5 Oral Sex Gels For Her

Oral sex is a standard element in most sexual routines – and for good reason. It’s great! Most couples love it! But even oral sex can get boring if you don’t shake it up every so often. What is the easiest way to spice it up and get that variety you crave? Oral sex gels! Not only do these gels enhance her pleasure, but they make it fun for you, too! Here are 5 oral sex gels to use on her!

1. Sixty Nine Lick Me Female Enhancement Cream

Add intimate sensations with this lickable oral sex gel for women! The Sixty Nine Lick Me Female Enhancement Cream comes in a delectable cherry flavor to her an even tastier treat than before! It adds cooling, tingling sensations to increase sensitivity and arousal. This is a great way to shake up oral sex as well as boost her arousal!

2. Tingle Drops

Give your lover new and erotic oral stimulation with these delectable Tingle Drops! You get 3 delicious flavors to use on your partner. You will love the fruity flavor and your partner will love the tingling sensations this oral sex gel has to offer! All it takes is a few drops to heighten sexual pleasure for more explosive orgasms!

3. JO H20 Flavored Lube

Delectable flavor and silky smooth, the JO H2O Flavored Lubricant makes the perfect addition to oral play! It is water-based and sugar-free, making it a great option for solo use as well. It is available in a variety of yummy flavors like Strawberry Kiss, Raspberry Sorbet, and Chocolate Delight! What kind of dessert are you in the mood for tonight?

4. Wanna Be Explosive Clitoral Arousal Cream

Enhance Stimulation with this sensational clitoral gel! Wanna Be Explosive Clitoral Arousal Cream is a lickable gel designed to enhance clit stimulation for more intense pleasure. It comes in several yummy flavors such as Cupcake Sweetie and Minty Bombshell. A little dab goes along way. This is perfect for giving her that extra boost she needs during oral!

5. Intimate Women Licker

Made specifically for oral stimulation, Intimate Woman Licker is a flavored gel that can be used anywhere on the body to turn your partner into a tasty treat. Add extra slickness while you kiss her all over and enjoy any one of the fruity, flavorful options. You'll love eating her even more with this sensual gel to motivate you! It is a great way to enhance foreplay and oral sex.

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