Give Your Partner The “Fifty Shades” Experience - Book 2

Summaries for Men On Sex Christian Grey Style – BOOK 2

So, if you have been tuning in to my 50 Shades Sexperience series you will note that we are now into the depths of Book #2, Fifty Shades Darker. I have been providing “Cliff’s Notes” style summaries of the hottest sex scenes in the books (and there are LOADS of them) so that you and your lover can get it on Christian Grey style! I suggest you start with the first article and work your way through – but, you can start anywhere because having great sex needs no impetus!

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Christian and Ana rock the boat with this nautical sexual encounter!
Ana gets very familiar with the sting of a ruler against her backside!
Sensual and erotic, Christian goes down on Ana on top of a piano!
Ana experiences the Red Room and new toys that pinch and buzz!

Book 2 begins with (spoiler!) Christian and Ana no longer together, but on the road back to love. In the first half of the book they are sort of reconnecting generally and sexually. In the second half they are experimenting with overcoming some of Christian’s demons.

Anchors Away: Billionaires and their boats, gotta love it! Maybe you don’t have a boat (or maybe you do!) but either way, it is not as much about the boat as it is the sexy location, the risk of being caught and the mutual lust! “I want to see you,” Christian breaths at Ana, “Strip for me,” he commands while they are anchored in a small cove, the captain gone ashore. Imagine your man demanding you strip for him because he wants to admire you! This empowers Ana, makes her feel like a wanton sex goddess! Shouldn’t we all feel that way with our lovers? Ana slowly strips, removing piece after piece of clothing while Christian looks up at her with dark, desiring, lustful eyes. Christian removes his sweater and stands to remove his jeans, “let me,” Ana urges, taking his jeans in her hands and pulling him toward her. Her fingers deftly undoing the zipper and her hand reaching down into his pubic hair. She squeezes him, tightly and Christian wraps his hands around her hair, “I want you so much, baby.” Ana’s blood is inflamed!

On the bed now Christian’s hands explore her every inch, his mouth on hers, then her neck, her breasts – his hands working their way down her body, between her legs. Ana moans in pleasure and Christian urges, “let me hear you, baby” which fuels her desire even more. Christian rolls over, pulling Ana on top of him, she leans and takes his manliness in her hands then bending to put him in her mouth. She thinks, “Mmmmm, he tastes so good” but she wants him inside of her. Ana positions herself then slides down, slowly, atop him. She feels the stretch, the desire, how he fills her. He whispers, “oh baby [...] oh Ana! What you make me feel!” He rolls on top of her, making love to her slowly, deliberately, the build up comes and Christian senses her imminent orgasm, “That’s right baby...give it up for me...Please.....Ana,” he pleads and in response she climaxes and so does he. Cumming together in perfect union.

Was any of that about the boat? Nope. It was about the way Ana feels around Christian because of how adores her with his words and actions. Any man can do that, right?

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Dirty Pool: What woman hasn’t tried to distract her lover by bending, seductively, over the pool table? Or by wiggling her ass in a suggestive manner to cause him to fumble? Have you ever made a sexy wager over a game of pool or darts or cards? Well, Christian and Ana have, and Ana, of course, loses the bet. Part of the bet included a spanking for Ana if she were to lose. She has not been properly spanked in a long time and is taunting Christian to get just that. So, when he sinks ball after ball, effortlessly of course, Ana gets wet at just the thought of being spanked and then fucked on the billiard table!

FiftyShadesDarker2Christian glides across the room, stopping to get a 12 inch ruler out of a desk drawer; he flexes it in front of Ana who instantly “gets damp in all the right places.” Christian warns her, “I want to be quite rough with you Ana. You’ll have to tell me to stop if it is too much.” Always a gentleman that Christian Grey! They continue to play, and Christian uses his own distraction tactics, coming up behind Ana (who is now mostly undressed) and sliding his hand up her thigh, to her inner thigh then SMACKS her on her butt, causing her to miss, entirely. Ana is all but undone now, and each time she goes to take a shot he comes back with the same gentle touches, followed by a SMACK on her backside.

Christian slowly lowers her panties as she lines up her last shot and, of course, misses. Who can play pool with Christian Grey standing behind you? He pushes Ana down onto the pool table, her naked skin flush against it. “Open your legs,” Christian demands and as Ana hesitates, SMACK, goes the ruler on her backside. Of course, you could always use a spanking paddle for the same sizzling strikes! “Legs,” he orders again, and Ana complies. Christian smacks her again and again with the ruler, as Ana fights the pain/ pleasure dynamic, finally saying “stop” and Christian does, immediately, his strained voice saying, “I want to fuck you now.” Ana is so ready, so wet and as Christian slides his fingers into her, all she can do is moan. Slowly, he sinks into her as easily as he sank the pool balls. He pounds into her over and over, her orgasms rushing over her and he finally, in a loud moan, and has his own release! Now that is the way to play dirty pool!

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Play Me Like A Piano: Do you remember that scene in “Pretty Woman” where Richard Gere places Julia Roberts on top of the piano and has his way with her? Well, it’s like that only a thousand times hotter! Ana awakes and hears the haunting notes of a piano coming from the sitting room. They had fought and she couldn’t sleep well, either. She approaches, tentatively, and he turns to see her, grabbing her and pulling her easily onto his lap. He pulls the sash on her silky robe, it opens like magic for him and his hand skims down her body, making her shudder as her nipples harden. He whispers, “you feel so fine under this material, and I can see everything” as he pulls, gently, on her little mound of pubic hair. He kisses her, urgently, and runs his hands all over her body. She is aflame with need for him once again.

He rises and effortlessly places her atop the piano, her feet touching the keys. “Lie back,” he orders, and Ana knows that he is going to orally pleasure her. He pushes her legs further apart, and as he dives in between her legs, her feet play a disjointed rhapsody on the keys. Christian holds Ana in place, teasing her with his tongue and his hot breath. She moans, “Oh Christian, please...” and he teases her, “no baby, not yet,” obviously enjoying his motions. He places a finger inside her, teasing her insides and making her writhe beneath him. The pressure is too much, Ana needs release. When he knows she can’t take any more, he slides her up the piano top, her silky robe making it easy, and climbs up after her, spreading her legs and sinking into her saying, “I want you so badly,” as they make love on top of the piano. Now, you may not have a piano, but I think any surface would work for this one! The key is to play HER like a piano with gentle, loving chords.

Kinky Fuckery: In Book #2, Ana finds herself desiring to go into the “red room of pain” that once scared her and sent her blood running cold. While in Book 1 she was not ready to admit her submissiveness (and was not ready to play in Christian’s playroom), Fifty Shades Darker finds her at ease with the possibility of finding great pleasure in the playroom. Christian has proposed marriage; and Ana has accepted. Near the end of the book Christian and Ana once again enter the playroom – as lovers – not just as Dominant and submissive. Christian is tentative, “You’re sure about this?” he asks. Ana replies, softly, “yes,” and they enter the room. Christian takes some time to show her what is in the drawers in the room. What toys he wants to use with her, what items he has stored in there. The demystification of the room itself calms Ana and makes her more eager to play in there with him. Christian reminds her that they are lovers, this is not a “scene” (which is a BDSM term that means when there is a staged role play) but they are playing together. Christian admits that he would like to do “rude” things to Ana and Ana’s body is ready to play.

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He brings her to a table in the center of the room, asks her to kneel upon it and put her hand behind her back so he can cuff her. She obliges, her heart beating into her chest. The manner in which he uses the restraint cuffs her makes her breasts poke out. It is a very submissive pose, but makes her feel desired. He takes a blindfold and places it over her eyes, “I think you have seen enough now,” he whispers. Ana can hear him moving about and the images of the items tucked in the drawers race before her eyes. She feels his hands on her and senses a very sweet, sensual oil being rubbed all over her body. His touch is maddening as he massages her. “You are so beautiful, Ana,” he whispers. He teases her thighs, legs and clit with his oiled hands. He brings a cold, metal object and places it in her mouth and says “suck” and she does, wondering what it is. Christian’s hands are all over Ana, and his mouth goes to her nipples right before he puts a nipple clamp on, surprising her with a mixture of pleasure and pain. He whispers, “feel it,” and Ana does, with all the power of her being.

He grabs the object from her mouth as he pushes his fingers inside of her. Ana moans as his fingers work their magic inside of her vagina, almost bringing her to orgasm, but then she feels it. The nicely oiled, metallic object was being slid into her after his fingers were removed. Then there is a “click” and the smooth vibrator springs to life inside her! Ana is on fire with sensation! Christian pulls on the nipple clamps, gently, and continues to run his hands over her. The sensations are too much! Her nipples hard and stimulated, the plug vibrates within her, and then, just as she can barely handle it, he slides one, oiled finger into her ass. Christian reassures her, “so beautiful Ana,” and he sends her over the edge with overload of sensations! He removes one clamp, then the other causing her body to relax and clench at the same time. The sex toy vibrating inside her vagina, and the single finger in her ass causes her to orgasm harder than she had ever orgasmed before. The waves of pleasure and relief cause her to cry out in joy and pleasure! Once Ana has come back down, he uncuffs her and wraps himself lovingly around her, securing her, making her feel safe as her body convulses with pleasure. WOW I mean, really, WOW. What woman wouldn’t want a man to make her feel THAT many sensations, take control in that regard and just admire her in all her sexualness? That is the essence of 50 Shades sex!

This concludes the summary of the hottest sex scenes in Book #2! I hope you learned something extra sexy to try with your partner tonight! Stay tuned for Book #3 soon!

[all paraphrasing and quotations come from Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James]
James, E.L. Fifty Shades Darker. New York: Vintage, 2012. Print.

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