8 Erotically Delicious Bedroom-Ready Foods

So you’re feeling a little frisky, and a little hungry. You want to eat your lover up in the most sexual sense, and lick sweet treats off of them. It’s time for you and your lover to nibble on something equally as edible as it is sensual with these erotic foods! Not only are the items on this list yummy to taste, many of them are also known aphrodisiacs! They will heighten the romance and sensuality of your lovemaking with their arousing ingredients and their delectable tastes. Wrap your lips around my picks for erotic bedroom-ready foods with your lover tonight!

Our #1 bedroom-ready food is of course, chocolate. What finishes off a romantic date? Chocolate-covered strawberries. It’s no wonder that we love this treat - it’s aphrodisiac qualities trigger not only the production of serotonin to make us feel happy, it also launches our body’s endorphins to give us a temporary high. A high we can also get from sex! What better prep for an amazing roll in the hay than a dessert that can be melted over the skin, frozen on fruits, and indulged in, giving us the same feelings as sex itself!

As if the dripping juices of peaches weren’t erotic enough, frozen peaches add a whole new level of eroticism. Watch your lovers nipples perk up when the cold slice of peach surrounds them, leaving just a tiny bit of flavor behind! Peaches are also full of Vitamin C, which means healthier sperm for him, and stronger immune systems for you both. High Vitamin C is often an indicator of good health, so stick some sliced peaches in the freezer and get ready to play!

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The key to having fruit in the bedroom is it’s got to be able to drip with sweet juices, and the watermelon does just that! This fruit is practically drinkable, hence the name, and is another one of those sneaky aphrodisiacs! Watermelon not only increases the female libido, it also aids in male vascular health (aka blood flow). You know what good vascular health means? Strong erections! So sip on this slice of sexy for alluring and healthy foreplay!

Mint has often been used to arouse the senses and make things “fresh.” It is an aromatherapy tool used to wake up your body in the morning! Strong breath mints do more than just freshen your breath. When places in your mouth during oral sex, they can give his member some sensational tingles! We do have to give a warning with this one because strong mints, to some men and women, can be VERY strong! Be sure to test the waters before diving in for the real deal, and always be aware of your lover’s reactions!

This, like chocolate, is another naughty bedroom standby. It is sweet, it’s cold, and it’s oh so lickable! Plus it comes in that handy can with an easy applicator. Have fun drawing delicious whipped cream designs all over your lover’s body and lick and nibble them off one at a time! Just remember, whipped cream is full of sugar and should not be applied directly to the genitals (particularly for the ladies)!

10 Erotic Looking Foods

This should go without saying but anything that is suggestively shaped like male or female “bits” is an immediate turn on. Sucking on anything phallic when horny, like the obvious banana, will make him squirm! Even chocolate covered strawberries take a turn for the dirty when you lick around the the tips, suck on them, and slurp up the juice. What we wouldn’t give to trade those strawberries for our nipples!

Another juicy, sweet, and delicious bedroom fruit is pineapple. Though not an aphrodisiac in the standard chemical-changing or arousal kind of way, pineapples have their own secrets hiding beneath their skin. The juice of a pineapple can actually alter the taste of your cum! You heard right. Pineapple juice makes you taste sweeter all around. Think about that next time you’re craving some fruit!

Similar to mint, coffee heightens you and your lover's awareness with its scent. It's distinct taste can also heighten the libido for the ladies. But there's more! Hot coffee can feel amazing when used during temperature play! Picture a cool glass dildo that had been sitting in the fridge, paired with the warm mouth, lips, and tongue of your lover who just sipped some hot java! Yes, please!

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