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How to Introduce Sex Toys in the Bedroom

Plenty of sexually active people can tell you adult toys are a game-changer in solo play. They can fulfill fantasies, satisfy a kink, thrust deeper, and vibrate in ways we’d never achieve alone. It’s for these same reasons that knowing how to introduce sex toys into your intimate encounters can change how you enjoy sex entirely.

If you’re already using sex toys, chances are you can already see the appeal. Adding a new element of sensual fun to your steamy date night encounters keeps your sexual relationship fresh and interesting. Using sex toys is not a sign that the sex is bad or your partner “isn’t enough”—it means that you feel safe and comfortable enough with one another to experiment. If you’re ready to learn how to introduce toys in bed, follow TooTimid’s helpful guide on how to get started. Discover new ways to turn each other on today!

Talk About It, Communication Is Key

Honesty is the best policy in any relationship. Sitting your partner down and explaining why you want to bring sex toys into the bedroom is important. Share with them how hard you cum when using your vibrator, or how you want to explore double penetration or role reversal. Be honest and respectful, and listen to any reservations your partner may have. Remind your partner that trying new things is good, especially in long-term relationships, and how introducing toys in bed is completely normal.

Communication with a sexual partner is important, regardless of whether or not you’re learning how to introduce sex toys to date night. Relationships with an open line of communication are more likely to have more satisfying sex. Expressing what you liked, what didn’t do it for you, and what you want to try are all essential pieces of information you and your lover need to exchange. The more you communicate, the easier it gets. Knowing how to broach the subject of new things in the bedroom is an important step to trying new kinks and fantasies. Who knows—maybe your partner is also curious and just hasn’t figured out how to introduce toys in bed yet!

Shop & Explore Together

If your significant other is unfamiliar with sex toys or hesitant to bring them into your relationship, going to a local sex toy store or shopping online together is a good idea. Browsing through different adult wares can leave them more curious than uncomfortable. Inspiration for a new sexy bedroom scenario could strike while they’re reading about flavored lubes or blindfolds, making it easier to figure out how you can introduce sex toys. Shopping together gives your partner a chance to get as excited as you are by all the possibilities. Better yet, the two of you can bond over something you think you’ll both enjoy as you figure out how to introduce toys in bed.

Start Small

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a new situation. Taking small steps as you gain experience is important. Taking on too much or running headfirst into something you’re not ready for is rarely fun for anyone.

The same applies to sex toys. As a new sex toy user, it’s good to go with something small and work your way up to bigger and kinkier items. Experienced sex toy users who are learning how to introduce sex toys into an established bedroom dynamic also shouldn’t start with intimidating dildos or extreme BDSM gear. Remember: this is new territory you’re exploring together.

For couples learning how to introduce toys and sexual aids in bed, some popular TooTimid essentials are:

As your confidence builds, so will your sense of adventure as you discover how to introduce sex toys in bed!

Use a Safety Net

Sexual experimentation doesn’t always mean everyone is having a good time. Make sure to set boundaries before you and your partner begin playing with toys. Having an open and honest conversation about your preferences is critical when learning how to introduce toys in bed. Surprises are nice from time to time but aren’t always appreciated during sex.

We all know sex without consent isn’t sex at all. It doesn’t matter how far you are into the deed: consent can be redacted at any point and must be respected. It’s easy to feel trapped between what you need and what you think your partner wants. When this happens, we’re at risk of putting ourselves in positions where our vulnerabilities bleed into fear and displeasure. Establishing a safety net reassures both parties that it’s okay to change minds when figuring out how to introduce sex toys. Settle on a safe word, use the traffic light system—whatever works for you as a couple.

Have Fun

We have sex for plenty of reasons. It can help us express love, develop intimacy, and reconnect physically and emotionally. Most importantly—sex should be fun, and learning how to introduce toys in bed should enhance your relationship, not hurt it.

If it’s distressing or turns out it just isn’t for you, move on. Try other toys, turn date night into an erotic game night, or drop the subject entirely. Remember: what counts as a good time varies from relationship to relationship, but it should always be safe, sane, consensual, and fun.

TooTimid: Your One-Stop Sex Shop

Whether your sex life is missing something or you’re at the top of your game, every relationship should include sex toys. Sex toys allow you to explore new avenues of pleasure, enhance sexual gratification, and grow as a couple. Being with someone who makes you feel sexy and loved builds stronger bonds, and it’s for this reason that so many couples are asking how to introduce toys in bed.

Discreetly shop for your first sex toys as a couple by visiting TooTimid today. TooTimid is proud to be a woman-run sex toy shop and educational resource. We encourage sex-positivity for all couples and individuals. If you’re curious about how to introduce sex toys in the bedroom, there’s no better place to start than TooTimid.

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