10 Discreet Toys You Would Never Know Are Sex Toys

Not everyone wants a toy chest full of 10” rabbit vibrators, realistic dildos, and large dongs. Not that we don’t enjoy them, but sometimes we just need a little somethin’ somethin’ on the go! Can you imagine vibrators or dildos rolling around in your purse? I don’t think I can!

We have put together our top choices for devilishly discreet toys you would never guess are sex toys! We dare you to leave them out in the open, and see if your friends realize what they are!


Hello, pretty lady! What woman doesn’t own, or hasn’t at least tried wearing makeup? This is the perfect cover for a sex toy because it is readily seen all over women’s homes, in our cars, and of course, our purses! Being that it is such a popular accessory in our lives, a whopping 4 out of 10 of our top discreet toy choices are makeup related!

Screaming O Mascara Vibe

If this doesn’t resemble a real mascara brush, then I don’t know what does! Perfect for pinpoint clit stimulation, the designers at Screaming O have done it again with this waterproof wonder! Plus, the Mascara Vibe has that nubbed, pointed, soft teasing tip, and four functions of vibration! This toy is discreet and stylish!

Lipstick Vibrators

Even if you’ve never taken a mascara brush to your lashes, chances are you own a lipstick or chapstick. The Layla's Lipstick Vibe is a stylish, sleek black lipstick vibrator with a smooth rubber tip designed to tease you! It's 100% waterproof and provide powerful vibrations, directly where you want ‘em!


Another popular method of masking sex toys is with bathtime products! Lots of ladies get turned on by relaxing in a sensual bubble bath or hot shower, so making discreet waterproof toys that look like they belong in the bath? They’re brilliant!

Vibrating Panties

What could be sexier - and sneakier - than vibrating panties! The Astrea I vibrating panties are made with beautiful, stretchy lace, and come with a wireless remote for you or your lover to tease you with! At first glance the Astrea I looks like a lacy brief, but insert the vibe into its small pocket and let the hands-free stimulation begin! Not looking for any undies, but still want the buzz beneath your jeans? The soft, silicone Panty Play vibe fits into any undies and hugs your curves, stimulating with a multi-speed, quiet bullet vibrator! It is as exhilarating as it is discreet!

Nipple Clamps

Inconspicuous Household Items

Our last category is for the discreet toys you can just leave around the house for easy access, without your friends suspecting your more intimate intentions! Granted, we wouldn’t have these toys on display, but when you want something on hand for quick, orgasmic gratification, you can sneak these into the room!
Wand Massagers

We’ve got such a wide array of wand massagers and attachments because they are modest, and keep a low profile! Do you work hard? Then of course you would have a massager to soothe your aching muscles - and they do - but they go beyond massaging shoulders and legs! Two of our favorites are the Magic Wand Massager and one of Pink B.O.B.'s best sellers, the Lust Wand. Both have smooth, flexible massaging heads, intense vibrating functions, and tons of attachment options for texture and penetrating pleasure!

Cherry Kegel Balls

Also known as orgasm balls or Kegel Exercisers, these simple, stimulating toys strengthen your Kegel (pelvic floor) muscles and incite incredible orgasms! How are they discreet? Well, orgasm balls come in all shapes and sizes, with and without tails, and some vibrate and some do not, but a lot of them look like marbles! If you had a little glass dish filled with the Stainless Steel Balls sitting on top of your dresser, nobody would suspect a thing! They even come in crystal clear glass - like the ICICLES Hand Blown Glass Ben-Wa Balls. When Spring has sprung, try these cute Cherry Kegel Balls!

Work Ties

Miscellaneous Items

Ping Pong Paddle

Glass Kegel Balls

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