5 Things Your Partner Actually Wants on Valentine's Day

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It's about that time, Valentine's Day is coming up and most of us are out here scrambling trying to figure out what to do to make this holiday special for our partners. Here at TooTimid, we know exactly how special V-Day is supposed to be and so we want to help you come up with a few possible ideas to really please your lover this year. Read on to find a few ideas and get those gears moving in your head!

1. Food

I know you probably were expecting us to come in hot with a sex tip because we do sell sex toys, but I think we all know a way to any person's heart is oftentimes through their stomach. Take time to figure out exactly what your partner likes to eat and from which restaurants.

Find an outfit for your partner wear and lay it out for them before they get home from work. Don't let them pick the place, take control and show them what they're worth! Or, if you think they'd rather stay in though, you can get take out from their favorite place or cook a meal for them at home! It's okay if you're not MasterChef, the mere thoughtfulness of you trying is what will matter the most to your partner on the day of love. 

2. Show Them Off

Get them something they can post on social media! Although we hate to admit it, most people do love showing off what their partners do for them on social media every once in a while. It gives your partner a chance to show their friends, co-workers, and family how much you really care! Maybe consider even posting something about them the day of on your social media so they know how much they mean to you.

3. Oral Sex

Now, we know that you and your partner most likely already take part in oral sex. However, we want you to really go all in. Get really into it, take your time and tell your partner how much you love how they taste and feel. If you want to enhance their sensations as well as your own, you can incorporate an oral sex gel to make her tasty even more delicious! Giving a good head sesh will make your partner not only REALLY appreciate you, but it makes them feel like you truly care about their pleasure! 

4. New Sexual Experience

At this point, you probably know what your partner wants in the bedroom. Tonight is the night to truly give them what they want! Do they have a fantasy that they have mentioned but you've never explored? Suggest acting out a roleplay scenario they've been dying to try. Or purchase that new sex toy the two of you have been talking about buying and surprise your partner with it this Valentine's Day!

5. Intimate Massage

If you're not exactly sure how, you can watch a video on YouTube to give you tips, but giving your lover a super sexy and intimate massage is an amazing V-Day gift. You can provide them with a massage using sexy massage oil, a candle or even coconut oil! It will not only give them the relaxation they deserve, but the blood flow and stimulation will make them extra horny...leading to a happy ending for both of you! 

What Do You Truly Want From Your Partner This V-Day? Tell Us In The Comments Below! 

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