Why You Should Buy Sex Toys Online

We live in the age of digital EVERYTHING! We have an online store for every possible thing. We can order from Amazon.com, Zappos.com, any clothing store, pet store, grocery store, or pharmacy and get our purchases in a days or even a few hours! We can quite literally buy ANYTHING online – even a groom or bride – so why should we not buy our sexual enhancement products there too? We totally should! TooTimid has been a reputable online seller for these special, personal items, for over 16 years – which is impressive! If you are new to online shopping or even just sex toy shopping, why should you buy your sex toys online from TooTimid? Read on and I will tell you! 

It Is Super Discreet

One of the absolute perks of purchasing sex toys from TooTimid is that it is super discreet to buy online. First, no salesperson is going to see you skulking about the dildo aisle, no one will be asking you if you have questions, and no one will see your name or wonder why you are buying a sex toy. TooTimid is safe, secure and discreet. The online chat help is available if you have questions and the support staff you can reach via telephone is excellent and can all be done anonymously. Once you make a purchase, your credit card information will be securely processed and will not be stored for your privacy protection. When it shows up on your bill it will never say “SEX SHOPPING” or anything conspicuous. Finally, when the items come delivered to you, they are in a non-descript package that looks like it could have come from Amazon. So, if you are at all shy or embarrassed about shopping for sexual enhancement products, shopping online is definitely the best option for you!

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A Live Support Staff Is There To Help You

We live in a scary time where sometimes you are unsure if you are talking with a live person! All those automated help lines and Siri-like virtual assistants. TooTimid is staffed with REAL people! So, if you have a question about ANYTHING at all, you can e-mail, call or virtually chat with a very knowledgeable associate. Not to mention, many of the products have demonstration videos now that you can view to get an idea of how they work. This is invaluable for those persons who are new to sex toys. So, while you can shop discreetly, you can still hook up with live people to help you if you find yourself having questions!

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A Variety Of Products To Fit Your Budget

TooTimid has offerings for anyone’s price range and an amazing assortment of options in each category. Conveniently grouped in easy to navigate shopping sections (Women’s Items, Couple’s Items, Men’s Toys, etc) you can explore by section, style, material, size and price. There are explanations and descriptions for all the items so that you know what they are, how they are used, and how to clean and store them. Many items have customer reviews which will give you the pros and cons of other shoppers’ experiences with the items. Many times items are on sale or discounted and TooTimid runs specials all the time on their homepage (and through their newsletter so SIGN UP) that can give you really nice promotional deals. So, if you know what you are looking for you can easily navigate right to what you want (EX. Vibrators, dual action, rabbit style, mid-price) and then look for the one that appeals the most to you! If you do not know what you are looking for and are browsing, you can just peruse the site and look at the categories to get an idea of what you would like. Most categories have higher-end items with higher prices, as well as a more budget-conscious version.

Always Educational

Besides the demonstrative videos that you can watch to become educated on that specific item, there is also a wonderful (if I do say so myself) educational blog section with articles on everything sex related you can possibly think of – including articles on different types of items. Sometimes it is nice to educate yourself before you shop. Furthermore, the online forum provides a place to post questions and get answers on ANYTHING you want. The Sex Toy Review section is especially interesting and helpful to new buyers. Enjoy conversing with a like-minded community that is prepared to help you find what you are looking for, no matter what that may be.

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No Fuss Returns/ Exchanges

I have never found another sex toy company that will:

• Offer a 1 year replacement guarantee for defective / broken items
• Offer an exchange option if you simply do not find your toy a good fit for you

So, if you are a first time buyer or are afraid you will end up with a toy that isn’t what you thought, you can buy without fear! Sure, there are conditions to these benefits (such as you must have the original packaging and invoice for exchanges) but this is pretty standard in all shopping environments. Keep in mind that because of the nature of the products there cannot be a refund offered (all items must be disposed of after being returned), but just the fact that you can have a replacement product or an exchange takes the risk out of the experience. If you get a toy and discover it is not for you, you have the option to find something else with the money you spent!

It's Fun And Exciting

Of course, the primary reason that you should shop at TooTimid for your sexual enhancement product needs is because it is fun and exciting to shop for these items. Whether you are bringing something new and fun into your marriage bed, or finding something to use solo, purchasing sex toys is so FUN! Get excited about what new stimulation you can find. Explore the reviews to see what others are saying. Chat online or live with an associate who can help you and will give you a pleasant and entertaining shopping experience. TooTimid is, quite frankly, a step above with customer service and products so give us a try!

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