What Does Lube Do? 11 Reasons You Need Lubricant & Other Sex Enhancers


We at TooTimid are always looking for ways to increase your sexual pleasure. We want your intimate moments to be the stuff dreams are made of, the stuff fantasies are made of! So why do we always recommend a lubricant every time we chat? Because lubricants and sexual enhancers REALLY DO enhance your sex!

Take it from our adult novelty experts, sometimes toy materials and (even the real thing honestly) can be uncomfortable when there’s not enough proper lubrication. These “things” that are meant to rhythmically provide pleasure with each motion end up sticking here and stalling there and oh! No thank you! Plus, some people's bodies just don’t naturally produce enough lubrication through no fault of their own - it’s just biology. Even when you are wildly turned on, sometimes it takes your body a minute to catch up with your brain.

Why do I feel so dry down there?

There’s lots of reasons why your body might not produce as much lubrication as nature intended. If you’re on the pill, where you are in your menstrual cycle, going through menopause, taking antidepressants or sometimes even allergy medications can sometimes slow down your body’s production of natural lubricant. Heck even lubricated condoms can fall short of what we need for superior pleasure. It’s much nicer to slip and slide and be able to enjoy sex, after all, sex is all about pleasure and relaxing and you can’t relax if you’re worried about dryness. 

No shame in your game. That’s where lubrication comes in. It’s fun to apply and can make foreplay even sexier. Lubrication can also raise your sexual satisfaction level because there’s no worry about being too dry or experiencing painful sex. The old expression 'just a dab will do ya' doesn’t apply here. Use as much as you need to get things slippery and primed for more fun. 

What are Sexual Enhancers?

On the other hand, if you are producing enough lubrication but not getting enough sensation from sex, a sexual enhancer is just what the doctor (or sex toy expert) ordered! Sometimes you need a little extra stimulation to put you over the edge, and if that’s not coming from your fingers, or his tongue, or that toy, it’s time to upgrade! Are you still doubting our recommendations? Read on to discover why you need lube and sexual enhancers in your sex life! 

11 Reasons You Need Lube & Other Sexual Enhancers:

1. To Enjoy Personal & Partner Frictions

How can you enjoy yourself when the motion of the ocean is more like turbulence than smooth sailing? Lubricants create a cushion between your partner or a toy, and you in order to maintain a continuous flow during intercourse and masturbation.
One thing to remember about lubricants is that you need to use the right kind of lube for whatever activity you’re doing. If you’re using condoms, don’t use oil-based lubricants since they can break down a condom. When you use condoms, use water-based lubes. You can also use silicone lubricants with condoms, but you can’t use silicone lubricants with silicone toys, because silicone breaks down silicone and you might ruin your toys. 

Below is a product we highly recommend because it's water-based and you can use it with toys, condoms, partners, or by yourself! Lubricating for self-pleasure is great too because you can learn what feels best on your body and use that knowledge with partners. If you're overwhelmed and don't know which lube to start with, try our #1 Best Selling Water Based Lube shown below:
Water based lubricant

2. To Enhance Sensations

To add a bit more WOW to your lubricant, choose one that it formulated with extra sensational ingredients. You can choose warming lubricants and massage oils on cold nights to add a smooth, sizzling glide. Or you can opt for cooling gels and lubricants on hot summer afternoons to bring some “brrr” back into the bedroom!
Why would you want to use a warming or cooling lube? You can try temperature play, using hot or cold, to increase your pleasure. Different temperatures stimulate the body’s neuro-receptors and create nerve-tingling sensations which can feel really good. Warming lube helps bring more blood flow to your genitals and can help enhance orgasms. Why not explore your options when it comes to sense-enhancing lubricants?

3. To Help Keep Things Wet

Whether hormonal or created conditionally, some can have difficulty producing enough natural lubrication for smooth intercourse. Many people actually feel guilty about not getting “wet” enough, but when the pressure is all on you, who wouldn’t? But there’s nothing wrong with you! Depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle or even taking allergy meds, which can dry out your sinuses, they may all take a toll on your natural lubrication. 
Using a few dabs of a natural-feeling lubricant like Astroglide or Pjur Med Natural Glide will introduce just enough for the perfect experience and curb those guilty thoughts once and for all! Nothing ruins sex more than being in your head and worrying, so grab some Astroglide or Pjur Med Natural Glide and enjoy!

4. To Keep Your Skin Moisturized

If you are experiencing vaginal dryness more frequently, lubricants can be used throughout the day to gently, and safely moisturize. It is common for women who have recently given birth (postpartum) and older women (post-menopausal) to experience dryness. 
Dryness can happen at any age, due to drops in estrogen levels or other health issues. Water-based lubricants are excellent to help moisturize vaginal skin. Be sure not to use lubes that contain petroleum jelly or glycerin. Glycerin can irritate the vagina, making it burn or itch, something you definitely don’t want to do. Petroleum jelly can cause condoms to break during sex since it’s an oil-based product. Instead, moisturizing lubricants can help.

5. To Experience More Flavor

Everybody loves oral sex. Let’s make oral sex even better! Just like we enjoy the smell and flavor of foods, we can also get turned on by the different smells and tastes of our partners. Increase your arousal and pleasure by trying different flavors of lube. 
Taste-enhanced lubricants come in edible, body-safe flavors designed to make licking and sucking even more delicious. Try flavors like Very Wild Cherry, Vanilla Caramel, Pina Colada, and our best-selling Strawberry Flavored Lubricant shown below!
Click here to see the Strawberry Kisses lube from JO

6. To Increase Sensitivity

When you’re looking for a little extra to put you over the top, a lubricant formulated to provide extra sensitivity is the solution! No matter who you are, these sexual enhancers will increase the blood flow to your special spots to heighten sensitivity!
These lubes do the same job as regular lube, they reduce friction and amp up the moisture level. But enhanced lubes also have added ingredients to increase blood flow and enhance sensations. They contain a variety of ingredients to get your sexual buzz going, including cooling and tingling sensations. Our best selling Tingling Lubricant is shown below:
tingling lube

7. To Preserve Sex Toy Material

Using the right lubricant for the right toy materials means not only a more fluid ride for you ladies and gents but a better-kept sex toy! For instance, you should never use silicone lube with a silicone toy, though water-based lubricants will work great with any material! With the right lube, you can preserve the soft feeling of realistic dildos and masturbators and keep up the fantastic sex.

8. To Enhance Masturbation With a Vagina

Okay, we all know rubbing the clit is the #1 way to build up a strong and fast orgasm. In fact, most vagina-owners need clitoral stimulation in order to come! To give your glide a silkier feel, use a lubricant like Sliquid Organics. A little extra lubrication means a smooth touch when you’re rubbing all over the clit, making masturbation even more pleasurable!

9. To Enhance Masturbation For A Penis

Whether you’re using your hand or a realistic or jelly feel masturbation sleeve, the pleasure is in the stroking. How can you make your caress come easier? With a velvety-feeling lubricant! Water-based lubes work wonders when they surround your cock with a smooth buffer between your sensitive skin and your masturbator of choice! Why not make that glide as awesome as possible? Add the water-based lube and take your pleasure level up a notch. 

10. To Prep For Sex (Vaginal & Anal)

What an easy way to prepare for sex! Take a lubricated finger and slip it in or around yourself and you are ready for an undisturbed, wet and wild ride! Lubricant is the perfect addition to any intimate encounter. Silicone is ideal for beginner and advanced anal play, but cannot be used with silicone toys!.

11. To Increase Penis Size & Stamina

Okay, penis-owners. We know that you want to have bigger and stronger erections and these enhancers do just that! Prolonging formulas help to increase and maintain blood flow to your penis, making a thicker, firmer erection! 
Want to last longer? Take a few rubs of a gentle desensitizing cream to get a little extra time without keeping you from an orgasm! You’ll maintain your erection while also increasing your stamina.  

Have You Tried Lube Or Any Sex Enhancers?
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