G-Spot Stimulating Positions

Probably one of the top inquiries of women regarding sex (besides how to have multiple orgasms) is what positions will stimulate my G-Spot during sex? Why is this? The G-Spot orgasm is THE most powerful orgasm a woman can achieve, but it is not an easy road for most. In fact, most women will never experience a gspot orgasm. However, stimulating the G-Spot – whether or not you actually have the orgasm – is extremely pleasurable on its own, so it is a good thing to figure out how to stimulate it! Here are the top sexual positions that can help you to stimulate the wonderful, magical and somewhat elusive, G-Spot.

A Little Anatomy Lesson: The first thing you (and your partner) need to know about G-Spot stimulation is, well, WHERE is it? The G-Spot is located on the upper (belly side) wall of the vagina, about 2-3 inches inside. It is more noticeable in some women than in others. The more it is stimulated, the more it engorges with blood, and the more prominent it will become.

Fingers First

Technically, the best way to stimulate the G-Spot is through finger exploration by a partner. Why? They can feel around inside for the rough patch that indicates the G-Spot, angle their fingers to push against it, and easily position their hand for maximum stimulation. For the most effective results, the G-Spot requires some firm and constant pressure, the best way to achieve this is to have your partner place his/her fingers inside (facing up), hook 1-2 fingers, locate the spot and then move them in a “come hither” motion across the spot. To further increase stimulation, a little pressure on the pubic bone will push the spot down, into the fingers. When your partner has found the spot, you will know it.

Doggy Style

As far as stimulation during intercourse goes, doggy style seems to be a very effective method of stimulation, especially if your partner has a more downwardly curved penis. The woman should be on her hands and knees and place a pillow under her stomach to keep the angle. The man then penetrates her – but shallowly, not deeply – and when she feels his penis head pass over her G-Spot she can tell him and he can concentrate his thrusts in that general region. Adding in clitoral stimulation at the same time can also greatly enhance the chances of an actual orgasm.
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Knees Back

This positional twist works with both the fingering method AND for intercourse stimulation. The female lays on her back and bends her knees back as far as she can (holding her knees if necessary). The further back she can roll herself, the better the stimulation will be.This puts pressure on the G-Spot and makes it easier to stimulate. Variations include her legs on his chest or on his shoulders, or even just one leg back helps immensely.

Reverse Cowgirl

While Cowgirl works too (this is woman on top) the reverse Cowgirl seems to be a bit better. The woman will mount her man facing backwards (toward his feet). He should keep his legs together and she will then move herself back and forth and eventually lean down, toward his feet. Even though the angle seems to be reversed (i.e. his penis will rub more on her back vaginal wall), the tightness and shallowness of this position provides excellent stimulation as well as a nice clitoral rubbing that feels oh, so good!

Perfect Pillow

Since the key to great stimulation is the angle, use what you have handy to increase that angle. Placing a pillow or two under your butt while he enters in a missionary position will increase the angle and prominence of the G-Spot. It will make it easier for him to rub the upper side of your vaginal canal as well for longer and more direct stimulation. Experiment with the number of pillows to find your perfect perch.

Advanced - G Force

This last one takes a more advanced level to achieve, and is not easy for the male partner, but is OH, SO WORTH IT! The woman starts flat on her back, her butt up a bit. The male enters her from a squatting position. Then, lifts her hips up and moves up toward her head, changing the angle (you can use pillows here too). He will then plunge down into her – very deeply – and hit the front wall of her vaginal canal as he does it. This position takes a lot of practice because the goal is to go deep – and shallow – and deep – and shallow – for maximum effect.

How Do You Stimulate Your G-Spot?
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