What Is The Quickest Way To Become Aroused? (For Him)

Despite the belief that all men can get an erection when the wind blows just right, this is not always the case - especially as men get a bit older. Maybe it takes you just a little bit longer to achieve an erection than it used to and you want to know how to help mother nature along a bit. This is a common thing to wonder about. Perhaps you want to do a quickie and you need to get down to business more quickly and it would benefit you to know some shortcuts! So, if you want a few ideas on how to get fully hard faster, read on for some helpful suggestions.

Men are extremely visual creatures and this means when they SEE something that is arousing they become aroused more quickly. This is why pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes of an adult movie clip to throw a guy into maximum hardness! Or, if you know your guy loves lingerie, sexy panties or has a visual fetish then tempt his eyes with some saucy and sexy lingerie! A man’s erection is partially achieved through what he sees!

Almost every guy (and gal) has a hot button. A place on their body that elicits almost instant arousal. It could be a nibble on an earlobe, a kiss on the back of the neck, a brush of a hand on the face - every man has an erotic tell! Experiment with your guy with what makes him SUPER excited! Pay attention to your man’s reaction when you touch, kiss or lick him and when you find a strong reaction - pay attention! When you want to get him hard in a hurry - use the hot button!

When time is of the essence you need to take the direct route to the erection. Sometimes you can enjoy some leisurely foreplay - but other times you need to get to the main event. When this is the case take the most direct stimulation route! This means - ORAL SEX! In a quiz where men were asked what sexual activity got their manhood rock hard faster the unequivocal answer was a blow job! Oral sex is very stimulating and offers both visual (he can watch) and manual stimulation of his most prized possession.

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Men are not only visual they also can appreciate a well-placed naughty word or erotic thought. Especially if you are not normally a dirty talker. Tell him how he feels in your mouth, express how anxious you are to feel him inside you, remind him of how you taste or how tight you are. Get those erotic thoughts out of your mind and into his through some nice, naughty talk! Just the shock of hearing you really expressing sexual interest in him may be enough to send him into sexual overdrive!

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