What is the Viral Rose Clit Stimulator & Why is it So Popular?

Black and red air pulse rose vibrator


You may have already heard the hype about the Rose Vibrator, a famous clit sucking air vibe that people are raving about over the internet. It has gone viral on TikTok and has gotten hilarious reviews as well. But, what even is all of the hype about and is the Viral Rose Clit Stimulator worth it?

5 Hilarious Reviews on The Rose Vibrator:

#1. The Fly Swatter

I came SO hard I actually thought I was about to have a seizure, both of my legs, and my feet cramped at the same time. I was bent in such an awkward position from the sensations this gave me I probably looked like a spider after you hit it with a fly swatter.

#2. The Breath Taker

"I came, I think I saw god, I squirted (for the first but not to be the last time), and then became an out of breath quivering mass. All because of this little trinket."

#3. The Leg Buckle

"My legs literally buckled from underneath me and I could not contain myself....hunny....bring a towel!!!"

#4. The Pleasure Seeker

"All consuming pleasure holy mother of everything."

#5. The Clit Sucker

"Most purchase it worth buying IT WILL TAKE UR SOUL"

How Does it Work?

Does the Rose really live up to all the hype? The rose clit stimulator uses air pulse technology that depending on the size and shape of your clit can mimic sucking and licking oral sex sensations. It has a hollow clit stimulator that features a thumping pad at the base to send rapid air taps on your clit. Some say it feels like "clit kisses". 

Air tapping rose clit stimulator

What Makes it so Great?

Air pulse technology is increasing in popularity due to the sensations it provides. Air pulse stimulators are a great option for those looking for gentle clit stimulation without overstimulating since the thumping pad sends indirect air taps on your clit and if you're trying to become multi-orgasmic, this toy might just do the trick!

Black silicone rose air stimulator

The Original Viral Rose Clit Stimulator - Click Here! 

Let’s unpack this notorious pleasure device and take a look at the next generation!

 The Rose Duo:

Rose duo air pulse and tongue stimulator

How Does the Rose Duo Vibrator Work?

First of all, the Rose Duo is pretty unique. The original Rose had a clit sucking end with “air pulse” pleasure wave technology, which is what blew the goat-girl’s socks off. The new Rose Duo Vibrator is a similar petite vibe, with a clitoral sucker at the top plus a cool little flickering tongue on the bottom that pleasures your clitoris and feels like oral sex. It is a dual-ended toy.

Side view of rose duo flickering tongue

Top Clit Sucker:

The clit sucker on the top is what many people have been gushing about (pardon the pun). It features the latest “Air Wave Technology” that uses air pressure waves to suction and stimulate the clitoris without directly touching it.

Basically, you strategically place the little silicone nozzle around your clit. Turn it on where it creates a suction seal, and then “Wham!”, it puffs and sucks the clitoris with rapid micro-air pulses and sonic waves that quickly stimulate the user to orgasm.

Front view of rose air pulse stimulator

Bottom Flickering Tongue:

If the air suction wasn’t enough—which it is—the Rose Duo also has a tiny little “self-motion” tongue, that licks you up and down to simulate oral sex sensations on the clitoris.

So, whether you enjoy suction or tongue-flickering oral action, (or both!), the Rose Duo vibe has you covered. The great thing is that you can change up the sensations, to keep your body guessing and libido supercharged, so you never get bored. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

Flickering tongue rose duo

What is to Love About the Rose Duo?

As mentioned, there are two stimulating ends for double the pleasure and double the fun.

But there is way more to love about this toy than just that.

Here are the Perks:

  • Super discreet, cute, and small. Hide it anywhere, even in plain sight.
  • Whisper-quiet so won’t interrupt you while in the mood or tattletale on you to your roomies and neighbors.
  • Despite its small size, it is crazy intense and powerful on the highest settings, which will send you into orgasmic bliss.
  • In the lowest setting, it is very gentle and sensual.
  • Ergonomically designed so it is comfortable to hold and easy on the hands and wrists.
  • Ultra soft, velvety body-safe silicone that is hypoallergenic and feels delicious against your intimate parts.
  • Vibrates, licks, and sucks, all in one!
  • Multi-function with 10 modes and speeds of vibration from straight vibes and pulses to rollercoaster revs, zigzags, waves, undulations, and more!
  • One easy button that turns your vibe on and off and toggles through the vibrational settings. Easy-peasy!
  • Cool magnetic charger port to quickly recharge your vibe via USB charging.
  • Waterproof, so take your Rose in the shower, bath, hot tub, sex on the beach, anywhere you want for some sexy water play fun.
  • Have vibes, will travel. So discreet, the folks at the airport won’t even know what it is… unless they have one themselves! 😉

How Do You Use It?

There are many ways you can use the Rose Duo.

You can start with the suction part or with the flickering tongue. It’s all good!

The Rose is a clit toy, although you can use it on the nipples (suction and licking) or on the anus for a sexy bootylicious rim job.

Flickering tongue rose duo in hand

On the Clit:

  • Gently spread the inner labia apart and position the “mouth” of the clitoral sucker so the sides surround the clit.
  • Turn on the lowest setting for a warm-up.
  • Click the single button to continue to go through the various levels of vibration and suction power until you find the one you like best.
  • Lay back and let it suck you to your happy place (otherwise known as Orgasm Valley)!
  • Wait a few minutes, and if you are game and not too exhausted, do it again!
  • This time, try out the little clit licker.
  • Move the flickering tongue end all over the vulva and clitoris for sensual stimulation.
  • Position over the clit, to stimulate the top and sides of the clitoral glans, to find your sweet spot (usually the top left or right).
  • Move it around until you find that perfect area that makes you say “wow”!
  • Have orgasm number 2, 3, and 4, as long as you want to keep going, for endless multiple orgasms and pleasure.

Anal Play:

Use the flickering tongue to stimulate your anal opening for a sexy “rosebud” starfish rim job with your new Rose vibe friend.


Use the air-pulse suction on your nipples for sensational sucking arousal.

Is the Rose Duo Worth It?

I would have to say a resounding, “Oh, yes”! The Rose Duo does all the things that get you hot and bothered and more. Can be used solo, with your FWB, partner, and by any body type or gender.

The dual action allows you to change it up for a variety of pleasure sensations to suit your different moods and uses. So, there you have it. The Rose Duo is a game-changer when it comes to clitoral stimulation and happy orgasms. See for yourself!

Get yours here!

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