5 Things She Actually Wants on Valentine's Day

1. Food - Feed her, damnit!

A way to a woman's heart is oftentimes much like the guys; her STOMACH. Figure out where she really likes to eat. Take her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant! Find a dress for her to wear or let her know to get dressed up to where you're taking her! Don't let her pick the place, take control and show her what she's worth! If you think she'd rather stay in though, you can either get take out from her favorite place or cook a meal for her at home! It's okay if you're not MasterChef, the mere thoughtfulness of you trying is what will matter the most to her on the day of love. 

2. Let her show you off, and make sure you show her off! 

Get her anything she can post on social media! Although we hate to admit it, us women do love showing off what you do for us! It gives her a chance to show her friends, co-workers, and family how much you really care for her! Maybe consider even posting something for or about her the day of on your social media so she knows how proud to have her. 

3. Eat her out. Not half-assed, either.

Actually, eat her out for an extended period of time too. Get really into it and tell her how much you love how she tastes and that you just can't get enough of her! If you want to enhance her sensations as well as your own, you can incorporate an oral sex gel to make her tasty even more delicious! Giving her a good head sesh will make her not only REALLY appreciate you, but it makes her feel like you truly care about her pleasure! 

4. Make time to do things in the bedroom you don't normally do...like foreplay!

At this point, you probably know what she wants in the bedroom. Tonight is the night to truly give her what she wants! Does she have a fantasy she's mentioned but you've never explored? Suggest acting out a roleplay she's been dying to try. You can even buy her a sexy lingerie piece to add to the excitement! This is your chance to really give her amazing foreplay and anything else she wants in the bedroom!

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5. Give her an incredible massage.

If you're not exactly sure how, you can watch a video on YouTube to give you tips, but give her a super sexy massage. You can provide her with a massage using sexy massage oil, a candle or even coconut oil! It will not only give her the relaxation she deserves, but the blood flow and stimulation will make her extra horny...leading to a happy ending for both of you! 
6. An upcoming spa day 
Every woman loves to be pampered. Even if not all the time, every once and awhile is nice. 

What Do You Truly Want From Your Man This V-Day?
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