5 Things He Wants To Try During Sex

We all have those sexual activities that we enjoy, and not all of them are things that are the “norm” in many sexual relationships. Sometimes we wish we could ask our lover if we could do something to them but we are really too shy to ask. We may be afraid of being judged or having our lover freak out in some way. There are lots of sexual activities that take a lot of courage to ask our lovers to do. Here are a few of the more “standard” requests that your man may want you to engage in with him. The most important thing is to always be respectful of your partner’s response – whether yes or no – and do not push activities that are not pleasing for both of you and NEVER do anything out of the norm without permission!

For many couples, “rimming” – the act of licking your partner’s butthole – is a pretty standard practice. Actually inserting a finger, anally, is a little less so. Anal sex, the least so. For some, just asking if it is OK to do this may bring a lot of angst! You probably could do rim her and she wouldn’t realize or freak out about it, but anal penetration is something you should never just “do.” With any non-standard sexual practice you may want to ask. Especially since anal penetration takes some preparation and lubricant to avoid discomfort. Not to mention, when engaging in any anal play it is important not to go from the butt to the vagina. You don’t want to give your woman an infection.

While using sex toys in bed may seem pretty standard and common to many couples, for others, the idea of using a toy, specifically a vibrator or dildo, during sex is out of the norm. Men are VERY visual creatures and the idea of using a toy to penetrate their partner while they watch and control the action (or watch HER use the toy on herself) is very appealing. Check out our Lia Dream Vibrator below, this is the perfect toy for him to pleasure you internally or externally:

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Many men have the fantasy of being with their woman while she is with another man – but – they do not actually want the other man there. Here is where the idea of a DP comes in using his penis and a toy at the same time. One in the vaginal entrance, the other in the anal entrance. Men have a hard time asking for this sometimes because of the anal requirement. Even if your lover is an anal aficionado, she may not want the double penetration. You should ask though, cause many women find this a very pleasing activity.

How He Can Get What He Wants In Bed

Many men have the desire to ejaculate on their lover’s face or chest (among other places). This practice is usually frowned upon by some women as they may find it degrading (which, it really isn’t). Even if he wants to try it just once, asking is a hard thing to do. Women have a stigma with this activity at times, and tend to overanalyze the act of it. If this is something you would like to try, just assure your lover that it is not about disrespect in any way, and that you care for and love her. This may make her more willing to try it!

In the scope of “things to do to her in bed,” this one is on the outskirts of a fetish. However, statistically, this is an activity that many men have wanted to try at least once. As with ejaculating on her body, a request to try this activity may require the assurance that this is not a control thing or a “marking territory” type activity. Explain to your lover why you want to try it, what you find arousing about it. Be gentle in your request for it and always respect her decision to NOT try it.

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