Having SEX In The Rain

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to play in the rain and jump in puddles? Why not relive that experience as an adult! With spring and summer finally upon us it is time to start thinking of all the fun things we can do OUTSIDE after being cooped up inside all winter! It’s time for bike rides, hiking, picnics and, of course, fining fun places to have outdoor nookie! For many people the sound of light rain or even a little thunderstorm can be a very arousing experience! There is something about being cuddled up naked with your lover while I storm rages outside. However, there is also much fun to be had OUTSIDE in a light rainstorm. having_sex_in_the_rainThink of the possibilities! No one will be around, it will be a bit darker, and, the best part, you will both be WET! Ahhh, now you are getting the picture, right? Tight, clinging clothes that show hardened nipples – or penises! Yup, nothing says welcome to spring like RAIN SEX!

First, a word of warning: not every rainstorm is sex-friendly. Meaning, if there is a lot of thunder, lightening, wind, or, obviously, tornado like conditions – SEEK SHELTER! There will be another time for you to get your rain nookie on!

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The best kind of rain to have sex in is, of course, a light drizzle. You know those passing storms that last about 20 minutes, get you drenched and then the sun comes out! Those are perfect for some wet-loving. Most people run for cover, leave parks and trails and leave you ALONE with your lover. So, dart off the beaten trail, find a clearing, go behind some trees at the park – anywhere you can find some private space and then get it on! Down and dirty, pants around the ankles, pushed against the wall – you get it – FAST AND FURIOUS! Then, once the rain stops, go back to your regularly scheduled activities with a smile on your faces.

If you are lucky enough to have a house, cottage or other private area where you can enjoy a longer rain session then I HIGHLY suggest you take it! For instance, if your backyard opens up to a forest behind with no neighbors in sight – go for it! When the rain starts head outside. Kiss and fondle and play in the rain (in a more adult way than when you were a kid). Feel how you stick together as your clothes get soaked. Run your fingers through each other’s wettening hair. Enjoy being outside with the warm rain falling around you. Take all the time you want and make love with the rain and nature all around you. Beats jumping in puddles any day!

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OK, maybe you are not a fan of the woods or do not have a completely private backyard in which to roll around in. You may have a deck or patio that is private enough for you to do the deed! If your backyard has a privacy fence or does not exactly butt up to your neighbors, why not take yourselves outside and do it on the patio table! Allow yourselves the experience of having rain sex without the full-on exposure experience. It could even be like a dare! You take off your clothes at the door then bolt outside for a hot quickie in the rain! Hey, have a trampoline in your yard? Yeah, you guess it! Get your wet bounce on in the backyard! The possibilities are endless, if you have the passion and courage to try!

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