9 Homemade Sex Toys to Avoid Using

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Have you ever been in the situation where your favorite vibrator dies in mid-play  and you desperately search for anything to use to get yourself off? Electric toothbrush, back massager - ANYTHING? Or, perhaps you don't own a sex toy but search your house on the regular for things you can use as a sex toy? Homemade sex toys are more common than you think but there are some that you should never ever use no matter how desperate you may be - check them out below!

1. Anything Made of Wood

Yes, technically there are real wood dildos, but these are sanded and sealed to avoid any nasty splintering of the wood. When you choose a standard wood object, such as a hairbrush handle, a spatula, or any other cylindrical wood object you stand the chance of it splintering and causing rips or tears in your vagina. Let's stick to using our fingers instead, alright?

2. Curling Irons

Any and all curling irons should be avoided for vaginal or anal penetration. Firstly, curling irons open to wrap around the hair. That little ledge between the iron and the hair plate can catch inside of you and hurt. Secondly, hair pieces, hair spray, or any other remnants from your hair products can accumulate on the rod making it unsanitary for vaginal use.

3. Tools (Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Etc.)

If you have searched around in your partner's tool bench you have likely seen many objects that you believe would work as a sex toy in a pinch. Let me just say that these tools are not the tools you need. A garage is not a clean place to be, and these tools have been used all over the place from the car, to the basement, to the plumbing. It's just so unsanitary! Beware and leave those tools in the tool box, not in your box.

4. Markers or Pencils

I had a friend once who used one of those large sharpie markers, the really thick ones, for an impromptu dildo. She was going along fine until she orgasmed and clenched down. She clenched hard enough to squeeze the lid off. So, imagine her surprise when the marker came out, but the lid stayed in! Luckily, she was able to fish the lid out herself, but it was a scary experience. Markers, pencils and the like are touched by people's hands, not easy to sterilize, and can result in unusual snafus.

5. Beer or Wine Bottles

I cannot tell you how many porn films I have seen where a woman seductively puts a wine bottle into her vagina as a show for her lover. Let me tell you from experience, this is a bad, bad idea. No to wine bottles, no to beer bottles - no bottles. Firstly, bottles are made of glass. Glass which can break or have chips that can cut you pretty badly inside. Which is what happened to me. Not fun. Secondly, as with the food warning, wine and beer have sugars in them which can make for a nasty infection. Just stick to drinking the wine, not using the bottle.

6. High Heeled Shoes

Speaking of porno themed sex toys, have you ever seen those fetish films where high heeled shoes (the toe or the heel) are placed up inside of a vagina? Well I have, and I am hear to tell you, anything that you WALK outside on the ground in is a bad, bad idea to place up inside yourself. I don't care how much of a foot fetish someone has, keep those shoes on your feet!

7. Candles

On Instagram I subscribe to a woman who works in an ER and she occasionally posts X-Ray pictures of the objects people have lost up their rectums. Last week it was a jar candle. One of those small, sample sized ones. Got sucked right up in there and wouldn't come out. Candles, of any kind, should not be inserted into the body. Tapered candles can break off, break in half, or can leak into the vaginal tissue as things heat up. Leave the candles for the ambience people, invest in a butt plug instead!

8. Vacuum Cleaners

No, not the entire vacuum, just the hose. I have written about how a vacuum placed precariously about an inch from vaginal lips can provide some very stimulating sensations. Just make sure NOT to put it too close or things may get sucked in. Also, if you have a penis you should NEVER, ever place it in the vacuum hose. Once your penis starts to get stimulated it will grow. Plus, the vacuum will basically make it even larger. Which means, it may not be so easy to get out once put in.

9. Remote Controls

Yes, remote controls are used to turn televisions on, but should you use them to turn YOU on? The answer is NO. Not only are they bigger than they seem, and have harsh corners, they also harbor a lot of germs! They are touched by everyone in the household, walked on by the pets, and fall into the couch cushions landing in no one knows what. Plus, the last thing you want is your mother-in-law asking what that "white film is" on the TV remote. Skip and fast forward past this idea.

After reading these top 9 homemade sex toys to avoid, we hope that you have learned exactly what NOT to do when trying to make a sex toy at home! We also hope you remember that all shopping and shipping done from TooTimid.com is 100% discreet so if you aren't buying a real sex toy for the reason that you're nervous someone will see the packaging or find the toy...try us out! We promise you won't regret it!

Have you used a homemade sex toy before?
Let us know below!


  • Douglas

    I never use home made sex toys, but I have heard of some one used a light bulb for anal sex. The bulb broke and he ended up in the hospital .

  • Caly

    I made a clit pump from a brake bleeding suction pump and a 200 ml syringe tube
    Doubles as a penis pump with the right attachment

  • Mandy

    I’ve used a bic type ink pen wrapped a couple pairs of panties around it and stuffed that into a condom. It doesn’t buzz but works great as a dido.

  • Blair Trumpour

    I have made a clit stimulator from an electric toothbrush head by cutting off the bristles and polishing it smooth .It works very well. have hade some great fun playing with my girlfriends clit and making her feel the pleasure it offers.

  • Mary Frym

    Yes a surgical glove with a small tube of toothpaste wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a finger of the glove
    Worked great for me

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