5 Tricks For An Easy Orgasm

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Everybody WANTS to have an orgasm when they have sexual contact or masturbate. It is, in a word, the “goal” of these pleasurable experiences. Sometimes women can have easy orgasms – and other times it takes a little bit of effort. This can even change from experience to experience, over time, with age, with different partners – a woman’s ability to orgasm is almost always in flux. So, what are some tricks that can possibly make achieving orgasm a bit easier? Well, here are just 5!

Hands down if you want to have an easy orgasm you have to think about how to maximize stimulation – and this means vibrators. Vibrators provide intense, powerful and, most importantly, direct stimulation to the part of you that needs it most for an orgasm – your clit! Specifically, bullets provide direct and powerful stimulation by centering all the power into a very small mini-vibrator that can be strategically placed to get the most bang for the buck. If you want an even more powerful punch try investing in a Hitachi Style massager. These massagers (intimate vibrators) are extremely powerful, have a large, flexible, soft head and feel intense when placed on the clitoral area. It would be extremely surprising to use one of these miracle vibrators and NOT have an orgasm post haste!

It should come as no surprise that women respond favorably to lots and lots of foreplay! Kissing, touching, fondling, dry humping, fingering – all are great ways to amp up the excitement before any main event. The closer you come to, well, cumming the easier it will be for you to get the big O when you want it to. So, whether you are with a partner or having solo play make sure that there is lots of foreplay (yes, even with yourself) before you go for the gusto!

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There was a reason clitoral stimulating gels were designed: to help women achieve orgasm! Clitoral creams / gels work by stimulating the clitoris in such a way that the natural engorgement (blood rushing into the clitoris) happens much faster than with stimulation alone. This increase in engorgement will make orgasm easier to reach. Simply find a product that appeals to you, spread it evenly over your clitoris, then begin to stimulate yourself (or have a partner stimulate you) until you have that blissful orgasm! With any luck this will happen more quickly that without the gel – and more often too!
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While it is true that a woman’s clitoris is the epi-center for sexual pleasure, sometimes stimulating the clit is not enough in and of itself to provide an easy orgasm. Sure, it feels good but we are discussing easy orgasms here. If you want to increase your chances of having the easy O you have to double up the stimulation. This means clitoral AND internal stimulation. Most women will report that if they stimulate their clit during intercourse or if their partner inserts fingers during oral sex that they will have a much more powerful orgasm – as well as one that comes on much more quickly. Why is this? Simply, when a woman is stimulated internally (via toy, fingers or penis) her inner erotic zones are stimulated AND her clitoris is slightly more stretched causing it to become more sensitive in general. Therefore, if you want to go for the fast O – include vaginal insertion of some sort into the mix with clitoral stimulation and you are sure to be cumming quickly!

It is a myth that women don’t like porn – they do! Women can respond very favorably to watching erotic videos of both the soft core and XXX varieties. Sometimes, revving up the play time with a little porn watching or even personal fantasizing can amp up the arousal which will, ultimately, lead to an easier orgasm. Our bodies respond to the visualization of beautiful people doing beautiful things and that, in turn, arouses us. Try watching with a partner for some couple time or solo while gently stroking yourself. The naughty and erotic images are sure to blast off your O!

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