10 Things You Do That Make HER Horny


Do you know how many little things you do that make your woman horny? Bet you didn't know that taking out the trash could make her want to sleep with you? Or that compliments really are a man's best friend! Every day we do little things for our partners that can really start those love juices flowing and they may be surprising to you. So, if you want to know how to make her horny and happy here are just 10 things you do that get her there that you may not even know about.

1. Compliments Are A Girl's Bestfriend

Gif of A Man Saying You Look Gorgeous
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Men are not always super verbal with their lover and may forget to tell her that she is beautiful or sexy. Sure, maybe in the beginning of the relationship, but that tends to die out sometimes. So, tell her. Go to her and tell her she is so beautiful that she makes your heart skip a beat! Trust me, she will be gushing in more than one way!

2. Back Of The Neck Kisses

Gif of A Man Kissing A Woman's Neck
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You come home from work, walk up behind your wife as she is prepping dinner and give her a little warm breath kiss on the back of her neck! *SHIVERS* and then walk away. Yup. Just that simple. Do it more. Trust me.

3. Wrap Your Arms Around Me

Gif of A Couple Hugging
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Wanna one-up the back of the neck kiss? Wrap your arms around her waist from behind as you kiss the back of her neck and give her a little squeeze, then release her and walk away. If she doesn't drop what she's doing and let out a little moan then she must not have a heartbeat!

4. The Sexy Growl

Gif of A Man Saying Slightly Flirtatious
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Some men can do this sexy little growl. It is subtle, not overpowering. This little growl that says, "God, I want to have you now" without saying a thing. It will send shivers up and down her spine. Trust me. Try the growl.

5. Take Out The Trash

Gif of A Group Of Men Taking Trash
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Yes, taking out the garbage BEFORE being asked, cleaning the dinner dishes, folding laundry, you get the drift. Women absolutely love when you help without being asked. It may seem silly but cleaning the litter boxes or walking the dog may be your ticket to a better sex life!

6. Sending Her Away

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No, I don't mean breaking up. I mean sending her out for a night with her friends or giving her a certificate for a spa day. Just giving her some time alone or with her friends can really make her appreciate that sexy thang she has waiting at home for her.

7. Footrubs Rocks

Gif of Two Guys Talking In The Hallway
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Yes, women love back massages too, but those are the "I would like to have sex" activity in our minds. Foot rubs, however, especially unsolicited ones where you grab her feet, put them into your lap and really give them some quality attention are near guarantees to get her horny (and relaxed!)

8. Taking Care Of The Kids

Gif of A Man Playing Ukulele To Kids
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If you are usually not a big part of the kid routine, become one! Give her a night on the couch while you give the kids their baths, do homework, put them in their pajamas and just otherwise take care of them. Want to take this to the gold level? Take the kids out with you for a Saturday activity and let her stay home and do whatever she wants! Oh baby, you are gonna get some!

9. Paint Her Toenails

Gif of A Couple Giving Pedicure
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Don't laugh, I am completely serious. If your woman likes to paint her finger and toenails then offer to help her! Even if you do not do a great job (the first time) just asking her if you can help will earn you major "good boyfriend / husband" points. Wanna go for the gold standard, give her a foot rub first!

10. Give Her The Remote / Let Her Pick The Movie

Gif of A Woman Holding the Remote
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I know this seems stupid, but trust me my friends, allowing her to pick the movie or the TV show, especially if you do not normally do so, is a fantastic way to get her in the mood for some nookie! If you give her that power, she will want to give you some special power of your own in the bedroom.

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  • Terence Brigham

    I agree with foot rubs. Feet have to be small an perfect tho.😍

  • Robert Seese

    I was reading 10 top things that makes a girl horny. Where does blowdrying her hair, brushing her hair, or massaging her head fit in?

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