7 Ways To Get Better Oral From Him

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Many women (about 80%) need some form of clitoral stimulation in order to climax regardless of the kind of sex we're having. One of the easiest ways to get this kind of stimulation is through oral sex. Your man can focus his attention on your most sensitive spot with oral in ways he cannot do with traditional intercourse. With both hand and mouth stimulation, he can raise your arousal and bring you to orgasm during oral sex. If you need some help making him better at this incredibly useful sexual skill, check out these 7 ways to get better oral from him!

Okay, ladies. I shouldn’t have to say this, but you have to tell your man that you want him to go down on you! As with all sex styles and positions, sometimes it can be difficult for him to decipher if oral is a yes or no move. A lot of times women aren’t upset with what he’s doing, but that he’s not doing it enough! I’m not saying to grab him by the hair and shove him down there (unless he’s into that), but you’ve got to take control of what you want in the bedroom! The easiest way to get what you want, is just to ask!

First things first, you’ve got to know where all your magical lady parts reside, what they do, and how they make you feel when they are touched, stroked, licked, etc. Then, don’t be mad at your man if he doesn’t understand the beauty of your bits, or know where things are. Once you understand your Female Sexual Anatomy you can pass this knowledge along to your mister like a wise, sexual woman.

Okay, he knows where things are now. He’s got a sense of how his fingers, tongue, and lips come into play, but he’s having trouble hitting the right spots. If there’s one thing about sex (and oral sex) that you take away from this blog it is that you need to be vocal! Never underestimate the power of, “Oh, yeah,” or, “Right there!” You can speed your orgasmic process along, and get what you really want from him by teaching him what feels incredible, and what is so-so. So the next time you have him between your thighs, tell him “Faster!” or touch yourself and tell him, “put your tongue here.” The fact that you’re taking control (and responding positively to his oral) will make him that much more into pleasing you!

Why Oral Sex Helps Her CUM
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If you’re having a sex with a man, chances are he’s watched his fair share of pornography. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that ladies watch it too! But the trouble with porn is, they rarely spend time on female oral sex, and if they do, the actors don’t spend enough time understanding and enjoying the act! If you have found that your man is an in-and-out oral sex provider, and licks too quick with a wide tongue and is suddenly ready for penetration, it might be because he’s been poorly trained by pornography. Just gently tell him that just like his oral sex isn’t a quick lick, suck, and stroke, your oral sex takes time and effort to build a spectacular climax. Once he sees what he can do to you (after doing it right) he’ll be happy to accept additional requests.

I mentioned how you need to tell him where, what, and how you need sexual pleasure from oral sex. Now that you’re getting what you want, show him! Moan your deepest, most carnal calls of pleasure. Let your hips move with his rhythm and grind into his lips. Take a moment to run your fingers through his hair or down onto his ears and give his head a little tug to let him know that you’re enjoying what he’s giving you, and that you want more. Showing your man that he is building an incredible orgasm for you means you’re combatting his boredom, laziness and otherwise lack of effort. You want to know when giving head if he’s liking your moves, and if you show him the he’s hitting the right spots, he’ll be more active, and willing, to make you climax.

How He Can Make Oral Better For Her

If you’re a woman who takes her time to become aroused, it can cause frustration for your man - and you - and can quickly kill the mood. As you should know, all women don’t share the same sexual anatomy, sexual history, or stimulation desires. Through no fault of your own, it might take a while to get you hot and bothered - even when everything he’s doing is feeling oh-so-satisfying. Plus, if you’re still in the stages of teaching him where your g-spot is and how to curl his fingers to get there, you might want some assistance so as not to burn him out. To help speed along the process, you may try one of many Clitoral Creams and Enhancers. They provide warming, tingling sensations and increase blood flow to the clitoris to heighten sensitivity and satisfaction!

Sometimes sex gets boring. It happens! That’s why we’re always creating tips and tricks to spice things up for you! If you’re finding that “the usual” isn’t cutting it anymore. Encourage your man to switch positions. Of course, our first thought is to try a little 69 for mutual oral sex pleasure, but there are a ton of other options. If you’re wanting to stay on your back, grab pillows to prop up your hips and make your g-spot more accessible. Or, try a little somethin’ somethin’ somewhere else in the house? That dining room set has a perfect surface for you (the table) and him (a chair) to play!

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