9 Strongest Vibrators At TooTimid

Any woman- and I mean any, needs some good vibrations in her life. Vibrators exist in many forms; small and compact for casual play, but then there are others that are simply so strong that they out-do all of their competitors. I wanted to pull together a list of the best and more powerful vibrators that TooTimid has to offer! their competitors.

1. Lust Rechargeable Wand

A fast acting, intense toy for the woman seeking thrills and vibes like no other. With over 30 different vibration and pulsation patterns, there is really a setting for every woman on the Lust Wand. Best part? You can adjust the speed on each unique function! What more do you need?

2. The Flutter Bullet

Delicate and pretty, the Flutter Bullet flicks and kicks to please your erogenous zones. You can hold this petal bullet against your clit for a simulation resembling oral sex. The speeds of this toy range from mild to REALLY strong, in fact it goes so fast on it's highest setting that you can really see it in action.

3. The Wave Rabbit

Rotating and gyrating to wave you into lust! The Wave Vibrator is not only a best seller at TooTimid, but it is also one of the strongest vibrators we have! Whilst your G-spot is massaged into ecstasy, the tempting rabbit ears vibrate to tantalize your clit to orgasm.

4. Love Thrust Her Silicone Vibrator

This is definitely not a toy for someone looking for a discreet thruster, but it sure is strong! The Love Thrust-Her is much more like a power tool than your standard vibrator. With two different kinds of attachments this vibrator delivers strength and precision for your pleasure.

5. Power Stud - Clitterific

The Clitterfic vibrator, is a realistic shaped vibrator of fun. Three speeds is all you need with this toy because each one packs enough push to send you over the edge. The clit ticklers at the base are an added bonus! Bring this stud in the shower or bath tub to spice things up!

6. Silicone Rechargeable Realistic Vibrator

The Silicone Rechargeable Realistic vibrator is silky smooth and soft to the touch, but it is equipped to make you shiver with multiple orgasms! The tip of this toy is tapered to fit into your G-spot with pinpoint stimulation.

7. Luv-Pop Rechargeable Egg Vibe
The rechargeable Luv Pop Egg Vibrator has intensity that isn't sacrificed by size. With velvety smooth silicone and an easy-pull cord, you can get all sensations centered on your clit or use like a kegel bullet! Want to let your partner control the action? It comes with a wireless remote to spice up foreplay and sex! 

8. Grace Pave Crystal Clit Vibe

The ladies were not playing around when they named diamonds a girl's bestfriend. Introducing the Grace Pave Crystal clit stone, accompanied by a jeweled button and a beautiful Tiffany blue finish. This gem is a waterproof bulldozer of vibration and pulsation. 7 unique functions flow throughout this toy to deliver clitoral orgasms like you've never had before.

9. Thrusting Jack Rabbit

A woman who loves strong vibrations often will also love multitude of different functions. The Thrusting Jack Rabbit massages your inner walls with beaded rotation, 10 unique leveled vibration patterns and thrusting action to mimic real penetration.

What's The Strongest Vibrator You've Used?
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