How To Find More Time For Sex

Sex is a very important part of an adult relationship be it a marriage or dating. However, sometimes in our busy lives with careers and hobbies and friends and kids - and kids with hobbies and friends - we forget that we almost need to schedule sex! It sounds unromantic, I know, but the truth is sometimes we need to make a conscious plan to fit sex into our busy lives! Sex is an integral part of making a relationship happy and lasting. It reduces stress, creates intimacy, and just feels damn good! So, if you are finding that you have little or no time for sex – try some of these suggestions to fit it in!

I know that you probably cringe when the alarm clock goes off in the morning and cannot imagine getting up even 10 minutes earlier! The truth is, 20 minutes of morning sex will energize you way more than those extra 20 minutes of sleep! You don’t have to do this every day, but perhaps on your less busy days. Set the alarm a little earlier, then when it goes off get to getting each other off! Make it quick and intimate – perhaps a dozy spooning position – and then start your day with a smile!

Most people take a shower during the day - whether at night or in the morning. Why take separate showers when you can shower together! Showers are relaxing and private places to squeeze in a little sex. You can soap each other up, wash each other off, and then get down and dirty again! It is quiet and sensual and the chances of being interrupted by children less. So, sneak in and surprise your partner in the shower and perhaps you will make it a regular shower date!

It is true, EVERY couple needs date night. I don’t care if you are newly dating or have been married 20 years; you need to schedule date night. Not only should you go out to eat or see a movie, but you should treat date night as you did when you first started dating. Yes, that is what I mean! You remember now, right? You would hurry through dinner to get to his or her apartment to have sex. Sometimes you wouldn’t even make it out of the parking lot! So, that is the plan! Don’t make it out of the parking lot! Be giddy, be in love, be lustful! Have a date night to keep the fires burning.

How To Have A Quickie

I get it, you are tired! You have had a long day and the last thing you want to do is, um, move. Well, let me tell you this: if you have sex you will sleep better! If you are exhausted by the time you hit the sheets consider at least a once a week sex date. Keep it simple, just the basics: you, him and some sex. Foreplay can and should still be on the menu – but it can be an abbreviated form. However, just because this is a quickie date doesn’t mean there is no passion! Make sure your lovemaking still is hot and sensual. Then, both of you cuddle up and go to sleep!

How many of you slump down on your couch at night to watch your taped shows or a movie? If your DVR has hours and hours of your weeknight shows, why not skip a night and have sex instead? You will find out what happens on the Big Bang Theory tomorrow night – tonight make your own big bang in the bedroom (OK, cheesy, but you get the drift, right???)

How Do You Make Time For Sex? Let Us Know!

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