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If you’re new to toys, odds are you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing a dildo! Dildos are typically silicone, jelly, PVC, or a rubber material to mimic a more realistic feeling for the user. Along with a variety of materials, dildos also come in different lengths and sizes. Some prefer a shorter and thicker dildo, others prefer a long and thin dildo; whatever your preference may be, you’ll be able to find the right one for you with our dildo guides! 

Guides To Different Types Of Dildos

Variety is the spice of life, and with the different options available, you shouldn’t just have one dildo, you should have a collection! Different finishes and materials offer unique sensations. We’ve put together a guide of the different types of dildos you should try and why you need them!

Guide To Using A Suction Cup Dildo

For this guide, I imagine you have either used a suction cup dildo before, or you’ve just purchased one. Now, you have to know how to use it. You can ride and try sticking a suction cup toy to a multitude of different flat surfaces to get in the right position. Here is a guide of the 7 best ways to use a suction cup dildo and some great dildos to try!

A Sexpert's Guide To Realistic Dildos

Sometimes you want a sex toy that is as close to the real thing as you can get. We offer a variety of realistic feeling toys for you to experiment with, but which ones truly stand out? Watch as our sexpert Angela breaks down her top 5 picks for the best realistic dildos at TooTimid.com and explains why they should be added to YOUR toy collection! 

Guide To Where To Place Your Suction Cup Dildo

For a while now I have had the thinking that suction cup dildos are getting a raw deal.  You see them in movies, usually stuck to some poor schmuck’s head as he pretends to be ‘a unicorn’ and everyone laughs.  Yes, you can stick it to your forehead – no, really, you can – but why?  Why stick it there when there are many places you really could stick it that are much, much, much more fun! 

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