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9 Ways To Make Her Cum Faster

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
How To Make Her Cum Fast

One hard fact of sex is that not all women can orgasm, well, quickly.  For many women achieving climax can be quite the lengthy ordeal and some men even get a bit frustrated trying to get her there!  For other women, the first one may come quickly but subsequent ones could take what seems like forever!  Since part of the goal of sex is to have an orgasm, wouldn’t you like to know some ways to help her achieve her orgasm faster?

Intimate Couple Foreplay
Via seex.tumblr.com
Women NEED foreplay.  Yeah, sure, sometimes it is nice to just get down and dirty, but overall foreplay is the best way to get a woman REALLY aroused.  Tons of deep, passionate kissing combined with some serious groping and fondling is just the beginning of getting things going.  Move on to feeling her all over her body, removing her clothing slowly, kissing down her entire body and waiting to hit those hot-spots until the very last second!  Whoa, I am getting hot just thinking about it!  The more aroused she is, the faster she is going to go over the edge.  You want her to cum quickly then arouse her to an almost uncomfortable state before penetration!


Couple Oral Sex
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Yes, I am saying get serious about going down on her!  None of this half-assed, 10 seconds-then-moving-on oral.  I mean get super serious about it.  Get between her legs, make her comfortable, use every oral trick in the book AND use your fingers too!  Insertion plus clitoral stimulation almost always equals orgasm!  Pay attention to what makes her writhe beneath you.  Go for those little tongue tricks that make her tremble!  Get serious about her orgasm and she is more likely to cum faster!

Kinky Dirty Talk
Via moan-s.tumblr.com
Women are extremely auditory – and we love to hear that you are enjoying us.  When you talk dirty to us during sex we are much more likely to get amped up quickly and, therefore, orgasm more quickly.  Tell us how good we smell, or how fantastic we taste.  Describe how amazing your cock feels inside of us.  Make us feel like the most desired woman on the face of the earth and do it with a dirty note!  Just be careful you don’t get TOO raunchy!

Clitoral stimulation during sex
Via seex.tumblr.com
Statistically speaking, upwards of 85% of all women NEED clitoral stimulation to orgasm period.  This means even if she is enjoying sex and penetration with you, she will not be able to orgasm AT ALL without this stimulation.  If you simply reach down and finger her during sex (or have her do it) then she will come to climax more quickly for sure!

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Erotic sex toys for couples
Via moan-s.tumblr.com
As stated above, women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm at all AND most women will orgasm at least twice as fast when sex is combined with some clitoral action.  Add in clitoral action with a rapidly vibrating toy like a bullet and you have a super recipe for success!  If she responds well to fingering her clitoris during sex then bring some battery powered options to the party and watch her cum even FASTER!

Dominant female sex
Via sexual-passion.tumblr.com
When a woman is able to go at her own pace, pick the depth that is best for her, and rub her clitoris against you in the way she desires then she is more likely to orgasm in general as well as more quickly.  It stands to reason that when we can bring pleasure to ourselves in a way we desire that we will climax more quickly.


Erotic sexual stimulation
Via moan-s.tumblr.com
Sometimes during sex we tend to concentrate on just the “hot zone” spots and ignore other possible erogenous zones.  If you get her going with more than one of her spots at the same time then sex becomes MORE pleasurable.  This means kissing her neck, pulling her nipples, caressing her neck, running your fingers over her face.  Just make contact with her in all different ways to make her body extra sensitive!

Couples sexual romance
Via permeate.tumblr.com
Being in love is its own aphrodisiac!  Being told we are loved during sex will heighten our sexual response tenfold.  Being romantic during sex by looking lovingly into your lover’s eyes, telling her that you love her, reminding her how sexy and beautiful she is all feeds into her emotional being and causes extra arousal and extra arousal means getting to orgasm more quickly!  So, slow down, enjoy the ride and tell her how much she is loved!

BDSM dominant man
Via seex.tumblr.com
Women get very turned on knowing that they are desired and being dominant in the bedroom can be an extreme turn on for some women.  Perhaps a little hair pulling, a smack on the ass or even a little light bondage can turn the ordinary Friday night sex into something a lot different and different can be very, very exciting!  Women and men both respond to variation when it comes to sex and women can and often do respond very crazily to a dominant partner.  It is worth a shot and it can be super fun for both of you!

How Do You Make Her Cum?
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Date 3/16/2016
We love using vibrators during sex bc it makes me really wet and makes me cum :)
Date 3/16/2016
Samuel W.
i give my fiancee lots of oral she goes crazy for it i love the way she smells and tastes
Date 7/1/2016
Bill M
I love going down on my wife to the point that after having her cum multiple times she has to push me away because she can't take anymore. I could lick her pussy all day just to please her.

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