15 Ways to Keep Things Hot During Social Distancing | A guide to intimacy during the coronavirus outbreak

A note from TooTimid: We're all in this together. Let's make sure we all practice social distancing and implement all practices recommended by reliable sources like the CDC and WHO. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and in good health during this difficult time in the world.

During this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples are finding it impossible to travel to see one another, and soon, this could even include local travel. The health and safety of yourself and your family is priority one, but it is still important to remain connected to your partner. Therefore, if you find yourself separated from your partner, but want to keep the sexual flame burning, you can connect with them romantically, intimately and sexually in these scenarios.


In our modern society the simple pleasures of sending mail has been replaced with texting and other short-hand methods. So, in this time when we are stuck inside, wouldn't it be fun to go a little old-school and send our partner a love letter, or if you prefer, a love e-mail? Romantic or sexy, using words to describe our feelings is extremely intimate and something that your partner can read over and over and over again, even past the time of quarantine.


Texting is the way of communication in our society and we often send flirty texts to our partners even when we will be seeing them daily. Now, if we are separated from our partners it is especially essential to keep those flames burning with tempting texts. “I wish your mouth was on my breast right now,” followed by a picture of said breast or “I wish I could hug you and kiss you,” followed by a picture of a sad, pouty face, are just two of the many ideas for starting something sexual over text.


Once those tempting texts progress you may find yourself full on sexting (having text sex) with your partner. Sexting can be super fun and often ends in one or both of you masturbating to the images and scenarios you are texting to each other. If you do not know how to begin, try a, “Do you remember when . . .” type thing. “Do you remember that time when you put me up on the counter and pleasured me orally?” Then go from there. Trust me, it works and it is fun!


Do you have the gift of writing? Can you write an erotic story to make your partner swoon? If you enjoy writing why not create a personal sex story for your partner? Imagine their surprise when they open their e-mail and see a sexy story penned just for them? Reading or writing erotica is a lost art nowadays so if you have the ability use it to keep you and your partner in the erotic zone.


Good ole’ fashioned phone sex is a fun and flirty way to keep connected. Hearing your partner’s voice is essential to intimacy, and there are many sexy ways these calls can go. From a standard, “What are you wearing?” to “Are you touching yourself while I whisper in your ear?” are great openers to romantic or raunchy talk. And who knows, you may find yourself sharing orgasms across the miles.


Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays and all of these phones have one very important feature – a camera! A picture is indeed worth a thousand words and getting flirty, sexy, or downright raunchy pictures from your partner is a great way to remember there is someone out there who is hot for you. The type of picture you take it up to your comfort level, but some ideas are pictures in sexy outfits, intimate apparel, partially naked, fully naked, and with items (such as sex toys). Be creative and have fun!


These same smartphones have the capacity to take videos and there is much fun to be had with taking short videos for your partner. While it may take some practice to get the right angle for certain activities, once you master the process the options are limitless. Taking masturbation videos is a great way to go, or if you are not quite comfortable with that, simply allowing your hand to explore your body while the camera follows along is also fun. Your partner can then imagine it is their hand.


The idea behind this is to draw out the sexy picture / video sending to make it more of a build up experience. For example, your partner takes a picture of their flaccid penis, then you respond by sending a picture of a part of you that will cause your partner’s penis to become erect. Or, you send a video of your hand caressing your breasts and your partner can respond in kind. Back and forth these pictures of videos go over hours or even days until they, helpfully, culminate in orgasmic bliss!


If you and your partner both have i-products (iPhones, iPads) then you can Facetime with one another. Facetiming allows you to not only hear your partner, but also see them. Being able to see your partner’s face (and other parts) is important to that feeling of connectedness. Facetiming allows you to have a quarantine-approved personal sex show between you and your partner.


If you do not have i-Products, but do have a laptop with a camera, then Skyping is the way to go. The nice thing about Skyping is that you can put your computer down and have your hands free for, well, other activities. Your partner can get the entire view of you and whatever you are doing and you can see them too. Putting on a little strip show for them over Skype is a great way to have fun and ramp up the arousal.


Once you have gotten comfortable with the concept of Skyping, you may want to take the strip show to a more, well, intimate level. Skype sex is a fantastic way to be together while you are not together. Figure out where your computer should sit, position yourself in the camera's view, then get on Skype with your partner and let your imaginations run wild! Maybe you direct your partner first, or they direct you, or you do it at the same time. Whatever you choose to do, you will be doing it together.


If you are not quite to the level of strip show or skype sex, then you can dial it down a bit and simply have a virtual date. For example, you each make your dinner at the same time, then connect via Skype or Facetime and eat together as if you are on a dinner date. Part of the issue with quarantining is that you simply miss your partner’s presence. Having virtual dates is a great way to not feel so alone and remain intimate.


A trend coined this century that basically means, watching movies together until you end up having sex. Well, you can still do this from your own homes, with adjustments of course. You pick a movie to watch on Netflix (or other streaming service) and then you both watch the movie together on Skype or Facetime. While it is not as nice as being cuddled up on the same couch, it is intimate and combats social loneliness. Then, after the movie you could, if you choose, move to other virtual activities.


If you cannot touch one another, but can touch yourself, it stands to reason that a great way to stay sexually connected is to mutually masturbate. This can be done in any of the above suggested manners (Phone, Sexting, Video Chatting, Skyping). You get yourselves aroused and then you both masturbate while remaining connected, preferably at least being able to hear your partner. This ensures that you are both getting much needed sexual release and your partner is still helping you to achieve that.


There is nothing quite so intimate as picking out a sexual enhancement product that you know your lover is going to use. Perusing options, choosing the perfect item, and then mailing it to your partner is a sexy surprise that they will love! Vibrators, Dildos, Oral Sex Simulators, Nipple Clamps, Anal Toys – the possibilities are endless! Imagine their surprise when they get a package in the mail with their item! Then things can REALLY heat up with pictures, videos or Skype sex.

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