New Things to Try During Sex

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Life requires variety to keep things interesting. Sex is no different, so it pays to look for new things to try during sex. Exploring adventurous and titillating sex activities in the bedroom is a great way to keep things hot and fresh; fun and flirty; dirty and erotic. In essence — new and exciting! Trying new things in the bedroom means experimentation, exploring fantasies, getting closer as a couple, and keeping each other desiring to have sex! That is the ultimate goal of a sexual relationship, right? So, what are a few things that you should try in the bedroom?


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It is an unfortunate truth that many couples never think about using sex toys together in bed. It can be one of the most exciting new things to try during sex. While it is estimated that 44% of all women between 18-60 own a vibrator of some sort (survey by, less than half of that number will ever bring it into couple play! Why not? Buzzing buddies are not just for women, they can be used on male parts too. Not only that, but watching your lover use her toys or helping her to use them can be an extremely erotic experience! Plus, who knows? Maybe you will end up shopping together for new toys for both of you!


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Bringing bondage play into the bedroom is a really easy way to change things up as well as to explore fantasies and new ideas overall. Bondage in general has a wide range of sex activities from super basic to complex, so it is something that you can add to as you go along and find that it interests both of you. The reason bondage is so fun for couples is that it ties into some taboo fantasies, allows both of you to experiment with bedroom roles, and has many levels of fun props and toys to explore from handcuffs and blindfolds to more complex restraints. Bondage play opens a whole world of new things to try during sex!


Does this sound familiar — Friday night you watch some Netflix together then retire to the bedroom where you kiss and touch and end up having nice, missionary sex on your very comfortable sheets in your king-size bed. Then you roll over and go to sleep. Ho hum. BORING! Yes, regular sex in the bedroom can be super hot and fulfilling, but what if you took the sex out of the bedroom? You know, maybe do it on the couch or the kitchen table or even in the shower? The easiest way to introduce some spontaneity and variance is to have sex somewhere you never have! Then see where else you can find to do the naughty! Exploring risky places will give you even more new things to try during sex.


Exploring fantasies or role-playing are two great new things to try in bed because they get you both out of the “normal” and help you to grow as a couple by exploring your innermost secrets, thoughts, and fantasies! Many couples never explore fantasies or engage in role-play because they are afraid of their partner’s reactions. However, a solid relationship is based on the ability to share these wants and desires and to try and bring those fantasies to light. Sure, some things may not be your cup of tea, but you can find some sort of compromise so that you are both having fun and exploring new sex activities. Role-playing, especially, can be a super fun and easy way to play with your partner and change things up in the bedroom. It can be a once a month or once a year thing, just so you are having fun and both enjoying the experience.


OK, so do not immediately say “no” here — let’s take a moment to explore the idea, shall we? Considering new things to try during sex means having an open mind. Anal play does not have to mean full-on anal penetration, but can simply mean some anal exploration for either or both of you. Whether we are talking anal rimming during a blowjob or a finger stimulating the anus during oral for her, or even anal penetration for either or both — anal play is a fun and different experience to bring into your bedroom! Many couples who experiment with anal play soon make it a more regular part of their bedroom activities and explore all sorts of anal options!


Many men have the fantasy of being with their woman while she is with another man — but — they do not actually want the other man there. Here is where the idea of DP comes in using his penis and a toy at the same time, one in the vaginal entrance, the other in the anal entrance. Men have a hard time asking for this sometimes because of the anal requirement. You should talk about it with each other, though, because many women find this a very pleasing sex activity.


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Talking is a must when you’re searching for new things to try during sex. Many men have the desire to ejaculate on their lover’s face or chest (among other places). This practice is usually frowned upon by some women as they may find it degrading (which, it really isn’t). Even if he wants to try it just once, asking is a hard thing to do. Women have a stigma with this sex activity at times and tend to overanalyze the act of it. If this is something that one of you would like to try, just assure your lover that it is not about disrespect in any way.

What New Things Would You Like To Try During Sex? Share With Us!

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  • Fun4her +me!

    Wow! I have done all 5 with 3 different women,but at different times in my life!
    1. No Anal play of any kind involving my ex wife or current wife! I dated a woman for a bit that she loved rimming and how I found out, we were in the 69 position on my couch after just taking a shower together and told me to “Toss Her Salad,” having no clue what she was talking about! Next thing you know her tongue was licking around my butt hole and it felt good so I licked hers . We broke up because I refused to put my fingers inside her to open up her backdoor to stick my tongue inside her. Rimming is one thing, eating something else was not appealing to me!
    2. Neither wife used a sex toy on me per say, but my current wife used to watch and give me a me hand job while I used a hard transparent red plastic vibrator up my rear, which quit working months later!
    3. My current wife and I also did a DVP with her RED Jelly Vibe I bought her from TooTimid, to finish the night she deep throat-ed her vibe that was slick and wet with her juices, which caused me to shoot a big load of cum, between her legs!
    4. Also with my current wife though her face was off limits, but anywhere else was OK, as long as I cleaned her up afterwards with the warm wash cloth we always kept by the bed when we going to make love or have sex! One night I decided to change things up, after cumming on her nicely shaped big round tits and nipples and letting it turn more into a runny liquid, while telling me to clean her up. I surprised her by licking all my cum off her tits and hard nipples, but what got me is when she refused to kiss me afterwards. Since that night I only cum on or in her pussy, and I let her clean herself up with the wash rag, or she goes to the sink to wash up! She found out quickly refusing to kiss me, changed our sex life completely. I stopped doing certain things to her body that she liked, when we made love or have sex!
    5. Peeing or proper term giving a “GOLDEN SHOWER!” I gave one to my ex wife while we were in the shower
    and she still freaked out! She had placed a lot of soap between her breasts, got on her knees, placed my semi hard cock between her soapy orbs, using her tits as well lubed pussy, I got rock hard and came between her two mounds of flesh. When she rose up she kissed me and turned to wash my spunk off her, I got the sudden urge to pee. I have heard about Golden Showers, so I just let go and proceeded to pee on my ex wife, sh e got mad telling me that she just gave me a tit job, and that was how I repaid her! I told her we were in the shower and I always wanted to give a woman a Golden Shower, so what could it hurt? I told her I would lay down on the shower floor and she could give me a “Golden Shower,” she quickly finished got out the shower dried off, not saying a word and left the bathroom! For about a week or so all I heard about was she couldn’t believe I peed on her, she told some of her close female friends, her mom and dad, and some other family members like I committed the crime of the century, yet a few years later I would catch her on our couch with her ex boyfriend doing 69 together in our living room! I told my coworkers at my job about the Golden Shower incident, but what I came home to, was a lot more serious than someone peeing on you, they all agreed on one thing, my wife now ex crapped all over me!

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