5 Sex Positions To Avoid If You Are Not Flexible

If you have ever watched an adult feature, or even some racy television series, you have seen people having effortless sex in any number of positions. Positions that you couldn’t do if your life depended on it. Sure, maybe when you were 19 and as flexible as a gymnast and before you gained the 50 pounds, but now those positions are simply impossible and, quite frankly, are to be avoided. So, which ones do you not even try if you are inflexible and which ones can you replace them with? Here is my edition of “Do this, not that” when it comes to sexual positions.

For many women, being on top can be a struggle due to weight or knee flexibility. In order to comfortably ride your man, you have to be able to stretch the span of his hips, your abdomens needs to fit together, and you have to be able to bend both your knees. This can be impossible if you have bad knees and should be avoided.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: To avoid having to stretch yourself over his hip span, and to alleviate that knee bend, you can try a side saddle woman on top position. You basically get on top facing toward his feet and straddle your legs around on of his legs. If you have a “bad” knee you can keep one bent up or put straight out to the side. Then, you use his knee for stability and simply rock up and down.

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Most people find doggy style a convenient position, but what if one or both of you has bad knees? Kneeling, even on a bed can be painful. Not to mention depending on the height difference, he may need to push you down to enter and that spreading of your legs if you are inflexible can hurt.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: If the man doesn’t have knee issues, but you do, you can try placing a pillow or two under your abdomen or hips to help take the pressure off of your knees during sex. Or, try laying flat with a pillow under your hips. If the man has the pain in his knees or hips and finds thrusting painful, try having the female get on her hands and knees toward the edge of the bed and he can stand to enter her once they are lined up properly. If you still want try to doggy, this product can help with getting the right position:

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A Woman And A Man In A Doggy Style

A favorite in the porn industry, bending your partners legs back so far that they go behind or on the side of her head. This is not a feasible position for 80% of all women and requires extreme flexibility. This position can actually be quite painful for women who have bad backs or knees and can leave you hobbling for days.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: While I understand that you like the tension of the legs behind her head position, it is just not very comfortable. So, to get that same tension without breaking her legs you can try putting her on her side, you get between her legs, the top let gets bent up and she rolls a bit into a C-curve and you enter her on an angle. This changes the pressure and has the same feel as the previous position.

In all honesty is this position really comfortable for anyone? You are both trying to stand and bend and contort to make his penis enter you, but you can’t be too short, or too tall and the angle if often terrible.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: If you have a male partner who wants to stand during sex (perhaps he has bad knees and kneeling hurts), then he can try a standing position that lets the female lay down. She lays on the bed with her butt at the very edge of the bed, and he stands close to her and enters. This is easy on everyone’s joints and makes sex very easy and the view is good too.

A Woman And A Man Hugging Each Other

I will admit, I am super jealous that I cannot do this position. It looks so amazing in porn. The man is laying down, the woman enters him and puts her feet on his thighs, facing his feet. She seemingly effortlessly bucks up and down on him while he caresses her breasts or clitoris. Yeah, I would love to do this, but unless you are super strong and very flexible, this is a pipe dream.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: The hardest part about the previous position is the strength it takes to pull it off. So, to improvise have your man sit in a chair (like a dining room chair without arms) and you sit atop him facing away, standing on your feet. He can still reach all your special parts, you get to be in control, but it is much easier when you can stand on the floor. If you find it hard to stand, turn around and use him as support.

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