Our 5 Best Real-Feel Dildos to Experiment With Tonight


Finding the perfect sex toy (shop realistic dildos) to suite your desires and needs can be overwhelming! There are so many different sizes, materials, vibration settings, and more to choose from. And we know sometimes they can all look pretty similar. So, to help save you from overwhelm one of our sex toy experts has put together the 5 best realistic dildos we sell here on TooTimid.com!

Each dildo is listed below if you just want to scroll down and check them out, but we also recorded a video for you too! The video will help you to see the intricate details of each dildo and help you decide which one will provide you with the most pleasure based on your needs.

1. The Curved Ultra Real Feel Dildo

a curved Ultra Real Feel suction cup dildoCurved to hit your G-spot, this Curved Suction Cup Dildo is one of the best selling suction cup dildos at TooTimid.com. The realistic features of this toy are going to blow you away; from the veined shaft and balls, to the tapered tip!

2. The 8.5 Inch Vibrating Dildo

Curved Suction Cup Dildo
You want length and vibrations to keep you up all night? Then this Vibrating Suction Cup Dildo is the one for you. With an ultra strong suction cup, you can ride him on any flat surface that you desire, while getting stimulated by the 10 different vibration speeds. Triple threat of a toy.

3. The Vibrating Dildo With Balls

a realistic dildo vibrator with balls and its controller

You've truly got options when it comes to another best selling dildo at TooTimid. What sets this Realistic Dildo apart is that it truly has every feature to resemble an actual penis; and you can choose whether or not to add some good vibrations. What ever your desired use may be, this dildo will give you the ride you've been waiting for.

4. The XL Cinnamon Dildo

Brown Dildo
If girth and length if your thing, then look no further, the Cinnamon Pleasure Dildo delivers on all fronts. You'll get the ultimate full feeling while riding the vibrations and sensations to orgasm. The suction cup is durable enough to withstand this bad boy's well-endowed member.

5. The XL Thick Pleasure Dildo

a realistic vibrating dildo with balls and its controller

Being much like its predecessor Cinnamon, the XL Pleasure Dildo is not as long for those who want a dildo more for its girth, than its length. You get the same amount of functions to tease you internally and externally for an exploding, blended orgasm.

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  • Kathy

    Where is vibrating dildo with cordless remote? Haven’t had pleasure yet. But the wire to control. I think would hinder the fun.

  • Tracy Betancourt

    You Ladies are Great & I know a thing or two about ladies.
    I do Love my ladies. I was once asked to have sex with twins
    how could I turn that down ?? Double my pleasure &
    they were pleased also. I am single & plan to stay that way.
    I wish I lived there so I could come to work with you gals.
    Thanks to all of you for many years of pleasure and a
    long distance friendship. Sincerely, Tracy

  • Cyndi WARREN

    I went to check and realized I didn’t write code down and didn’t know how to go back and find it so I canceled

  • Ernrst

    OK…. These are nice!

  • Ernrst

    OK…. These are nice!

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