How To Eat Her Out

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If your man wants to make you happy in the bedroom, one thing he can do without a doubt is deliver orgasm-rendering, mind-shattering oral sex! While oral sex is very important for all couples to receive; it is especially important for a woman because for approximately 85% of all women, their only chance for orgasm is with clitoral stimulation and what is the best way to deliver this? Yes! Oral sex! So, not only is it important that you do it often, but also that you know some tricks of the oral sex trade. The goal is orgasms and this is a how to guide to get you on that mission.

I know this will likely shock the heck out of you, but men and women view and treat sex differently. While there are some variations, for the most part, women need a bit of a warm up – some seduction, if you will. While this should start well before you ever get into bed, it is equally important to seduce her vagina before you commence with the main event. This means you will need to take it slow and tease her a bit before you dive right in – so to speak. To do this you will want to position yourself between her legs, spread her thighs for easy access, and then \kiss all around her thighs, up the crease where her legs meet her torso, up around her vaginal mound toward her belly button, then repeat slowly, basically licking, caressing, and tongue-tickling all around everywhere BUT her vaginal opening. Pay attention to her excitement level and how she is moving and try to make this part last as long as you possibly can. Patience is your friend here.

Why Oral Sex Helps Her Orgasm

Yes, guys, it is now time to discuss how to actually eat her out. Once you have gotten yourselves acquainted and are ready to move on to direct stimulation, it is time for some tongue tricks. There are thousands of ways to lick and suck her. Literally, thousands of different speeds, variations, pressures, tricks and combinations that can bring her to orgasmic bliss! So, you try them. You try them again. You change the order, add in other techniques, speed it up, slow it down – in short, just vary what you are doing. No one wants to feel the same things over and over. Plus, the more you surprise her and keep her on her proverbial toes, the more intense her orgasms will be. Yes, keep that lady guessing. However, there is one thing you most definitely need to remember – you need to tongue her CLITORIS!!! Make sure that in the mix of all the variations you spend some quality time on her clit.

There is this fine line when it comes to fingering during oral sex that is somewhere between the perfect stimulation and TOO much or TOO hard stimulation. Here again is why it is so important to pay attention to what your partner is saying, or how she is acting during oral sex. Using fingers is important because it stimulates her insides in ways your tongue cannot. Often women love the feeling of being full while also having their clitoris stimulated. However, it can be way too much stimulation for some women, especially if you use more than one finger and it is too much for her. The rule is to start with one finger, slowly, not too deep and not fingering too fast. Then, if she seems to indicate it, add in another finger. The combination of the internal stimulation with the clitoral stimulation will likely be something she wants more of. However, just like with everything else, changing things up and keeping her guessing as to what you are going to do next will likely be more effective than doing the same moves over and over.

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Some women may take longer than others to come to their climax. On average, a woman will take upwards of 20 minutes or longer from the beginning of foreplay to her climax. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you do not give up before she climaxes. If she seems to be disinterested in continuing and indicates she would like to move on to intercourse, that may be OK, but if she is still in the moment you do NOT stop. Continuing the stimulation, changing up the movements and the methods will likely give her a successful climax. If your tongue cramps – use your fingers for a while. If you need a break, find other ways to stimulate her. Whatever you do – just keep on going!

A woman’s body is a mysterious and wonderful thing, and there is more to it than just her clitoris (albeit, this is the MOST important part of her anatomy when it comes to sexual satisfaction). She has two lovely pair of vaginal lips – inner and outer – and they are very sensitive. She has her pubic arch, directly above her vagina, and her clitoral hood (the little piece of skin which protects the clitoris). Then she has her vaginal entrance and inside of this is her G-Spot, which when stimulated can give her amazing orgasm potential. Her entire vaginal canal which is just waiting to be explored. You need to know ALL of her parts, what happens when you touch them, suck them, lick them, and pull on them. You literally need to slowly explore all of these aspects of her womanhood and pay attention to the responses you get to figure out what will bring her to a moaning, squirming, breathless heap of sweat on the bed! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

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One of the wonderful things about being a woman is that we can have multiple orgasms. Many times a woman can have another orgasm after a short break. Therefore, while you are down between her legs why not go for another one? Adjust your methods, change your speed, and use fingers if you haven’t previously. See just how many orgasms you can give her! Oftentimes this is the only way she will have multiple orgasms and if you succeed in giving them to her, she will crave you more and more and more! Nothing is wrong with that, is there?

How Do You Like To Eat Her Out?
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