How Erotica Can Improve Your Sex Life

As a woman who has enjoyed reading erotica since probably her early 20s, and who also enjoys writing erotica, I can attest to just how exciting it can be to curl up with a hot erotica book or story and just allow the fantasy to fill your mind. Women, especially, can benefit from reading erotica because they are very psychological when it comes to sex. Men, too, can find a lot of enjoyment in erotic stories, and maybe even some inspiration. In short, reading erotica can help your sex life.

When we read erotica, we often fantasize about what is happening in the book or short story. We imagine our ideal man or woman and impart those fantasy scenarios into a more real-life context. Women, especially, are apt at placing their love interest into the erotic story they are reading. What this does for both men and women is to arouse the mind. Regular erotica reading can keep a person aroused and when we are aroused, we want sex. So, whether you are coupled up or single, erotica can help prime the pump, so to speak.

Authors of erotica are very good at creating mind pictures and unique, racy, romantic or downright dirty scenarios that can provide wonderful erotic inspiration for real life sexual situations. Meaning, you can translate what the sexy carpenter is doing to the lonely housewife in your own bedroom!

It is no secret that men and women think very differently, especially about sex. Erotica is more often written by women for women. Think Harlequin Romance Novels. This is because women know how to seduce other women. The difference between a man’s ideal scenario and a woman’s is the same as the difference between standard porn and a 50 Shades of Grey novel – the backstory, the romance, and the attitude of the man. In the man’s version the woman comes to the door naked and says, “Let’s fuck,” and in the woman’s version the man comes to the door, brings her lingerie to wear, kisses and caresses her before he says, “I need to fuck you.” When you get a secret look into the seductive minds of women it is a gift so take it as such.

If you think that erotica is only a solo activity then think again. Reading erotica together in bed can really start the sexy imagination going. Imagine you and your lover are in bed, each reading a book. The female is reading a particularly saucy part in her favorite erotica novel. She reads a section out loud, with obvious enthusiasm. Her lover’s ears perk up as he hears things like, “He takes her and throws her to the bed, eagerly spreading her legs as he places kisses up and down her legs, slowing his pace as he reaches her inner thighs . . .” No doubt this will get both of you into the mood for hot sex.

When we are in a relationship, we sometimes become sort of routine in our sex. The same start, the same moves, the same result. Satisfying, but predictable, sex. When we read erotica, we often will get different ideas for sexual situations, ways to begin a sexual situation, or even maybe positions. Variation is important in sex, so think of erotica as a “How To” guide.

Erotic Foreplay Ideas For Couples


Women can definitely use erotica for solo play, as some women do not enjoy porn. Or, they find it more enjoyable to envision their own players. Or, if you are in a situation where you cannot watch porn for whatever reason, erotica can be a great substitute by describing, oftentimes very thoroughly, sexual situations. Mind arousal plus physical arousal always trumps just plain masturbation.

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