8 Intimate Sex Positions

Are you having sex without a real connection? Are you and your lover just going through the motions when you’re tangled up in the sheets? I’m so happy that you’re having sex! Don’t stop! But you need to switch things up a little bit in order to help assist with that lost intimacy. Too many times I hear about married couples trying to have sex with no excitement. You’ve got to get that back in order to reap the true benefits of sex! Sex is amazing, but sex with a real connection between two bodies - two human beings - is even more powerful. It’s necessary to make changes and maintain a healthy relationship in the bedroom to feel you’re getting the most out of sex.

Imagine the arousing power of young love and how frisky you felt when you were starting to have sex with a new partner! Sex felt new, exciting, and intimate! In order to up the ante of your affection, there are some ways to rekindle the passionate heat. Trying some new positions, and some classics with new intentions can really light that spark! A lot of intimate interactions start with eye contact, a feeling of closeness, and physical connections of your entire bodies.

Here are 8 Intimate Sexual Positions to help you feel more physically and emotionally united in the bedroom!


The name says it all. This sexual position revives all of the feelings that have faded with powerfully intimate orgasms. He sits upright with legs extended in front of him. Then, she straddles his waist and goes in for the embrace! Her legs may be fully wrapped around his waist, she may rest her weight on her knees on either side of his hips, or, she can bend at the knees and “stand” on the balls of her feet in the froggy position. Whichever way is most comfortable for her to rest your legs will vary the motion it will take to orgasm. Some offers a little less bouncing and a little more squeezing, while the froggy is a great transitional position that offers a lot of movement. She then wraps her arms around his neck while he surrounds her waist with his arms and creates a passionate embrace for slow, rhythmic sex.


This position is sentimental and sexual. It is a sexy conversion of a snuggling position into something much more appetizing. Both partners lay on the bed and he takes his place behind her, surrounding her body with his. Though this position is not conducive of eye contact, he has the ability to hold her - really, cuddling at its finest - and keeps his hands free for exploring her body. He can reach around to stimulate your nipples while he nibbles her neck, or, he can bring his hand a little lower and caress her clitoris. This position allows both partners to leave distractions at the door - they don’t have to focus on supporting themselves upright - with both partners’ bodies active in sexual pleasure.


You ladies and gents may already be familiar with this position, but let’s look at it with a different purpose. The cowgirl is a passionate position where he lays on his back and she straddles him with one leg on each side of his waist while facing him. Particularly favored by ladies who have lost some of their sex drive, the cowgirl lets her be in control and get her passion back! She can raise and lower herself as she desires. She can hold his hands above his head to restrain his touch and excite a sense of dominance, or curl forward to cuddle his chest to give the position more emotional tenderness. This is also a top choice because of the ability to create a connection not only physically, but also with affectionate (and erotic) eye contact!


Taking a tip from the true lotus asana position in yoga, this expertly intimate seated position is sure to stir up some sentiment. He positions himself cross-legged on the bed (or couch, or floor) while she sits on top. She can wrap around him, face-to-face, and rest in his lap in a fully embraced, mystical bubble, or she can choose to face the other direction with her legs crossed gently on top of his in a kind of sitting spooning position. Both of these variations encourage slow, deliberate movements, and are especially sensual for gentle rocking and grinding.

Keeping Your Long Distance Relationship Intimate!


The missionary position is a classic move and often the first that young lovers become acquainted with. It is already intimate in that there is the ever-important eye contact keeping both partners connected to one another. She lays on her back with legs spread and bent at the knees. He then positions himself between her thighs and can hold her legs, kneel upright, or support himself with his arms on either side of her body. To enhance this position, close the gap between lovers to create a more full body experience. By resting on his forearms next to her breasts, the closeness also pulls his and her faces closer together for deeper kisses and stronger embraces. He can slide his legs to the outside of her hips and slide his arms beneath her back to create a more entangled and emotional embrace.


In this variation on the classic doggy style position, she lies on her stomach with a pillow or two under her lower belly and hips. He then positions himself behind her (like the regular doggy style) penetrating from behind, while stretching his body over hers. Unlike the push and pull motion of traditional doggy style, this lowered, laying position encourages smooth, slow, and rhythmic motions to guarantee passion and intimacy. He can move his hips in circles, vary his height and adjust the pillows until both partners find their sweet spots. If she desires more clitoral stimulation, he can simply reach around her body and tease her with a bullet vibrator.


This standing version of the missionary position is full of passion and sexual prowess. It requires both partners to be fully invested - devoted - to each other’s sexual pleasure. Both partners are of course dependent on each others strength, and their focus on one another. Not for the faint at heart, the lifted missionary is the homecoming lover scene from every romantic drama. She jumps, or is lifted into his arms and wraps her legs around his waist, throws her arms around his neck and holds on. He stands (if he isn’t already), lifting her by her thighs and behind to penetrate. Even with her back placed against a wall for support, this position is erotic, passionate, and incredible. All muscles are tightened, bodies are tense, and orgasm in a gripping embrace is imminent.


This position, where both partners are lying on their sides facing one another focuses on the combined connection of both bodies. Reverse spooning is an optimal position for intimate foreplay. Both partner's most sexually sensitive spots are open to touch, tease, and caress. By promoting eye contact, kissing, and caressing, reverse spooning can quickly turn from a cozy, cuddling position to having much more erotic intentions. With a quick lift of her leg over his hip, or both lovers positioning their legs in a scissored position, the reverse spooning sex position joins both lovers in grinding, tightly-gripping, intertwined intimacy.

What position helps you feel closer to your partner? Leave your comment below to help others!

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