10 Toys Mikayla Reaches For

Over my many years here at TooTimid I have written articles regarding my favorite toys many times. Why? Well, because as my taste in sexual enhancement products evolves and I experiment with new items my list of “must haves” changes. So, with that being said, what do I reach for today? Keep on reading and see what my favorite toe-tingling toys are now.


There is one item that has been consistent on my list since the very beginning. It is an item that I firmly believe ALL women (single or partnered) should have in their naughty stash. That is the BULLET. While there are many variations on this brilliant little toy, my favorite is the Twin Pleasure. I have found that the combination of intense vibration with the soft rubber coating makes this a true winner. I use it alone, with other toys and with and on a partner. It is, hands down, my favorite toy.


body wand massager
Sometimes I am in the mood for something really intense – mega intense – and yet, simple. That is when I reach for my Lux Body wand massager. This toy (also marketed as a back massager, as if we women would believe THAT) is super powerful and can make me orgasm in mere seconds and bring me back to the brink instantly. I love this item for when I just want to get down and dirty and cum – over and over and over again. Also, it is rather good for leg cramps and regular massages, but, who am I kidding, that is not my main purpose for this toy!

rabbit sex toy


I know it may sound cliché but every girl loves her bunny! The rabbit is a classic toy and ever popular with me and other women because it does everything we women need. It combines a phallic type shaft with decent width, spinning pearls to massage our tender insides and an intensely vibrating little clitoral stimulator. This toy is the one-two punch of vibrators! Every woman should have a rabbit vibe, but this rabbit vibrator is so special because it has so many different vibration levels that it would be impossible not to find a combo that works for you.


Tyler Knights
There are always times when I crave a really, really BIG toy. Something that stretches me just right, makes me feel full. Something that fuels my fantasies about seducing that UPS man that I just KNOW is well endowed! Well, enter the Tyler Knight cock. This realistic 7 incher with more than 2” of width is the absolute perfect penis! This is my go-to, slow tease, full-on-fantasy cock. The heaviness combined with the size, shape and realistic feel makes me go crazy for it. You may want to try a larger toy and if you do Tyler would love to go home with you!

Cherry's Vibrating Twister Butt Plug

Cherry's Vibrating Twister Butt Plug

Every so often I get a hankerin’ for something really different. Anal / vaginal play (or, double penetration play) either with or without a partner. When I am sans partner, I opt for a simple butt plug to add in combo with a vibrator of my choosing. This little plug is quickly becoming my favorite because it is ribbed and vibrates AND is waterproof! So, my anal play is enhanced just that much more, a sort of BUTT BONUS, if you will.


If you know me at all, you know that I love bondage in all its lovely forms. So, while restraints may not be a “toy” per se, they are definitely one of my must-haves. I have had these under the bed restraints for years. Why? They are easy to use, easy to hide, adjustable and FUN! I always say you have not had good sex until you have had kinky, restrained sex. Give it a try, I know you want to!

Vibrating Dual-Action Clit & G-Spot Massager

 Vibrating Dual-Action Clit & G-Spot Massager

As I alluded to early in this article, as the years have gone by the toys have advanced. One HUGE advancement is rechargeable, battery-less toys. This unique dual-action vibrator is designed with a slim shaft and bulbous tip that rubs your G-Spot over and over again while the external stimulator vibrates on your clit for gushing blended orgasms! The body-safe silky smooth silicone material has a soft, cushioned feel while the flexible shaft features pleasure ridges throughout for added sensations with every thrust! The powerful clit stimulator also features pleasure ridges that will send you over the edge quickly! This incredibly powerful vibrator features dual motors for concentrated vibrations on your erogenous zones!

Dual-Ended Swirl Glass G-Spot / P-Spot Dildo & Anal Plug

 Dual-Ended Swirl Glass G-Spot / P-Spot Dildo & Anal Plug

Another hot item over the last years has been glass toys. Glass toys are some of my FAVORITES of all time! Why? They are so smooth, hard (for great internal and G-Spot stimulation) and multi-purpose. They are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, adapt to body temperature and will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. This glass toy is ideal to have 2 toys in one. You can use either side for penetration – or – anal penetration. The side is perfect and the design is adorable as well. Glass toys are art for your bedroom!

Wireless Mighty-Thrust Strapless Strap-On with Remote Control

Wireless Mighty-Thrust Strapless Strap-On with Remote Control


Yes, it is true, I am bisexual. Lately, I have had some play time with the fairer sex (which has changed over the last years) and as such, I have had occasion to explore the wonderful world of strap-ons. This item has consistently been a favorite with me – and my partner – as it is stimulating and arousing for BOTH partners. The internal probe that allows the toy to stay in place feels outstanding to the wearer, providing vibrations and some clitoral stimulation when bent just so. The internal dildo is also very stimulating and the fact that there are no straps to negotiate makes the experience fluid and fun! 

As you can see, I have some tried and true favorites and some new additions to my list. The wonderful thing about sexual enhancement products is there are always new ideas and technologies being explored. Pleasure is a universal experience and those of us who are sex toy aficionados are always looking for the next, hot item. It was not easy to whittle down my list of must-haves, as I have so many items that I love to play with. However, these are the ones that have been bringing me – and my partners – the most pleasure as of late. I hope that I get the opportunity to reveal my top picks again in the future – and I hope even more that I get to try some fantastic new items to make my favorites!

So, what is on YOUR list of must-haves?

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