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Have you ever used a glass toy? Do you have any idea how many toys are now made of glass? Dildos, butt plugs, even vibrators. Glass toys are a wonderful option for variety, people who may have allergies to latex, rubber or other popular materials, or even just to have a firm toy that doesn’t bend or break. Are you afraid of trying a glass toy? Well, here is all you need to know to help you decide if a glass toy is for you!

Absolutely! As long as you get a quality toy made of durable, hard glass. This is an area where you do not want to get the cheapest item. If you are asking if glass toys can chip or break, the answer is yes, of course. Just as toys made from other materials can tear, rip or break, so can glass. However, it takes a lot of effort to break a glass toy. Dropping them, throwing them, or having them hit a hard surface (such as a nightstand) may chip the glass if the impact is hard enough. As long as you check the item before play, make sure there are not any sharp or cracked portions, then you are ready to play!

Sometimes people balk at purchasing a glass toy because they idea of having a dildo that has absolutely no flexibility is unappealing. The truth is, glass toys are not for ALL users, some women (or men) do not like the extreme rigidity of glass. However, for many women, glass offers the ability to internally stimulate them in a way no other toy can. Most especially, G-Spot stimulation. Glass toys feel more “filling” than regular toys, and provide a powerful sensation inside that really compensates for the bendability of other materials.

Truthfully, glass toys do not vibrate the same as a standard vibrator will, but, there are some available that do vibrate.

The vibrations are more muted for sure. So, if you are looking for an item that strongly vibrates, then glass may not be your option. However, using a mini-bullet WITH a glass toy brings the best of both worlds.

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Glass toys actually come in numerous unique shapes, sizes and textures! Glass is smooth, sleek and seductive and can be formed into nearly any shape. There are standard “dildo” like toys, curved options, varieties that look like chili peppers, snakes, even octopus tentacles! Some have little upraised smooth bumps, others have swirls of different colored glass moving around the outside, others are bulbous like smooth, stacked balls, and still others have a variety of textures on one toy! The thing about glass toys is that each variation gives you a different internal sensation.

Besides the options already mentioned, what are the top selling points for a glass toy:

• glass toys are extremely easy to clean. You can submerge them completely in water, put them in the dishwasher, use any type of toy cleaner on them
• any type of lubricant can be used with glass without any fear of interaction or corrosion
• you can heat up or cool down a class toy for temperature play
• they are relatively affordable for the long-lastingness of them
• they will last forever if cared for properly

So there you go – now don’t you want to try a glass toy?

Our Best Glass Toys:

Diamond Glass Gem

This glass dong has a rippled shaft that graduates in size to give you powerful orgasms! It's beginner-friendly and a great glass wand for first-timers. You can use it for vaginal or anal play! The graduating size and tapered shaft make it easy to insert.

Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo

This dildo is covered in sensual nubs that will enhance your sexual pleasure! It's long and firm so you always hit your hotspot. This is the perfect dildo for intermediate users who want something intensely satisfying! The stimulating bumps will massage your vaginal walls for powerful orgasms.

Icicles No. 55 Double Sided Glass Dildo

This glass dildo is double-sided with two unique textures for you to enjoy! The curved design makes it great for G-spot stimulation. With nubby and ribbed sensations, you will experience explosive pleasure! This dildo is perfect for satisfying your needs during solo play.

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