5 Best Hollow Strap Ons for Erectile Dysfunction

Guys, truthfully, E.D. is much more common than you think. Believe it or not, it's not the end of your sex life. Hollow strap-ons offer the ability for you to slip your member into a hollow dildo to pleasure your partner. Some even offer vibrations that stimulate both of you during intercourse. If you have ever been interested in trying one of these erection assistants, than read on to see our recommendations on the best 5 to try! But first, let's define a few things: 

What is Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.)?

Erectile Dysfunction is an overarching term for men with an inability to have or maintain an erection. There are varying degrees of ED, so some men may be able to create an erection but have trouble staying hard during intimacy, while others are only able to create semi-hard erections.

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What Causes E.D.?

There are three main causes of ED:

1. Vascular (blood flow) affected diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

2. Hormonal imbalances or side effects from medications or substance use.

3. Psychological distress like depression, anxiety, or general daily stress.

Since there are several components to developing and maintaining an erection, one, some, or all of these factors can create the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Smoking can greatly increase the restriction of blood vessels leading to ED. Lower levels of testosterone, sometimes attributed to certain medications, can alter the chemical drive and impulses that stimulate erections. A high level of depression or daily stress can create a cycle of self-esteem and anxiety issues that create and perpetuate erectile dysfunction or performance complications.
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Regardless of the cause, ED is treatable in many simple, inexpensive ways. There are more invasive surgical procedures for those with extreme complications, but with the millions of men who are living with ED at this very moment, treatment is readily and easily available.

Why Use A Hollow Strap-On?

For those experiencing the effects of erectile dysfunction, or for those looking for an enhancement for erection length or girth, one of many solutions we offer at TooTimid are hollow strap ons. These erection enhancers slide over a semi-erect or soft penis like a sleeve and secure with adjustable and/or elastic straps. Often wider in girth than your average dildo (because they’re designed to accommodate the penis), they are made of quite firm material to provide sturdy and long-lasting penetration. There’s no reason to feel insecure when thinking about using a hollow strap on! These specially-crafted dildos are not just for men with ED, and lots of men choose to use them to add some variety into the bedroom.

They are a great alternative to prescription medications, injections, or more invasive procedures. They are a practical (and sexy) option for couples who are looking to rekindle romance, and for men looking for a little extra assistance (or size) to share with his lover! Check out our favorite 5 hollow strap ons below and remember, we provide 100% discreet shipping as well as a 1 year guaranteed replacement on all of our sex toys.  
Recommended Hollow Strap-On: Everlaster Stud Harness

Perfect for couples with or without erectile issues, this sturdy and realistic hollow strap-on can be worn by either sex for intense pleasure! Firm and rigid, the hollow dildo has an amazing upward curve for G-spot stimulation. 
Recommended Hollow Strap-On: Perfect Hollow Extension 8.75"

This strap on is realistically sculpted to give your partner the feel of a real penis while you give her the firm penetration she desires. The adjustable strap fits up to a 49" waist and is designed to fit securely for hands-free play.
Recommended Hollow Strap-On: Fantasy Elite Vibrating Strap On Kit

Maximize her pleasure with this vibrating hollow strap on! This sex toy for couples has a remote control for you to easily use it's 10 unique modes of vibration to tease and please your lover. The harness is unisex and easily adjustable for most sizes.  
Recommended Hollow Strap-On: Power Cock w/ Vibrating Rabbit

Not only do you get the features of a hollow dong, this comfortable, silicone strap on comes with delicious rabbit ear ticklers that tease your clit with vibration! The motors in both parts of the dong are strong and will work simultaneously to get her to a blended orgasm. You won't want to pass up the pleasure you can inflict on your partner with this bad boy.  
Recommended Hollow Strap-On: Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Hollow Strap-On
This heavy duty strap-on features a 6" long hollow dong, held in place by a stretchy penis ring and elastic harness. The shaft has textured veins and rides, so it feels like the real thing! Best part is you can turn up the sensations with it's vibrator & remote! 

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Jon - February 21, 2020

wife loves strap ons but these are to big for her taste. Do you make a vibrating hollow strap on between 5" and 5.5" long, and made of a softer material like the jelly and 1.75" dia. if you do not could you please get your manufacturer to make some hollow strap ons in this size. I am not the only one that would like something like this.

Tony - February 6, 2020

Do you have any type of hollow strap on that will stimulate the penis as it is being used.

Richard Craig - January 24, 2020

Dose Ur company pay People to test Sex from home ?

Dan - January 21, 2020

I bought the everlaster stud harness, but we don’t like the supplied dildo that came with it. Can you suggest a smaller in diameter and more realistic one to fit the harness?

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