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It is not a secret that many women out there do not like giving head! There are various reasons for this – they think it is “gross,” or do not want to put “that” in their mouths, they are afraid or have distaste for swallowing his cum, or they simply do not get any joy at all out of it and therefore do not see the reason to do it at all – or rarely. Listen, men love blowjobs. They do. They feel great and they offer a different type of sensation that many men say can be more intense than sex! Plus, it is a great way to be intimate with him. So, how do you learn to love giving head? Can you learn to love it? I say YES!

Basic Blowjob Tips!

Here is the number 1 reason to love giving your man a blowjob – BECAUSE YOU CARE ABOUT / LOVE HIM AND WANT TO GIVE HIM PLEASURE. Any satisfying sexual relationship is built upon the premise that you care about your partner’s pleasure at least as much, if not more than, your own. So, if you know that your man enjoys getting a blowjob then you will want to give him that pleasure. Use the fact that he really, truly enjoys it to fuel your own sexual gratification. FEEL how much he enjoys it and tap into that sexual energy and create a sexual exchange that boosts your own desires. Consequently, when HE feels that YOU are turned on by giving him oral pleasure HE will get MORE aroused and enjoy it even more which should, in turn, give you more fuel for your own arousal! It is a wonderful circle of pleasure.
A Woman Kissing A Man's Body
OK ladies, I submit that you should love your man’s musky scent but if it bothers you, then simply ask him to take a shower. Cleaning off his mini-him and having it smell like Irish Spring soap will likely dispel any of that “he smells bad because it is dirty” myths you have floating around in your head. So if the reason for your hesitation is this – just ask him to shower or shower with him! Giving head in the shower is a super fun experience in and of itself.

Perhaps your head hesitation is because you are afraid he is going to blow his load into your mouth and you will be forced to swallow it. Firstly, any gentleman will have a conversation with you about whether or not you will swallow beforehand – so if he doesn’t bring it up, you do! Tell him you are not feeling like you want to swallow (and personally, ladies, I think you should give it a whirl!) and ask that he warn you so you can finish him elsewhere. Or, offer to give him a blowjob as a warm-up and then let him finish IN you.

What's Better - Oral Sex Or Penetration?

OK, is it really “hard?” I mean, yes, it is called a Blow JOB, but is it work? Honestly, it can take some skill and dedication to the task and can take longer with some guys, but it should be FUN, and not feel like a job. After all would you want HIM to feel like making you cum was a job? Of course not, so why do women feel like it is hard to do? So, how do you change your mindset from it is “hard” to “I love giving head?” Um, pay attention to your man’s reaction! If you see how much joy and pleasure you give him by giving him oral love, then you will really want him to feel that pleasure. We tend to enjoy things that we do in life that make others happy – especially those whom we love. We enjoy doing these things even when they take effort.

Can you see the possibilities for pleasure via power? Having sexual power is an invaluable commodity in a sexual relationship and can be exhilarating! When you give a successful blowjob you have ALL the power for that amount of time. You have his most precious body part in your mouth! You have to power to make him swoon, moan, wiggle and orgasm! Put yourself into the mindset of embracing this power and make it your mission to wield your power in a way that will benefit both of you – make him orgasm! When you give great head he will come back again and again for more and that is the greatest compliment he can pay you and should make you feel like the powerful seductress that you are!

Ladies, Do You Enjoy Giving Head? Why Or Why Not?
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