Sex Toy Benefits for Men


The digital age has brought on a new era of online shopping, especially when it comes to sex toys. It’s easier than ever to shop for dildos, anal plugs, and more. Unfortunately, many of these websites are curated primarily for female satisfaction and sometimes fail to highlight the best sex toys for men.

Anyone and everyone who is curious or wants to increase their pleasure should have access to sex toys. It shouldn’t be emasculating to buy a dildo or vibe if you’re a guy, but until we get the conversation rolling, a lot of men are too embarrassed to explore their own bodies in this way, limiting their enjoyment and that of any future partner.

Check out our list of reasons why sex toys are great for guys, too, and start having a conversation with the men in your life about the best sex toys for men that they’re missing out on. The benefits of sex toys are too many to list, but here are some of TooTimid’s favorite reasons why every guy should own at least one sex toy!

You Learn More About Your Own Pleasure

Manual stimulation can get boring or even tiring for anyone. Achieving new sensations unattainable with your hand alone can not only reinvigorate your libido, but it can also turn you on to different experiences. Maybe you’ve dated people who were interested in penetrating you anally, and the idea never seemed to arouse you. A butt plug is one of the best sex toys for men in this position. Exploring this new area of your own body on your own time might kickstart your interest and help you open up to new experiences.

Besides, someone who is better in tune with their own body can experience stronger orgasms. You can also increase your stamina this way for bigger and better climaxes.

They Make for Good Practice

Two men embracing one another outdoors as they kiss

The second benefit of sex toys is that using them can become something both you and your partner can enjoy. Practice makes perfect, and this goes for sex and orgasms as well. Exploring your erogenous zones, either alone or with a partner, with one of our best sex toys for men helps you understand what sensations set you off. It can also make you more sensitive to these options for any current or future lovers.

Masturbating with a sex toy might seem self-indulgent, but as mentioned above, sex toys allow men to explore their bodies in new ways they may not feel comfortable doing for the first time with a partner. As they try things like penetration or sex enhancers by themselves, their solo practice can result in better experiences for their partner the next time the two sexually reconnect.

If your partner is interested in trying anal penetration, one of the best sex toys for men to practice with is a dildo. The benefit of trying a sex toy like a dildo on yourself first is that it lets you know what to expect. This can help calm any anxiety you have about this new experience, allowing you to better enjoy an intimate moment with your lover rather than being distracted by nerves.

Your Partner Isn’t Always Around

As much as you’d like them to be, your partner won’t always be around when you want them to be. Being single or having a weekend to yourself doesn’t mean your libido takes the night off, and a sex toy is a great investment for the occasions where you find yourself hot and bothered.

If you have a cock, realistic vaginas are one of the best sex toys for men to play with. Other masturbators are also available, such as ones that emulate the sensations of anal or oral sex. If you’re looking for penetration instead, realistic cocks that vibrate are also an option.

Sex Toys Offer Unique Experiences

 Woman holding a sex toy while lying on top of a man

There are many benefits of sex toys, but to many, they will never be a substitute for a partner in the bedroom. However, they can offer a different experience you might not get to try with another person. Men who are in committed relationships and are curious about penetration might not get an opportunity for this if their lover doesn’t have a cock. Strap-ons are one of the best sex toys for men in this predicament.

Vibration is another popular feature many people love to see and feel but can’t get from their partner alone. Trans men who enjoy penetration can whip out a bullet or egg vibrator during sex or masturbation to make the most out of their climax. Vibrators of any kind can also feel great against your cock. Regardless of what you’re packing, there are plenty of ways to utilize the features and benefits of any sex toy to maximize your pleasure. Better yet, why not bring out your favorite toy and perform for or with your lover?

Shop The Best Sex Toys For Men Today

TooTimid might be a woman-run online sex shop, but we’ve been invested in providing satisfaction for everyone since 2000. During the many years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen a lot of progress concerning attitudes towards sex toys and the quality of pleasure they can provide.

The benefits of sex toys should be available for anyone interested—regardless of gender. Browse through our selection of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, and more. From prostate massagers to strap-ons and cock rings, our selection aims to please. Shop now!


  • Karl Watson

    I thinking about a purchase of a toy that simulation of a blow job I’m 57 never had that I’m a widow 6 yrs bow I would love to find a realistic one because I apparently never gonna get from a partner I just hoping someone there would know the closest one to real blow job feeling I know nothing about them or to use them I just would like to feel real I guess sorry if it to much to ask?

  • Kinky Curmudgeon


    A long time TooTimid customer, I have had to shop elsewhere for a couple of items. There are many strokers on the market but the Tenga egg is like no other. I love to have my GF tie me down with your MasterKink underbed restraints and edge me into a frenzy for a cowgirl ride on a bucking bronco, or see how much post orgasm “torture” I can take. When it’s my turn to get even, your Pink Bob does the job. After reading lots of reviews I just ordered a Satisfyer penguin which I hoped to find on your site but didn’t.

    I am surprised that you don’t carry male chastity cages. I have purchased several, experimenting to find the right combination of size, design and material for comfort, ease and quickness of installation, inescapabilty and ability to urinate. I have no interest in long term chastity but incorporating it in tie and tease foreplay is exciting no matter which of us gets to have the key. I also enjoy the feeling of restraint to the point that I often wear one to bed even when I’m alone. Should you decide to enter that market, I would be pleased to give you input. I would love to design one. There are some that are very good but with slight modification could be much better.

  • Demetrius Lockhart

    I love the strap ons and huge sizes they fit perfectly. I love using them with my man!

  • Meet Lockhart

    I love the strap ons and huge sizes they fit perfectly. I love using them with my man!

  • ronnieLBC

    I found that I truly love to be breed by well hung black cock 12"+ I iam addicted to the black cock I want to be gang banged

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