8 Ways To Strengthen Your PC/Kegel Muscles

Do you know that when you have sex the main muscles involved are your Pubococcygeus muscles (PC Muscles) which are the same muscles you use when you start and stop the flow of urine? These same muscles contract during orgasm. Any woman who has had a gynecological exam after beginning sexual intercourse should have gotten the lecture from her gynecologist on the benefits of doing Kegel Exercises to aid in the strengthening of the PC muscles. Kegel exercises – in case you need to know – are when you engage these muscles by pulling UP and holding for a few second, then releasing. You should be able to feel your butt cheek and outer vaginal walls contract, slightly, when you do them.

Strong PC muscles have remarkable benefits including: stronger and more frequent orgasms, more chance of an internal orgasm, more friction during sex (pleasurable for both partners), maintaining a healthy bladder placement especially after childbirth and maintaining vaginal “tightness” after childbirth or with general aging. So I say, DO YOUR KEGELS ladies, ’cause the benefits of these easy exercises are important to your health and sexual fulfillment! As with any exercise there are rules and methods to make them more effective. Here are some easy ways to do killer kegels and have some fun while doing it!

1. If You Have To Go...
As I mentioned already, the PC muscle group is used when you start and stop the flow of urine. So, if you have to pee anyway, why not do a couple of kegels as you are going. The best time is when you have a rather full bladder (so first thing in the am). Simply start and stop the flow. Just make sure that you empty your bladder completely, leaving urine in your bladder can cause infection. IMPORTANT: do not do this method more than once a day! You want to avoid bladder infections or UTIs.

2. Sitting Or Standing = Kegel Time
In the elevator on the way to the office, standing in line at the grocery store, watching TV or checking e-mail. Yup. The perfect time to be doing some kegel exercises. You can amass hundreds of these tiny tightening moves in a day!

3. Benefits Of Ben Wa Balls
Ben Wa balls are a method of strengthening PC muscles that has been around, literally, for centuries. There are a variety of types of Ben Wa balls, but what you want is an average or larger size ball that is weighted. The weight will provide resistance and will make it harder to keep the balls in place. You place these babies inside your vagina and SQUEEZE your muscles around them, making sure they do not fall out. In time, and with practice, you can walk around with these balls inside without worry of them falling free.

Recommended Ben Wa Balls: Fantasy Gold Ben Wa Balls
Fantasy Gold Ben Wa Balls
4. Feel Your Fingers
If you want to feel the power of your PCs, stick two of your fingers into your vagina and SQUEEZE! Impress yourself with your own PC prowess, as well as give your PCs something to grab around.

5. Masturbation Methods
Have you ever noticed when you masturbate that right before you are about to climax you start to “pump” your PC muscles? It is pretty much involuntary, as your body is reading itself to orgasm. However, you can (and should) pump your PC muscles as you are nearing orgasm. It will make your orgasm stronger.

6. Tightening Around Toys
There are a variety of specialty Kegel toys available to assist in your exercises. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, lengths and weights but they all do the same thing: allow your PC muscles to tighten around them. They are like barbells for your hoo-hah!

Recommended Kegel Toy: Silicone Kegel Ball Set
Silicone Kegel Ball Set
7. 1 -2 -3
Squeezing your PCs is not quite like clenching your fists; the muscle is long and has different points along it where you can tighten and release. After you have been doing Kegels for a while you should try the 1-2-3 method. It is when you squeeze the muscle in stages: beginning with the spot closest to the vagina opening, then the middle, then the upper region. Clench each section independently. Eventually, you will be able to do this with a partner inside you, and he will be amazed!

8. PC Pleasing Of Your Partner
Probably one of the most satisfying ways to practice your Kegels is with a partner. Not only is it effective to squeeze your partner’s penis because of the length, but also because it will increase your pleasure AND his pleasure. Encourage him to still inside you, and then grab hold of his penis with your PCs, effectively “pumping” your muscles around him. Squeeze and release. Squeeze and release. Then, when you are about to climax – SQUEEEEEZE him harder! It will drive him crazy and give you a fantastic orgasm!

Mikayla’s Tip: Healthy PC muscles are a general health benefit as well as an added bonus to your lover! For something so simple to do, the advantages are so tremendous and will really help to set you apart from all the other lovers your partner has had!

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