10 Discreet Adult Toys You Would Never Know Are Sex Toys

Not everyone wants a toy chest full of 10” rabbit vibrators, realistic dildos, and large cocks. Discreet fleshlights and vibes are a lot easier to travel with and don’t cause such a scene when someone unexpectedly goes through your nightstand. Check out our top choices for devilishly discreet adult toys you would never guess are sex toys! Leave them out in the open and see if your friends realize what they are—we dare you!


Makeup can play a huge role in your routine, making it the perfect cover for a sex toy! Since makeup is such a popular accessory, many of our top discreet adult toy choices are makeup-related!

  • Lipstick Vibrators
  • Discreet Lipstick VibeThe Discreet Lipstick Vibe is a stylish, sleek black lipstick vibrator with a smooth rubber tip designed to tease you! This mini massager realistically resembles a tube of lipstick, so you can toss it in your purse, nightstand, or travel bag, and it will blend right in with your everyday items! The smooth, angled tip delivers targeted clit stimulation to help you reach orgasm faster and easier!


Another popular method of creating discreet fleshlights and other sex toys is with bathtime products! Plenty of people get turned on by relaxing in a sensual bubble bath or hot shower, so it only makes sense to design discreet sex toys that are waterproof! Besides sexy shower toys, there are also other everyday products and accessories we use to inspire sex toy designs.

  • Vibrating Panties

Hedone Discreet Magnetic Wireless Panty Vibrator

  • What could be sexier—and sneakier—than vibrating panties! The Hedone vibrating panty vibe makes you feel secure knowing this vibe won't budge! This vibe attaches to your panties using a magnet block that goes on the outside of your underwear. Secure this panty vibe in your underwear and take on the day. Use the remote control to adjust modes without even having to touch the device. Stimulate your senses and increase arousal with highly erotic on-the-go play no one will even know is happening.
  • Nipple Clamps

    discreet-adult-toys-nipple-clampsNipple clamps are another fun and discreet toy you can use outside your home! Some of our nipple clamps can easily be mistaken for or used as jewelry! Spend your day on the edge of intoxicating pain and pleasure with this sexy accessory under your shirt!

Inconspicuous Household Items

Our last category is for the discreet toys you can just leave around the house for easy access without your friends suspecting your more erotic intentions! Most of us wouldn’t leave even the most discreet fleshlights and vibes out on display for anyone to see, but when you want something on hand for instant orgasmic gratification, these are some of our top discreet sex toy picks!

  • Wand Massagers


    We don’t blink twice when we visit a friend and find a massager for their aching muscles lying around. Massaging wands are discreet toys that completely pass as your average massager and go beyond massaging shoulders and legs! Two of our favorites are the Magic Wand Massager and one of Pink B.O.B.'s best sellers, the Lust Wand. Both of these discreet sex toys have flexible massaging heads, intense vibrating functions, and tons of attachment options for texture and penetrating pleasure!

Strong & Discreet Clit Stimulating Heart Air Vibrator

Increase arousal and achieve orgasmic bliss quickly with this super discreet heart-shaped vibrator that is easy to hide! Activate the powerful vibrations and combine them with the intense air stimulation feature to engorge your clitoris and increase sensitivity. This vibrator is designed with air technology that provides quick air taps on your clit for intense sensations without overstimulation. This vibrator is ideal for solo play, practicing edging during masturbation, and nipple play during sex!

  • Cock Ties

Beaded Lasso Cock Ring Cock ties like the Beaded Lasso Cock Rings are the perfect unassuming alternative to cock rings! This unique adult product helps train your cock to stay harder longer. Reap the benefits of better partner or solo play with a stronger cock! For more fun, pair it with a discreet fleshlight!

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