5 Anal Toys You Have To Try

Do you enjoy anal stimulation or anal sex? Have you decided to try some anal play? Are you simply curious about how anal sex could be added into your sex life? Perhaps you have an anal toy or two and are looking for something new to try. Are you a man who is (gasp!) ready to try some anal stimulation as well? No matter your reason, no matter your anal experience – there are anal toys you simply must try! Here are just 5 of them. Go on, buy them all – I know you want to!

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1. Anal Beads

Anal beads are so overlooked these days! They used to be all the rage, then they sort of faded away. Anal Beads are an amazing product and now there are so many kinds – large, small, vibrating, on a stick, bendable, double sided, glass, silicone – the list goes on and on. Anal beads feel amazing inside you and even MORE amazing when they are removed during orgasm! Whether male or female, everyone can get their anal stimulation on with some anal beads!
Recommended Anal Beads: Tapered Heart Anal Beads

2. Butt Plugs

Don’t mock the butt plug – these things are seriously awesome and practical to purchase! Butt Plugs can be used for anal stimulation (inserted all the way, or just a little bit), can and should be used to prep for anal sex, can be used as a tool to anally penetrate AND can be used during sex, or oral sex, to boost the sensations. Butt plugs are available in all sizes from “barely there” to “holy moly!” They come in silicone, rubber, glass, steel, plastic – you name it. Some vibrate (yeah baby!) and some don’t. Butt plugs rock. No kidding.
Recommended Butt Plug: Cherry's Vibrating Plug

3. Expandable Plugs

I like to call these butt plugs plus (BPP) because they are more than just a butt plug. Expandable plugs are ingenious devices, truly, as they can be inserted smaller and then “expanded” to gently and slowly expand and stretch the anal canal. As anyone who has had anal sex knows the penetration process can be painstakingly slow when you are waiting for your anal canal to accept whatever is doing the penetration. These expandable plugs will insert easily and then expand (usually with a hand operated pump) to larger sizes. So smart!
Recommended Expandable Plug: Colt Expandable Butt Plug

4. Prostate Massagers

This one is just for the boys – sorry, ladies. Prostate Massagers are especially designed to provide targeted anal penetration to the prostate. When a man’s prostate is stimulated, especially during oral sex or hand play, the result is often a very, very intense orgasm. However, stimulating the prostate on your own without a toy can be difficult or awkward, so these handy little toys take the guesswork right out of it! Oh yes, single men rejoice, get your prostate pleased now.
Recommended Prostate Massager: Dev's 10 Function Prostate Stimulator

5. Anal Lubricants

You may ponder: isn’t anal lube just, well, lube? NO! Not it is not. Sure, some lubricants can be used anally. However, most Anal Lubricants which are designed for anal play are special. They are made to be thicker and last longer. They are designed to help anal stimulation go more smoothly. Also, some anal lubricants come with specially designed insertion devices so that you can easily get lube WAY up inside the anal canal to make the overall anal experience more comfortable. There are even a few lubes which boast “desensitizing” aspects which should, in theory, provide a little “pain” relief during anal stimulation. Since the first rule of anal sex is – USE LUBE – it stands to reason that you should try a variety of lubricants to find your fave!
Recommended Anal Lube: Anal Glide (Silicone)
Silicone Anal Glide

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