7 Features You Didn't Know Were Important In A Sex Toy


Your B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend) stands to become an important part of your bedroom life. Choosing your toys is a daunting task for some women. How do you choose? What characteristics or functions are important? Sometimes you don’t even realize what is or isn’t important when you are choosing a toy. Here are 7 features that you didn’t know were important in a sex toy.


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Obviously, if you have a known allergy to a specific material (such as latex) you would know not to choose a sex toy made from that material. However, even if you have no particular allergy, you still need to decide what material would be best for you. If you choose to like items that are softer and more pliable – then stick with a jelly or cyber skin toy. If you like a harder touch, then glass, silicone or hard plastic are the ways to go. Material is definitely an important feature to consider as it is what will come into contact with your body.


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How often do you plan to use your new B.O.B.? Some women are daily users, others maybe once every 6 months. If you are a more regular user, then choosing an electric version may be the better option – not to mention you will save a bundle on batteries! However, if you are an occasional user, a battery operate option will serve you just fine. Just remember not to store your toys with batteries inside.


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The power a toy packs can range from a gentle “buzz” to a super powerful, “knock your socks off” jolt. Every woman knows what she needs when it comes to vibration power. Making sure your selected buzzing buddy has the buzz that will benefit you is a huge consideration for your toy. Check the reviews, read the specifics – if a toy reads as “powerful” and you want something more subtle, keep looking. There is an option for everyone.


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Not all toys are waterproof. Meaning, you cannot use them in the shower or bath or even submerge them during cleaning. If you know you will be buzzing in the bathtub then it would behoove you to look for toys which are waterproof. Many toys are now available in waterproof options. Just make sure that you toy is listed as truly waterproof before engaging in under water playtime.


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Not all sex toys vibrate. Dildos, for example, are usually solid penile replicas that are for penetration and employ no vibrations. Depending on what you want your toy for, you may not want it to vibrate. However, if you are looking to use your toy for penetration AND for clitoral stimulation, you may want to look into options which vibrate. If you only want something for some internal joys, then a non-vibrating option is definitely the way to go.


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Nowadays, sex toys are available with a multitude of functional frills. Toys will vibrate, spin, heat up, memorize preferences, talk to you, thrust, can be made warmer or cooler or are just plain simple with an on / off button. How much do you want your toy to do? How many options do you feel will give you the experience you want with your B.O.B.? DO you like variety when you play? Do you prefer just a High / Low setting? What about thrusting and spinning, do you care? Picking a toy that has all the bells and whistles may be your thing or you may feel it is overwhelming. Either way, considering what the toy actually DOES is tantamount to successful choosing.


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All toys are not the same standard size. There are large toys, medium toys, small toys and micro toys. Bullets and mini-vibrators can be wonderful additions to add in during sex. Larger vibrators can be used during solo time or during sex, specifically if you have any interest in a double penetration situation. When you think about your primary purpose for the toy purchase is, you can narrow it down to a toy of the proper size for the occasion.

What Features Do You Value Most In A Sex Toy?
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