11 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Wanted

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Recently, I read an article which talked about how sometimes people can become insecure in relationships because they feel that their partner is taking them for granted. Why do they feel this way? Well, some people have a tendency to continue those things that all people do in new relationships, while others tend to get comfortable and do "less" than they did in the beginning.

Typically there is one partner who gets comfortable while the other is still putting in extra effort. This is not always true, but for many couples it is. So, if your partner has recently let you know that they are feeling unwanted, how do you make them feel wanted again? Well, you're in luck because we've got 11 tips for you below.

1. Words Matter

Hearing is believing, right? So, if you want to make your partner feel desired, beautiful, loved, admired - TELL THEM. A text, a little note on the counter, even a meme would do the trick. Tell them how you feel about them. Every, single day … tell them something that will make your partner feel loved.

2. Touch Your Partner

Everyone loves to be touched. A gentle stroke against the cheek, fingers going through our hair, even a pat on the behind. When we touch our partner, especially in loving or intimate ways, it says, "I desire you" "I think you are beautiful" without actually saying a thing.

3. Lend a Helping Hand

So many times we become so wrapped up in raising kids, their careers, and taking care of everyone else that they feel their life is a cycle of doing. If you want to show your partner how important they are to you, then help them without them even asking. Do the dishes one night, take the kids to the park, do some laundry. Just little gestures of help.

4. Get Them a Gift

While buying gifts can never be the only way to show someone you want them, buying the RIGHT gift certainly can. Whether you get her something your partner really wants (which also shows that you listen to them), or you get them something sexy...such as one of our couples sex toys...giving tokens of affection will definitely show them that they matter to you.

5. Pamper Your Partner

We all love being pampered. We all love to relax. When our partners help us to relax it is a sure fire way to demonstrate how much we care for them. When you pamper your partner - whether it be a foot rub during movie night, drawing a warm bath, a full massage, or even paying to have someone else do it - this shows them how important their well-being is to you.

6. Say Thank You

It's common for partner's to do little things that sometimes go unnoticed. Maybe your partner made your lunch and put a heart note in it. Maybe they bought you tickets to a sports game they're not interested in. While undoubtedly you would say thank you for the big things, make sure you are sincerely thanking your partner for all the things (big and little) that they do.

7. Be There, Always

Can your partner count on you? If they get a flat tire will you come and change it? If they miss the train, will you come and pick them up? If there is a huge spider in the house, will you kill it? Yes, being there for your partner in any way they may need is a great way for them to feel how important they are to you.

8. Be Their Superhero

As cliché as it sounds, if you are protective of your partner and make them feel safe, they will definitely feel wanted and loved. Knowing that you would defend their honor or would defend them physically is a huge thing for most people. So be your partner's Superman or Wonder Woman!

9. Be a Little Posessive

While your partner may not want to be your "property" or be controlled by you, they probably do like to know that you are possessive of them and do not want any other person to have them! Feeling that twinge of jealousy makes your partner feel like you really want to keep them and know that they are admired by others. This makes your partner feel really good about themselves, but just make sure you don't go over and beyond.

10. Increase the Romance

Romance the hell outta your partner! When sex is on your mind, use this as a time to show your lover how wanted they are. Make sex a chance to show them how much you want to please them - sexually AND generally. Light some candles, put on some music, make sex an experience that leaves you both feeling sexy and loved.

11. Match Actions With Words

In truth, every person needs the mixture of both words and actions. You can tell your partner that you want them, desire them, love them but you also need to show them at the same time. Make sure that your words and your actions match and your partner will feel so, so wanted and loved.

How Do Your Make Your Lover Feel Desirable? Let Us Know In The Comments!

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  • Taylor C

    Soooooo, I have this issue where I stare at him. I’ve had conversations with him about it, to make sure he’s not uncomfortable with it, but overall, he knows he’s always on my mind. When I do though, that’s when I start the conversation about what makes him uncomfortable, how he perfers to be touched, if I’m doing anything wrong (because I also grab his booty. It’s juicy yall.), and I let him know I understand his concerns and that he shouldn’t be uncomfortable with his body because I love every portion of his body. We are both big and beautiful. I do everything I can to make sure he knows that he knows that I love him. I always ask what does he need generally and what does he need from me. The answer is always the same, but I do what I can for him because he does so much for me and the kids. And also it just feels good to let him know that he’s loved.

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