5 Ways to Relax Yourself For Orgasm

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It’s Friday! You’ve made it through the work week and all you want to do is pounce! You’re ripping off your work clothes and whispering sexy secrets to your lover...but your mind is still racing with projects and everything else that comes with being a busy working woman. How are you supposed to enjoy sex with all of the stress you’ve built up all week?! It is time to relaaaax. Take some sexual relaxation tips from us, and get back to doing that delicious deed, and stay relaxed during sex tonight so you can have that clit or gspot orgasm you've been craving!

We understand that sexy desires can pop up out of nowhere - hello, Afternoon Delight - but it’s important to take your time and enjoy sex! It’s best not to pre-plan and to go with the flow, but make sure that you have enough time to stay relaxed during sex, and give your flow a chance! If you’re going to get between the sheets, commit to the experience! Explore each other’s bodies, and really feel the sensations you’re creating!

Sex can create a symphony of strange, unsexy noises. It’s common to have trouble staying in the mood when you’re listening to rhythmic sex sounds and grunts! Take a minute while you’re getting hot and bothered to turn on some tunes! It doesn’t always have to be Barry White’s “Let’s Get It On,” so experiment with your music library while you enjoy yourself. Everyone’s tastes are different in the bedroom, so try to find a balance of sexy beats and non-distracting lyrics to find your sexual relaxation sweet spot.

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How does your lover’s body feel beneath yourfingertips? What do you want to do to them? These are the ways in which your mind should wander so that you stay relaxed during. Instead of worrying about how you are performing, use all of your senses and focus on them. Can you still smell his aftershave? Does she taste salty with sweat? What sounds do you want to make come out of their mouth? Learn about what about them turns you on, and spend time dreaming about that before, during, and after sex!

If you are experiencing difficulty focusing on them for whatever reason - he’s making that face again - then close your eyes and fantasize! Just because you are dreaming up sultry scenarios doesn’t mean you have to invite them, literally, into your bedroom. You want to be dominated? Dream it. You like dirty talk? Imagine what your lover is saying to you. Part of the fun of sex is escaping from the real world, and fantasizing is just taking you a few steps further into sexual relaxation. Even if your desires have no place in your home or relationship, and trust us, desires are a strange beast, you can still tap into that emotion and sexuality through fantasy! Ride ‘em, cowgirl!

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If you’ve ever heard the term fake it till you make it, then you’re already halfway there! We aren’t talking about faking your orgasm! Confidence is sexy and confidence when you’re getting naked is even sexier. A lot of unwelcome, anti-relaxation stress is caused by poor self-esteem or self-image, and it’s important to not let that into your love life. You are a queen! You are a goddess! You are Beyoncé! Now undress like you mean business! Simple acts like putting on lipstick, or making a quick change into sexy lingerie can also spice things up! Over time you will find yourself more relaxed and more frisky, with better body confidence in and out of the bedroom!

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