How To Increase Her Oral Pleasure

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If you are an attentive lover then you definitely want to deliver the most satisfying sexual experience from start to finish, and this MUST include oral sex! You are probably thinking to yourself, I don’t need any tips on how to pleasure my woman, I have mad oral skills! While all of this may be true, and hopefully IS true, there are still ways you can increase her oral pleasure. So, since I know you want to be a SUPER ROCK STAR in bed, keep on reading for some simple tips.

OK, now, before you flip your lid I don’t mean a step-by-step guide to oral pleasure (although, that may not be as bad as you think), I mean it is always helpful to ask your partner what feels the best. Perhaps she enjoys a lighter touch than you are using, or she needs you to concentrate more on just the clitoris. Asking for directions can be a very sexy part of oral sex. Imagine you are down between her legs, she is squirming and moaning in pleasure. You stop your oral attentions for a second and ask, breathless in a sexy growl, “I just love doing this to you. Giving you pleasure gives me pleasure. Is there anything I can do that I am not? Please tell me what you want!” Oh growl, baby, yeah. That is super-hot just thinking about my partner asking me that mid-action!

5 Oral Techniques To Try On Her

Yes, a woman’s clitoris is the most sensitive part of her anatomy. Yes, she loves when you give it a lot of attention. However, if you take the scenic route, and visit all the places adjacent, above and below it – well, by the time your tongue lands in clit-ville she will be breathless and begging. A woman’s arousal tends to build a little more slowly than a man’s, so the longer you take to get to her most sensitive spot, the more receptive she will be to it. Not to mention a woman has a lot of ground to cover as far as erogenous zones go, so make it a fun trip and visit all those special places along the way – the neck, the breasts, the stomach, the ribs, the thighs, the back of the knees, the lower back, the buttocks – you get the drift!

By “digits” I mean fingers. There are two important rules to adding finger play to oral sex: 1) do it 2) do it right. You may be thinking, Yeah, but how do I do it right? Or, what makes it wrong? Here is the rule of thumb for fingering: DON’T DO IT TOO FAST OR HARD. There, that about sums it up. The truth is, some women (me, me, me) do enjoy a rather forceful fingering during oral sex. However, most women like just a little finger action, and they want it rather light. A woman gets extra stimulation when you finger her because her internal spaces AND her clitoris will get attention at the same time. This is a very important one-two punch when it comes to sexual pleasure. However, if you go too quickly, to roughly or use too many fingers then it becomes less mmmmmmm and more OUCH! We want to keep her in the land of moans and happy noises, so when you finger her, go slowly at first, use only one finger and for heaven sake – clip those fingernails!

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Men sometimes don’t realize all the wonderful things about the clitoris. The clitoris is essentially her penis. In fact, her clitoris has more nerve endings than his penis does! What? Yep, you read that right. A man’s penis has 4,000 nerve endings, while the clitoris has 8,000! Plus, the clitoris is, well, much smaller. So, it packs a more intense punch for sure! Now, the clitoris is different in every woman. Some women have larger ones, some hide under the clitoral hood, some are almost inverted, and still others are out there and protrude. No matter what type of clitoris your lover has, the idea is to give it the most direct stimulation you possibly can to get the blood flow directly to it. To help with this, spreading her open right next to her clitoris will expose the entire clit and make the stimulation MUCH more intense. Trust me on that. What feels good to her without this added step will feel AMAZING if you just stretch that tender area just a bit. For many women this can be the difference in time for an orgasm (meaning, it can shorten the time considerably). So, take my advice and spread her.

There is a reason why variety is important in some many things in life – it keeps people on their toes, allows them to be surprised, and changes up patters usually with positive results. This means, if you employ some variety while you are orally pleasuring her, you are more likely to hit on something that gives her a more intense response. She can “get used to” the same types of sensations and in a way, may become desensitized to that. However, if you change things up, say, add in some fingering where you hadn’t previously, or flip her over to take her from behind, well, this will change what she is expecting and the results you are expecting may be fantastically enhanced! No one wants the same ole’ same ole – so why not try some new things. Vaginal variety – yep, it’s what’s for YOUR dinner.

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