How To Stock Up For Great Sex

I am a strong advocate for being prepared in all circumstances. This includes SEX. Whether you are married, single, dating or celebrating your “independence” – there are items that all sexually active people should have on hand – or at least should consider having. Being ready for a sexual encounter is so important – and this means more than emotionally and physically – but technically “ready.”

Ready To Conceive?

I think many of us have been in the situation when we were dating where we came across that special someone. The person who seems to make our heart flutter a little faster, our insides to turn to putty and our genitals to ignite with a fiery sensation. How many times has this happened and the date turns sexual - QUICKLY. Really, really sexual – as in the “I have got to have you NOW” sexual? Then what Sexually Pleasured Womanhappens? You both realize that you do not have a condom, dental dam or piece of saran wrap between you! Uggggh! Your heated sexual night quickly turns into a giant disappointment where you have two options: take the risk of getting pregnant or getting a nasty STD or cooling off in a nice, cold shower! If this happened to you once – I will bet it never happened again! For most people, great sex is NOT worth the risk of having unprotected sex. This is my personal rule of thumb – no condom = no sex! This is why condoms are my #1 choice for practical sexual products! Today there are so many different types of condoms available that there really is no excuse to not have them on hand if you are single or dating – or even married and using them as birth control. Condoms come in a variety of sizes, materials, lubricated and unlubricated. For practical purposes – I would suggest lubricated condoms with spermicide! This doubles your chance of protection while also providing extra lubrication – you can never go wrong with lubrication! So, single folks – stock up on the CONDOMS!!!
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Romantic Requirements

As a woman, I definitely know the secret of setting a sexy mood for sex – or having it set for me. There is something special about going into a room that smells good, is lighted seductively and instantly puts you in the “mood.” Romantic music playing softly in the background, randomly placed candles throughout the room and two people ready for loving! When I was single, I ALWAYS had candles on hand just for this reason – and I still do! The newest rage in candles is the After Glow Massage Candle. This candle smells fantastic, provides romantic lighting and it has a special bonus feature! They melt into massage oil! Now, what better way to surprise a new lover than with an impromptu massage? Or, you could take the traditional route and purchase a premium massage oil like Inttimo Aromatherapy Massage & Bath Oil. I find that the way to any man’s (or woman’s) heart is through pampering! What better way to pamper your prince or princess than with a nice, slow, seductive massage!

If you prefer to go immediately from rubbing to a romantic romp – then invest in an edible massage oil! You can lick off the oil – and taste your lover’s private parts to boot! Definitely massage oils are on my must have on hand list! Let us not leave out a simple pleasure such as an Oral Sex Gel! Edible lubes and lotions are a wonderful thing to have on hand! Something as simple as a sweet and savory oral lubricant can really surprise a new lover or remind your long time lover of how much fun you are in bed! Oral sex lubes bring a little taste – and sometimes a tingle – to your tongue teasing time! I definitely think that all persons should have a variation of sex lotions on hand! Along the same note, having a basic Lubricant (both a silicone-based and a water-based) such as Swiss Navy Silicone Lube or Astroglide. While you may not always need it – lubricants are an essential must have for all sexually active couples – as well as single folks enjoying private time! Lubes add a slickery sensation to all sex acts – solo or couple – and they make sex enjoyable and friction free! There are so many different lubes available now – KY is not your only option anymore! There are Warming Lubes, Edible Lubes, masturbation lubes – you name it, there is a lube for it! Let us not forget Anal Lubes! You may not be anticipating anal sex – but if the opportunity arises – you will be prepared! Now, while you can use a variety of lubricants for anal play – I always suggest a good, thick Silicone Based Lubricant for anal play! Let’s face it – being comfortable during anal exploration is very important and adds to the safety (and do not forget the condoms either!)
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Toys, Toys, Toys!

Now, I understand if you do not feel like whipping out your 10" dildo with your new lover – but if you are a toy advocate – like I am – then you will see the logic in this next section. Toys can be an enhancement for any type of sex play from masturbation to couple’s play. Having sex toys on hand for sexual encounters is really very basic to me – but it might not be for other people. There are so many ways to use toys to stimulate yourself and your lover – and really the type of toys you invest in are a personal choice. However, I firmly believe that all sexually active people should at least consider having Bullet Vibrators in their toy box. A bullet is such a simple toy – and is usually pretty cheap. You can tease a man’s testicles, nipples, and penis with a bullet. Imagine giving a new lover a blowjob that included some extra “ball sack” stimulation! Way to step it up a notch! Or, if you are single and enjoying solo play – a bullet is one of the best toys to have on hand for quick, clitoral stimulation! Then, if you choose to get into a relationship – you will have your trusty bullet to not only please him (or her) but also to aid in your own clitoral stimulation during sex!

Along the same lines, intercourse stimulators are wonderful to have on hand! I am not at all suggesting that sex has to include a toy – but sometimes you just want to add a little something to the party! Couple’s arousers are so universal and can be so much fun! What kind you pick is really up to you – but seriously consider adding one to your playtime! Finally, a simple toy to keep on hand would be a Basic Vibrator. In fact, quite a few of my male friends have basic vibes in THEIR nightstands just to tease and play with their lovers. I know, the idea of having a “back up” vibe might seem a little odd to some of you – but it really isn’t. While many women would not be so keen on using a vibrator that was stored in her new man’s nightstand – some women are intrigued by the possibilities! Plus, if your new girl has issues with using “that” toy – you can use a condom to provide a nice, clean toy for her pleasure. OR, better yet, invest in a few cheaper vibes that can stay in the package. A vibrator doesn’t just have to be a woman’s best friend – it can really be a man’s too. Besides, a man who is willing to introduce a vibrator (or any toy) to sex demonstrates that he is not afraid of “competing” and has a firm understanding of his woman’s pleasure points!

Now, with the toys you MUST have a quality Toy Cleaner! While washing with soap and water is usually more than sufficient, having a toy cleaner to either spray on or wipe onto your toys before and after use really helps to fight off any bacteria that may be hiding. Toy cleaners are easy to use, discreet and much easier than running to the bathroom before or after play! I highly suggest that anyone who has toys invests in either the Toy And Body Cleaner Spray or the Toy Cleaning Wipes! Safety and hygienic cleanliness are essential to everybody!

Fun And Frolicking

This final category of sexual stock ups is all about fun and frolicking! Some lovers like to venture into the land of bondage – and if this is true of you – then there are some must have products so that you are always prepared to take control! Blindfolds and Sexual Restraints can be the two most essential and stimulating products to have on hand. Whether you are in a new relationship or an established one – a blindfold can bring your sex to a whole new level! Taking away someone’s sight makes everything a sensual surprise. Even people who do not get into bondage can LOVE a blindfold. Bondage restraints are a little more…..conditional…… upon your lover wanting to play. However, there are many products which are easy for beginners to use. For example, Charlotte's Fetish Wrist Cuffs can be a great way to subtly restrain your lover. They are soft, use buckles and are easy to remove. Or, the Ultimate Bed Bondage Set can add a severely erotic mood to your love making. The most important thing to remember is to NEVER, EVER force anyone to be blindfolded or restrained without their consent and understanding. While bondage play might be acceptable for a new lover – it is not likely the first thing you want to spring on them! Be considerate and always ASK before doing!


You Can Never Be Too Prepared

While not everything I mention in this article might be your idea of what to have on hand for sex, the more important lesson is TO BE PREPARED. If you are single and dating – safety should be your number one concern! Using condoms really is a MUST for all new relationships. No sex is worth your life – PERIOD! Also, having products such as lubricants can make any lovemaking session go smoothly (pun intended) – and can come in handy when you least expect it. Most of these products are excellent for couples and for single folks. Using toys is a great way to train and teach yourself about pleasure (to better explain to your next lover!) There is a whole world of toys out there – explore some and spice up your sex life! Being prepared for any level of sexual play is so important and can really turn a night of good sex into FANTASTIC sex! I hope that I have caused you to pause and think about your level of sexual preparedness! Cause let’s face it – life can come at your pretty fast – and if we are not paying attention, we might miss it!!

How Prepared Are You?
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