How Long Do Sex Toys Last? How Often To Replace Your Vibrator?

Much like everything, sex toys do have an expiration date – a bedroom life, as it were - and while some will last a lifetime, many will not. The death of a sex toy is not always as obvious and it can be a little more complex to tell when your favorite jelly dildo needs to be recycled (yes, you read right) as opposed to when your rabbit’s ears simply won’t wiggle any longer. Mostly, it is imperative to maintain your toys in a healthy way to avoid infection and injury. So, here is some information to help you decide when it may be time to lay your favorite B.O.B. to rest.

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Maintenance Tips

Before we begin, let’s discuss a few rules to using and maintaining any of your sexual enhancement products. Firstly, always inspect your new toy for any imperfections: breaks, tears, missing pieces, breakdown of the material, non-working motors or vibrators. Anything that looks problematic. If all seems good, then always wash your new toy (appropriately) with warm, soapy (anti-bacterial) water and dry thoroughly. Glass and silicone toys can be boiled for up to 3 minutes to sterilize (if they are not battery powered). Use the correct sized batteries and never store your toys with the batteries in (as they can easily corrode and ruin your toy). Always use a lube that is appropriate for your toys (basically, do not use silicone lubes with silicone, TPR, RealSkin and some Jellies because it will erode your toy). When in doubt: water-based lubes are the way to go. Always wash your toys after each use and store your toys wrapped in a sheet or pillowcase to avoid sticking or melting together (jelly toys are particularly known for melding with one another during storage). Never submerge any toys unless the instructions say they can be. If a toy is getting too hot during play – STOP! Do not throw or drop your toys (particularly plastic or glass) as they may break. Always inspect for breaks, tears, breakdown of the material before each use. This will help your toys, no matter what kind, to last as long as possible.

Jellies And Soft Rubbers

For many people, the jelly toy has been a staple in their adult toy boxes. Whether it be vibrators, dildos or anal toys, the jelly toy is an affordable option. Unfortunately, jelly toys are extremely porous (they have small holes in the material) which makes them harder to keep clean, easier to breakdown, and bacteria can grow and cause infections if not properly maintained. Generally speaking, a jelly toy when properly maintained (see above) will last 2-3 months. 

Always inspect your toys and be sure there are no visible issues (cracks, tears, mold growing on or in the toy). Rubber toys can last slightly longer, but as rubber is also a porous material, the same rules apply. Always check your soft toys for materials “clinging” to the surface: dirt, dust, hair, etc. You do not want THAT inside YOU! GLASS / PLASTIC / ACRYLIC Glass toys have been the new rage these last years, and I, personally, am a huge fan. Glass toys are beautiful and elegant, offer a completely hypoallergenic option, clean easily with hot, soapy water (or boiling), will resist bacteria, and will last a lifetime if properly maintained. While many people are concerned about the glass “breaking” inside of you during use, I assure you, the glass used to make a vast majority of sex toys is very sturdy and would not break unless dropped onto a cement floor. Similarly, plastic and acrylic toys offer a hypoallergenic material which is sturdy and long-lasting. While hard plastic toys tend to crack eventually (usually from being thrown around or used often), they are a very long-lasting option. The basic rule with these 3 types is: unless broken or cracked, they will last a long time with proper care.

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(Cyberskin, RealSkin) Silicone and TPR toys are an extremely durable, hypoallergenic, non-porous option for those players who want some flexibility and softness all wrapped up in a toy with some longevity. Silicone is a very long-lasting material, and with proper care can last a lifetime (because they can be completely sterilized after each use) as long as the material remains intact. Similarly, Realskin toys offer a very soft, flexible, “real” skin texture and feel, however, they are slightly more porous and can rip and tear if handled too roughly or not cared for properly. Most Cyberskin toys come with detailed instructions on their care, as well as with a special powder (like baby powder) to ensure the longest lasting life possible. Storing a RealSkin toy separated by a sheet or other soft fabric also helps to maintain its longevity. RealSkin toys will last about 5 years if not used too often (as I mentioned, tearing) and perhaps longer if maintained properly.

Whatever toys you choose, simply remember to take good care of them. They are your little battery operated friends! They need love and care to last as long as possible. When it is time to dispose of your toys, make sure to do it in an environmentally safe manner. Jelly toys, for example, do not decompose; therefore, they need to be recycled properly. You can look on the internet for places that will take your old, broken or unwanted (sniff, sniff) sex toys. Remember to always, ALWAYS clean your toys, never share your toys without sterilization, and treat them kindly so that they can continue to bring you enjoyment over and over and over again.


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