love to find a man who’s favorite position is doggy style!!

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