Maintaining Intimacy During Menstruation

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It is a fact of life: women have periods. For 3-7 (and sometimes more) days of the month we have our periods, which can seriously put a damper on our sexual activities for that week. Not only are we crampy, bloated, PMSing and, often times, really tired – but – we are also bleeding from our vaginas! Even if you are OK with period sex (it’s just a little blood, right?) – most women will agree that it is not as pleasant to play during period time. If you or your partner are frustrated at the cessation of sexual intimacy during “Shark Week” then read on and let me tell you some ways to Keep Calm And Sex On during P-week.

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Tampons are a fantastic invention! They allow women to have their periods without having to wear a heavy, bulky pad. They are more discreet and overall more comfortable. The beauty of a tampon is: none of the period flow comes out of the vagina. So, here is what I do during P-Week. I take a shower, get all squeaky clean. Then I put in a tampon. Now, if you are wondering what this accomplishes as, obviously, you can’t have sex with a tampon in, let me suggest this. Oral sex can still be performed on you when you have a tampon in! OH SNAP! Didn’t think of that did you? Not only that but you could engage in some anal activities as well. The tampon effectively “cleans the playing field” so you can explore other options.

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Blowjobs should be a part of a healthy sexual relationship and this can be amplified during P-Week. Your man is probably eagerly waiting for the Red Tide to end, so he would be very pleased if you took his pleasure and needs into your hands, or, err, your mouth! Giving your partner some oral action when you are out of commission is a fantastic way to keep your sexual momentum going. Not to mention it is ALL ABOUT HIM! He doesn’t have to worry about anything other than his own pleasure. I guarantee he will be more than happy to repay that gift when your period has ended.

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OK, so, if you are an anal lover (as I am) then P-week can become Anal week. No, I don’t suggest you have anal every night for 7 nights – BUT –you can definitely have some anal a night or two just to keep things intimately flowing. If you are not totally into anal you can perhaps give it a try and see if you like it.

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Some guys are just a little squeamish about the blood factor and this is understandable. Condoms can be a wonderful option if you want to have some sex but your man is unthrilled about the blood touching his penis. Using a condom will eliminate that as you can just unroll it and throw it away when you are finished. Be warned though, period sex can still be, um, a bit messy even with a condom.

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Since the main contention with having period sex is that it can be rather messy, then having sex in the shower is a great option. Not only is shower sex super fun and intimate, it will continually clean both of you as you get down and dirty under the flowing water. Not to mention that since shower sex is normally sex standing up, or bending over, the man won’t have to see the mess he is making.

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Of course the final option is to, well, JUST DO IT! You probably know which day in your cycle is the lightest, so engage in sex during these days. Many couples continue having sex all through their periods. Put down a towel that you do not mind getting messy and proceed as usual. Just remember that sometime vigorous sex can jar some things loose!

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